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06.06.2013 04:26
provocative voices in the sky feather ears antworten

Return to Yan Nancheng, the sky feather immediately to the spirit of floor,Air Jordan Superfly Sale, ready to buy some big devil told, can refine a panacea, year enough ginseng, Ganoderma lucidum, rehmannia root, lotus and other medicinal herbs. In deliberately low-key cloud day pick with alchemy herbs years, a not harmonious, intentionally provocative voices in the sky feather ears. "The sky feather, never thought I would meet you here, I am looking for you for a long time." "South mountain!" Hear the sound around the provocation, the sky feather eyebrows is tiny tiny a wrinkly, slowly turned around, looked at the tall, looks good, known as the South young generation one person, twenty-two years old reached six stage division of state, elders only close grandson South yunshan. "South Yunshan, don't know what can I do for you? I like and you have nothing." Although the sky plume grew up in the south, but the sky plume of South feelings is not deep, watch and he does not harmonious South Yunshan, said Yu cold sky. "Well, I don't have any friendship with you, I want you to let you know, with your identity, not in the south of arrogance, South Hong is my younger brother." South Yunshan comely face with a stern, deep-voiced J its ng told Sky feather tract. "Arrogant? I will only know the immensity of heaven and earth, looking for my trouble people arrogant." The sky Yu Chi Bi,Coach Classic USA, ignoring the south mountain to its ng J. Although the six stage division boundary South Yunshan strength is far better than the sky feather, but to master the palm cloud day is not afraid to South Yunshan, sky feather today's strength, even if beat South Yunshan, retreats or very relaxed. Have an exaggerated opinion of one's abilities. The sky plume, are you talking about me?" Nanbu Yama's eyes with a fierce s è, asked s è y ī n face sink. "Ha ha South Yunshan, you must think I'm talking about you, that is. Why, Nanbu Yama,Coach Handbags, you want to not China hall." Feel South Yunshan in sporadic violence is getting more and more thick, cloudy plume laughed, disdained to says. "Good good sky feather, in the China hall I really couldn't hands on you, but I don't believe you will always stay in the China hall. You don't let me on the street or in the home to meet you, otherwise I will let you know sin against me,." Gas face s è livid South Yunshan thought of Sheng Shitang rule, had to forcibly suppress heart anger, leaving a parting shot, with two men, be ablaze with anger left China hall. "Fuck! Tianyu, who is the cocky guy? Even so arrogant to dare to bully you! I was mad, mad at me! Tianyu, while if he dare to trouble you, see how I tidy up him." Big devil feel just a scene, gas continuously shout abuse in the depths of the sky the plume head. "Lord, you have learned the South Yunshan way?" The sky feather face s è motionless and big Voldemort will interchange. "Of course, although I do not have the ability to attack, but the small shrimp, I can play even his mother doesn't know him." Big devil pride will interchange. "Well, that helped me to teach him a good lesson, have in the family before, I don't want to fight with the South mountain." Early to see the king master magical cloud day slightly upturned mouth, heart sound channel. ">

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