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> Vast wilderness, covered by snow. WWw, QUAnbEN, cOM sun shining, shining dazzling light. Wilderness, a dense mass of the army on the plains of rapid move forward. Neat marching pace, given thunderous voice resounded through this empty wilderness. "Army accelerate progress!!" Messenger on horseback, in a hoarse whisper, shouting words. Constantly inspired already exhausted soldiers: "Brothers, harder Son. Strive to Jinzhong lunch!" "Hey, brother. Heard that there's mutton soup taste good ah!" Buried marching soldiers, Kuzhongzuole. Looked up, inquired the messenger fro beside road. "Cut, nonsense now and I heard how, Jinzhong steamed bun delicious too!" Messenger laugh loudly, loudly replied. "How delicious, delicious steamed bun with a woman do? Ha ha!" Soldiers raised his hand and rubbed his beard chilled frost, guffawing road. "Grass! Yín you a stick!" Very young messenger, blushing a bit. Snappily uttered waving the whip, driving the horses continue to move forward. "Hey, brother, children men's taste Zeyang ah! Ha ha!" "Ha ha!" One time, rough mad laughter, suddenly spread throughout the whole team. That horse riding, running the messenger, snappily foul-mouthed, the nerve was sāo the red. "General! High morale ah brothers!" Adjutant Liu Sanbiao, soldiers heard behind the laughter ha ha, look excited to make way for the king of the West. King turned his head and looked at a West so, smiled slightly. But, in the eyes of the Nama worry sè, but as time goes on, more and more filled. "Although the brothers morale, but the morning until now, have not rested for the moment now, it is already a spent force, exhausted the!" King of the West let a sigh, Chen Sheng said. Heard, adjutant Liu Sanbiao also sè a dark god. Wang Xi so turned his head and looked at one, although morale is still high. But has clearly revealed the weakness of the soldiers. Mind is worried and anxious. Before departure, his face solemn military advisor told them, be sure to noon, reaches a predetermined location, formations, blocking Jinzhong aspects of reinforcements. However, this time, from noon, has been less than one hour of the. But the army is now close to a predetermined location, there are more than fifty years. According to the current traveling speed of the army, arrived at the designated place, at least it had a half-hour. Delays fighters, this do! Thought, the king of the West let eyelids flick, mind to the adjutant Liusan Biao said: "General Liu. We do, I first head Cavalry Brigade out immediately, go to planned site, blocking the enemy. Brothers intensify their way with you. Sure moment at noon. was planned site! "Liu Sanbiao heard, suddenly startled, quickly said:" This is how the line, a total of less than a thousand cavalry, unable to stop Jinzhong direction reinforcements ah. "Wang Xi let smiled, eyes firm looked at Liu Sanbiao said: "So, ah, me and the thousand brothers xìng life, on the line in your body and you bring people arrived, we will be able to survive if your kid too late to go , then waiting to I remove it now! "" General! "Liu Sanbiao shocked, and quickly plead:" The humble will you let go! You are the boss ah! "king of the West so laugh loudly, Xiao Ma said:" You know I was the coach, the coach do not, sent you an adjutant, which went brothers thought let them die too! Okay, so decided! I and one thousand brother's life all in your hands, you fuckin I do not give the ball dropped! "voice down, king of the West to shake loose the beast, turned toward behind a roar:" riding camp, I go with! "" Yes! "one thousand cavalry shouted in unison the one, have pushed the horses rushing over. "Driving!" King of the West to Le a horse, turn in place a circle head, toss in the hands of braids, crotch horses neighing loudly, like an arrow in general, and shè out. Behind, a thousand cavalry opt roaring, as king of the West so, and rushed out. Cavalry brigade speeding rolled snow, like mist general flying. Rumble of hoofs, tremors of the earth, toward the front of the bloody battlefield to kill. The soldiers looked generals took the lead away, left behind Liu Sanbiao took a deep breath, turned on the soldiers shouted: "Brethren Although we did not horses, but not always with the cavalry behind gang grandchildren, Wen ass ah! ran! "Liu Sanbiao roar, dismounted, lead a horse, cast legs, then flew away toward the front. Behind tens of thousands of troops Aoao cried, running away toward the front of the cavalry were chasing the past. ...... I do not know when, from the wind. Wind howls, roll up the snow, filled the human eye. Snow Grains hard hit in the face, burning pain. Efforts opened his eyes, looked toward the front. I saw, the vast white wilderness is also a chilling of sè. Big Kazamaki with snow, blowing generally fly, people disoriented. Tens of thousands of troops, dragged his exhausted pace. Braved the cold wind, head bowed, walked toward the front. From this morning until now, they have a six hour of continuous march. Has not rested. By this time, tired and sleepy, hungry for them, is a spent force. "Your honor, take a break, drink water line ah!" One veteran arm with a frostbite recruits, after a few steps away. At the foot of a soft, while two fell to the ground. Veteran leaning ground station up and catch his breath, pleading for the team that runs in front of the messenger road. Turned his head to see if your little guy leads at this time is a high fever, talking nonsense. Do not rest, to die. Veteran anxious tearful, look Aiqie the extreme. If not finished, I heard snapped. That messenger raised whip, fiercely fell veteran's head. Suddenly, a bloodstain looming out. "Drink requirements, within an hour drive less Taiyuan government, all you had to move my head, but also drink plenty of water, I have Paoniao you drink drink?" Messenger recover whips, staring eyes, vicious rebuked veterans. "Yeah drink, dare stare I, believe it or I'll cut you now!" Suddenly saw that the veterans, murderous stare at himself. Estafette whole body suddenly felt a moment, but then saw that veterans have bowed his head, silent propped up that soldier and began moving forward. Messenger again arrogant, raised the whip as if to draw down, scare that veteran road. Veterans took a deep breath, depressed heart anger, picking unconscious soldier. Stepping on the ground crunching snow, the snow against the wind, toward the front door. See the veterans no longer challenge, messenger Mamalielie recovered whip. Turned his head, stared fiercely a poor soldier who eyes, cried: "Damn, look at what see, brisk walking!" Saw that the messenger rode away, behind a group of soldiers keeping a close eye him. "How, you do not kill him?" "Yes, how do you say?" "Hey, now do not want to fight? War broke out, the dead man was not a normal thing?" "Ha, good idea!" Listen colleague beside sneer voice, and that was initially drawn up a whip veterans looked at the messenger rode triumphantly. Shook his head, sighed and said: "forget it!" "Hey,Coach Bags Outlet, I said, Wolf, this is not your style ah!" Soldiers around, watching the situation very soldiers who then king, now senile Mo Yang my heart sigh endless. One of the soldiers, unwilling asked. Wolf heard this, smile a cry. Turned his head back to look at the young child. Inadvertently swept away, but found his face sè already blue. Even white gas's breath could not see. Seeing this, the wolf hearts surprised. Quickly stopped, put down the child. A finger in the nose of a child under the tried. Not breathing! Then, the wolf and that Zou Baba's hand outstretched, stretch into a child's clothes. Only tentative for a moment, the wolf will become the whole person as white as chalk. Body meal, empty eyes looked at the child. Dayton lips move, but it is what words did not. "Wolf, you Zala?" Seeing a soldier, heart felt bad, quickly stepped forward to ask. "He's dead!" Wolf lips moved, husky discouraging road. Soldiers heard, hearts surprised. Quickly squatted down, touch that a child's neck. Cold feeling, so that he suddenly recovered his hand. Soldier's eyes full of disbelief, mouth open big. Lying on the ground watching, his face has begun to frost children. Lips moved, suddenly,Nike Air Jordan 11 UK, wow is heard crying out. "Just do not still alive, how would, how would he died of it!" "Whining, he died, Wang two dead brothers, Wang two dead!" Soldiers slumped on the ground, like a children, burst into crying wah-wah. Shrill cries, suddenly surrounded by hundreds of soldiers to hear. We heard later, Lian Manggan over, around in a circle. "How could this, Amy two just is not also good? Ye died, Zala it is!" Soldiers dazed atheism, watching lying on the ground, eyebrows, face, are covered with a frost child. Lips moving, unconsciousness said. "He's dead!" Squatting on the floor of the wolf long-boo breath, stretched out hands covered with calluses, a throw his hat. The clasp their hands tightly hair, husky voice said. Dead, dead! Wang Second, the barracks of pistachios. There will always be flat rì steal eggs for everyone to eat Wang two dead. This message,Oakleys Sunglasses Cheap, in a short period of time, it spread to the whole team. The soldiers heard this, for a time, such as lightning. His face looked different, there are numb with shock, have regrets, but also deplore. Wang died two messages, like a thick cloud yīn general, enveloped in the army's head. For a time, low morale immediately to the bottom. "You fucking do, not walking?" Messenger rode again, go back. The soldiers stopped to see a group do not go around a kid actor's body, sniveling look. Suddenly furious, raised his whip, vocal head towards removing those soldiers. <

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