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So stuck for nearly a antworten

> four hundred and ninetieth chapters sorts of things rotary taste "Su Wen is?" Look that way in front of the scribes looks after Lu Heng some incredible Yiliaoyisheng. WwW, QunabEN, coM closer look, indeed this person. Yes, it's wearing a bare cotton gown, evasive hide my face did not look at his scribes, it is then Jiangningzhizao House prefect, Su Guangyi's eldest son, Su Wen positive. Su then defeat behind, in addition to the disappearance of Su Qianqian outside the Soviet Union over the door chop house. Su is actually thought survived, still alive. Moreover, the unexpected is that he actually met him here. Recall four years ago, in the Jiangning when that hand-held folding fans, personable. Qianhuhouyong wealthy son. In contrast look, not just this one tattered gown abjection scholar. Lu Heng heart tastes too, looked at him, a slight sigh. It can be said, the original Su upheaval, is his own and contributed. Today, the Soviet Union saw when the text is personable jade tree, come down to such an extent. Lu Heng although she have some mixed feelings, but it is only emotion only. At that time, along with the deepening of contradictions, both sides of the situation, is already a die endlessly. If I had a little lax about LU Heng, or feel kind words. Then, standing in front of the abjection incomparable scholar, it may be their own. Indeed, even now do not like. Perhaps,Nike Jordan Superfly, had been killed by random stick, sink into the moist Qinhuai it. If we say that, even if the clock could be retrogression. Lu Heng would like to say, made, it is only repeat. Neither knowing the results of the subsequent close hand, but can not feel a trace of mercy. "Su Wen is!" See the Su Wen looking down to dodge his own eyes, Lu Heng hesitated slightly after, decided to walked past. Waved his hand, motioning Ji-industry will be tied to the Soviet Union is the body of the text string open. Lu Heng stepped forward, held out his hand, kneeling on the ground will slowly Su Wen Zheng arm up. "Oh ....... Really did not expect to be here to see you!" Lu Heng smiled, God sè as the year when Jiangning is so good. Casually greeting, is also very simple. However, approachable tone, made my heart nervous Su Wen positive and less formal, but also a little something to be afraid. Looked up, watching this identity with their radically different scholar, Su wanted to make some positive although the literati force can bend model look. But my heart think about it, when his attitude towards his post. Germinate in the heart of that wire unrest spread rapidly expanding. Eventually, Su is the end is not sure, uneasy raised his head, looked Lu Heng one after he hurried his head. Fear of their own peek by this scholar discovered, that his heart is still cherish resentment. Uneasy wait a moment, secretly raised his head and looked at one, see Lu Heng is still looking at his face with a smile, does not seem to turn the old account plans. Su Wen positive sigh of relief. But think about it, Su Wen-cheng has felt some funny ideas. Some seem too ...... think much himself. In that year alone to pick Su Liu Heng Jiang Ninglv two, one shot is extremely Henla means simply do not seem to put two eye. Today, people have their own identity and the difference between the cloud mud. So a big man, how would one come down with their abjection to go on no longer had gas scholar care about it. Su Wen positive thought, but it is laughing. Today is like an own ants, but only ants, but always worried about would be eaten by tigers. Such a state of mind, uh, how like some unfounded. Had in mind here, the body gradually relaxed. Su who is packing a bit shabby gown, then arched his hands, bowed respectfully say hello for Lu Heng: "man, the seen Lu adults!" Su Wen is Luocaoweikou later, at first thought of a face-lift, re-take the imperial , seeking a an official post. For one thing, a good future, and secondly, if possible, for the family to take revenge. But in a generation shahukou stayed after some time rì. Each face of the blade rì licking the blood of life, so that he gradually gave up this seems somewhat tricky mind. After several rounds survived, Su Wen is finally beginning to face the present life. Also began to put down the figure, the start of the sister Goutoujunshi. Perhaps I myself really have this talent. After a Goutoujunshi in ourselves, but also ushered in a number of Walled breeze gratifying changes. For example, has been bare ass niggaz,Oakley Sport Sale, finally warm pants. In that rì, they robbed a caravan after the Turks. With the brothers wear pants, smiled the Su Wen is lifted up, thrown in the air. And that is, this time, Su Wen is also felt, in addition to their original Prodigal Dandyism outside, still somewhat useful. However, while doing cottage Goutoujunshi, but Su is customary for many years to develop a scholar or no change, for example, like to listen to things outside, listen to the court to change. Concerned about these, it would not be positive how Su concern national security. He just hoped to have heard AnMo toward a rì the old turtle was cut on the head. However, the text is not heard Sue Ann Peng bad news, but they heard a very familiar name in the big week of the court, the sudden fame. LU Heng, that from Jiangning scholar. Just like a dazzling unparalleled perseverance in general, turned out to shake the whole big week hand. Moreover, after asking after. Su taste all sorts of mind is, finally confirmed that Imperial Master Lu adults, is that in the Jiangning time, with their own wrangling that Lu Heng. Since rì later, Su Wen is rì in every business passengers will benefit from the past who mouth, hear some things on the court. More than half of which is about the only two-year-old big week Emperors. What emperor Normal people exterminated Qingcheng diabolism, the army expedition Korea, assessment Jiangning rebellion and so on. The sort of thing a lot. At first, when Su is my heart still a little bored. However, hear more, Su Wen positive mentality began to change. In addition to throwing prejudices, it that Lu Heng, really is a talent! When the court heard the king was put down the rebellion army, and that the coach is Lu Heng armed forces after the news. The Su Guangyi stay breeze zhaili porting drinks, so praise the one. The next rì son, Su Wen are they not hear anything. Mainly those damn Turks began to retreat, and where they shahukou that Turks retreat a must. In the barbarous Turks Grass House Bunny a few times, and sister Su Wen is to discuss a bit later, decided to move the transfer. So they did give shahukou, evasive way, came to this camp fortune breeze among Yunshan. Speaking, today it traded down, or they came Yunshan after the first pen. Thought road, even kicked a steel plate. No coincidence that, but also kicked Lu Heng piece steel plate. At this point, it looked Lu Heng quietly smiling eyes, Su Wen is looked back pressed to the ground behind those companions, hesitated after bite the bullet, or kneel down: "Villains collision of adults, also look while adults can read big week in the blood of the face, let the villain of these companions! "So said one after the Su Wen Lu Heng positive but did not hear the answer. Looked up, see Lu Heng staring at her, his brow wrinkled up it seems. He was a hard-hearted, bite the bullet, submissively pleaded: "The villain is willing to die to apologize!" Then last words of parting phrase similar words, Su Wen is in his heart, have felt some disbelief. If this was on before, he was definitely going to say is that they intimidate, and has nothing to do with the villain. Something to that effect. But now ...... Oh, he was also concerned about the others? Turned his head and looked at those kneeling on the ground crying companions one after the Su Wen was recovered eyes, head bowed, shook his head and smiled, was secretly said. Time in a single minute in the past, Su Wen is waiting for the answer, but did not in the ears. While still in his head, but his heart was more and more disturbed them. So stuck for nearly a quarter of an hour later, Su Wen is the end is not get on. Kill to scratch easily, so why scare people do. Looked up, is preparing to ask loudly: are you going to deal with my time. Lu Heng ears finally remembered the sound. "Your sister okay?" Calm voice, with a slight trembling. Seemed shy, embarrassed. After Wensheng, Su Wen is head fog. Raised his head and looked standing in front of their own, God sè somewhat unnatural Lu Heng. For a time, some faint head, not knowing what to say. See Su Wen are stunned look at yourself, Lu Heng Samsam laugh the next, coughing loudly and said: "Here you are met, then casually ask!" Su Wen Zheng heard the remark, the heart can not help but slightly Deng. The eyes of God sè flashing moment, the last firm down submissively said: "At this point, nothing to do with my sister, but my own, but also look adult perspicacious, they must not harm innocent people!" "Cut, thou scholar,Oakley Sunglasses Scalpel Cheap, may really stupid! "At this time, Ouyang Mo walked over. Just when she has been hiding in the side of the watch. However, when they saw two people familiar with the expression that seemed after. She realized, Lu Heng bandit seems to be acquainted with it. Moreover, there should be some very interesting stories inside. Would have been looking forward to watching a foreign land touching scenes enemy. Ouyang Mo but unfortunately found that both men a pain than an egg, oh no, is calm. Ouyang under melancholy Mo soon lost interest, ready to come to remind one Lu Heng today rì task. Unexpectedly, came near, they heard Lu Heng asked for such a. Ah, so she did not expect is that this brother-LU Heng, seems to be more stupid than Lu Heng also stupid. Even so an irrelevant answer. Looks like he's still feel very heroic. Ouyang Mo haired black line really could not help anymore, they came to remind the sentence: "He came to see your sister, caught you just dig, ah, but also you are unlucky, robbed his brother hit body! "! # <

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