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06.06.2013 04:20
introduction have indicated antworten

"No. fifty-six auction, this mousse, age thirty-three years old, Lula black Kingdom chief female warrior, Lula black before the defeat has served as the first Corps deputy commander Lula black kingdom in two months ago out of the country, mousse in the last war captured" Zhu bow saw the side of No. fifty-six auction. WWW.. Access to download TXT novel mousse is not high, only six meters only, in Nora he is relatively small, as Zhu Wen figure in Nora he also belong to the small, body nature is not to say, all female X ì ng mang warrior figure are not poor,Air Jordan 11 UK, appearance some people can not see, because when the light shines in the mousse on the face can clearly see her mouth stuffed with an egg size ball, a small chain connected to the ball side to her head, face some deformation, in a narrow and small cage mousse red - Naked the body, hair dishevelled, on the body also is not very clean, dirty, some whipped marks clearly visible, introduction have indicated, this slave unruly, has not achieved the perfect enslavement,Coach Classic, and Dutch act several times, originally in the auction had sent to clean the body,Coach Purses Online, but the mousse disobedience. Mousse is struggling in a small cage, tied chains let her struggle in vain, and holding the cage bars with both hands, she looked at the man in black auction seats in the eyes is full of hatred. All dare to many Dutch act unruly slave auction, and the price is so high, mainly because of mousse age and strength, are likely to be super strong, but the risk is very big, mousse has potential, but a are not even afraid of death female slaves would obey the masters of their own, kill may x ì ng main big. But even if is such, bidder than other slave auction of much more, it did not immediately bid, he was waiting, wait until prices pushed up after the bid, a twitch at high prices, may offer one will mousse to shoot down. Five thousand. Seven thousand. Ten thousand. The price soon broken. And the constant rise, apparently unruly, Dutch act, before reminding not discourage bidders enthusiasm, even with two fan Shacheng merchants to participate in the auction will rushes is the slave. Thirty thousand. When the price was raised to nineteen thousand when, a voice came from the auction hall. The fat man host raised head to hope one eye, immediately excited said: "thirty thousand. Box seven bidders bid thirty thousand. There is no greater, is there? Thirty-one thousand "from the auction began to now has not hit the box guest finally unable to bear. The hall auction quiet, once again attacked the competitive: "thirty-five thousand people!" Fifty thousand. Box seven guests bid again, has two times increase. Each time more than ten thousand gold coins, obviously is supported, the auction hall again quiet, followed by some small s ā o, some people guess who is number seven boxes. Others say the price is too high. "I wipe, so high!" Zhu Wenmei think the price will be a short period of time to such a fantastic stage, >

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