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flashed a hint of fox antworten

> Sè blue sky, cloudless. WwW, QunabEN, coM snow west of Baoding Prefecture school field, the eighty thousand troops gathered here, evil spirits pressing. Cold rolled smoothies general snow, playing in the soldiers' armor, the rustling Ming Jin Tiejiao students. Dense rifles, horse lance, establish in situ. Yaozhi sky. rì light shining, shining breathtaking coldness. Army silent water, a dense mass of soldiers, with a little excitement face sè, blush scarred, looking at the stage that dozens of officers. The raging wind, snow flying, a vast world. Wearing a thick coat scholar, quietly standing stage. God sè calm I looked at this dark mass of the army was four square, looking extremely quiet. A military uniform, holding a shank DUAN Peng, Wang Xi so, and their lieutenants who, standing behind Lu Heng. Looking at the water surface Shen supreme commander of the army, and I feel like cháo. Wind whistling done, roll with the general white mist snow swept these disciplined, quiet water of the army. "Soldiers!" Lu Heng took a deep breath and pushed down the hearts of agitation. Shining eyes scanned the audience of tens of thousands of sergeant, said loudly, lift your finger that stretches to the distant horizon in the west of the Taihang Mountains. Although the sound is not high, but with the wind, still clearly introduced to everyone's ears. "Who can tell me, where is where?" Lu Heng gaze long, with a hint of God sè hard to understand the excitement. Armies all the soldiers understand the words, a time whispering softly, speculating strategist words mean. "Oh, someone know?" Lu Heng smiled, his eyes with a smile, looking at the audience that tens of thousands of soldiers, faint asked. "There is Shanxi!" One of the soldiers in the front row, looked around looked after, their heads held high · loudly replied. LU Heng heard this, smiled and said: "Yes ah, there are Shanxi!" "There is the birthplace of China, is the resting place of our fathers." Lu Heng · God's eyes looking at the Western sè distant, faint said : "Great week Jianchao three hundred years, there were always my big week of the land and our colleague, our brother, in order to protect the land, the boat in order to protect our country, in order to protect our Qierlaoxiao not alien · carnage after another, generous to die and they with their blood and lives to defend the dignity of man my big week, the court's dignity, the dignity of China, but ...... "Lu Heng turned his head and face sè extremely grim, cold channel: "But now · Luanchenzeizi take inheritance of our fathers, to hand over the Turks, let us Qierlaoxiao, died in the Turks machete under · Let our sisters, from reduced Turks plaything, let's let our ancestors shame! bury my big week centennial, broken my China years orthodoxy. "" Soldiers! "Lu Heng in the eyes of God sè windy, I looked at gradually bold flavor Soldiers Chen Sheng asked: "You tell me, how do we do?" "Kill him, kill him!" As a soldier under excitement, roaring out. Throughout the school field, tens of thousands of soldiers boiling. Murderous awe-inspiring roar, suddenly echoed in the school field blank. That wisp of blue sky white clouds · seemed to be upset by this strong murderous. On a table, Duan Peng et al, breathing gradually worsened. Trembling hand slowly grasped the hilt. Looked up, watching the front of the army, division, eyes blazing. The soldiers looked at the audience boiling, Kuei Lu Heng took over when fed to leave Beijing · emperor himself donated his sword. Shua soon drew sharp sword. Listening to the wind came, and that tens of thousands of soldiers just like the sound of heavy breathing beast, Lu Heng took a deep breath, looking at clear blue skies, in the eyes with a hint of a firm belief in God, belong sè, Chen Sheng said, "Soldiers, today , let us use their sword and told the gang dog rì Turkic Manzi, who is this blue world first warrior! Victory belongs to the big week, and the glory forever belong to the big week soldier! "sounds small, but in the air full. Rich voice, suddenly spread to every corner of the school field. The following tens of thousands of soldiers, heard, covered a while, raised his head, looked at the stage looking at the blue sky strategist, they could not hold back the hearts of passionate, fiery eyes flashing light,oakley eyeglasses sale, raised sword and shouted : "Big Week mighty!" "Big Week mighty!" This blood is infected by the atmosphere, Duan Peng, who was covered in blood like a flame is still burning, excited Nan Yi. Took a deep breath after the bang out of Shua spontaneously blades, Yao Zhi sky, and shouted: "Kill!" Kill! Soldiers morale, like a group of pups was provoked bloody, like son, brother raised his cold flashing sword and shouted. School venue, rolls around, such as Zhenlei general, stirring in everyone's heart. Echoes between heaven and earth. Cold wind blowing, the snow flying into the sky, wiping the vast sweep of the earth. Silent army of water, in this vast boundless Yukino in the front row, lined up a long black sè lines throughout the earth. Raised his head and looked and saw the distant towering mountains, also covered with a layer of silver sè coat. In this blue sky, bright sun, even more forceful. Vast Yukino, shake people blinded. The soldiers are mostly squint, stepping in front of fellow footprints go forward. Wind, snow particles such as sand generally hit in the face, burning pain. While wearing a new coat plus, but the chill of osteoclasts is still unstoppable. Horseback DUAN Peng, Chung rubbed his shot was beaten smoothies Wood's face, followed by the hair collar to put up, put his face hidden in the back, revealing only two eyes. "It's his mother's ghost weather, cotton coats Thanks to this, otherwise, we have estimated that half of all to freeze to death!" Talking when Hachu white gas coming out of the gap from the neckline, a little while in his fur hat has been cast a thick layer of frost. "Really fuckin hot!" Beside the sudden sound of a cry extremely outdated. Then there came a is ah yes ah. Who! So Niubi? So much cold weather, said heat? Duan Peng shivering, Mother looked, I saw beside the line with their king and ride to the West, this guy, then turned off his hat, and even the neckline are tear it. "Pharaoh, you have a cold?" Duan Peng own soldiers looked back · are all shivering. Heart of curiosity, asked, puzzled. Like the king of the West so as to swallow a rat poison, and rolled his eyes. Contempt looked at him, speechless and said: "You just got cold too!" Was king of the West make a meal · DUAN Peng despised nor anger is still Xipixiaolian asked: "What are you?" King West make eyebrows, eyes full of oddities sè said: "Anyhow, say, you Pu 'is a juren born not understand how even this thing want?" "You you · · · · · ·!" Duan Peng most afraid of being foolhardy, to hear the king of the West to take his fame that matter, suddenly stepped on the tail like a cat jumped up: "You, you give me be clear · I juren ye! you do not even ...... "Let looked DUAN Peng Wang Xi, mysterious smile, and then coughed, solemnly introduced himself:" I am a big week Qingli thirty-one years, the late emperor's hand-picked third overall! "Ga! Duan Peng look of arrogance suddenly froze, her eyes full of incredible God sè, watching people die like a dog king of the West so. Staveley said: "It must be cheating!" That obviously is the envy of jealous hate, king of the West so that the expression is heard · complacent. Turned, while twitching bridle, while the right section of earnestness Peng said: "We two old Duan look in so long friendship's sake, I'll tell you a basic truth." See paragraph Peng head flung aside, do disdain shape. Wang Xi let Hey smile, do not care, just cried faintly over the side of a bulk of the soldiers said: "I tell you ah · · · · · ·" muttering voice, blurred . Peng segment curious mind, hear below,Nike Jordan Son Of Mars Sale, it does not move the sound sè secretly rode leaned over, "Well, you know?" At this time let the knowledge of Wang Sai auditorium happened in the end. Wang Xi so look forward to watching the bulk of the soldiers, in the hands of a soldier that his whip knocked cotton cap, the kind and genial asked. "Hey, old section, do you come?" King of the West let one turned his head, just to see the segment Peng that unparalleled look. · Simmering under the curious mind asked, laughing. "Nothing, horses are not obedient, self-assertion came up!" Duan Peng coughed, hand patted the horse's neck, dry laughing. Crotch, black sè horses shook his head, snapped the nose, and seemed despise his master set of words such shirk its responsibility. "Beast!" Duan Peng suddenly Nao Lege big red face, mouth twitching muscles in the horse's neck took a. "Haha, what do you talk?" At this time, behind him came a cry cool and bright laughter. Two will be turned around and looked and saw a fur coat, fox fur hat wearing a military advisor, is horse galloping over. Beside him, carrying a plum Kuei guns, closely accompanying. Horseshoe whipped, played with thick snow, raised in the air. "Hey, nothing, nothing!" As lifts, Duan Peng certainly embarrassed to say, they do not know why northerners are not afraid of the cold. Hear strategist asked, Duan Peng quickly called haha, dry laughing. However, the side of the king of the West so, but hey smile, honest face, wearing a jiān fraud incomparable smile. Like jiān minister as military advisor hurry to complain: "Just Peel the old section being taught climate knowledge that you said it!" "Oh?" Lu Heng smiled, looked bulging beads DUAN Peng, laughing was asked: "Duan Peng, talk about, let me see how well you learn?" "He refused to learn!" Before opening paragraph Peng, Wang Xi so loud on the side shake out. Then, holding the arm, stay away, waiting to see how the military advisor segment Peng gave it. Remembered just left the city, military advisor to impart their knowledge in time, that turn iron into steel eyes, shook his head sighing God sè. Wang Xi let my heart felt very hurt. Now, see that section Peng quickly waved, and stammered excuses like, king of the West let my heart that was great! Comfortable for people to follow the whole body, like snow days! However, no other king of the West so proud moment to see DUAN Peng suddenly pointing to his hand and shoved her head against military adviser point and said: "Yes,Outlet Oakley Active, that's him!" Ah? LU Heng heard this, turned his head, but also with the kind of turn iron into steel eyes, watching the king of the West so. Was so looking armies, king of the West harder than steel so that the heart, can not help the flick. Heart panic and under the bow alarmed for a moment. Then suddenly raised his hand with one of his head, dejected exclaimed: "Oh, Peel will forget one thing ... · · ·" When he finished, in Lu Peng Heng and segments in the eyes of astonishment, king of the West let Yi Che Ma head, raised his whip, it is necessary to the team behind the escape. "Come back!" Watching the old soldier of fortune shamelessly, Lu Heng speechless rubbed his temples. Look at this kid to run away, snappily verbally shouted. These days along down, let Lu Heng Peng Wang and segments with One West make an in-depth understanding. This was the Turks became the devil, seemingly honest, often hanging look honest guy, if they are not a good thing. Zhongliang face seemingly goes under, countless hidden creepy yīn seek trick. Pious and honest sound, often see this guy seemingly innocent eyes, flashed a hint of fox-like cunning. Really is vain, 海水不可斗量, so if you do not know the king of the West's character, is estimated to be this guy bought it had to count the money for others. Wang Xi looked so dejected rode came Lu Heng eyes full of helplessness sè, with a wry smile shook his head. "Advisor, actually, I · · · · · ·" king of the West so secretly watched armies face sè, hesitated, and finally is the courage to explain. Lu Heng is shaking his head, raised his hand and interrupted him. Slightly pondered a moment, looked LU Heng eyed duo, light, said: "To the person, in addition to commander of the men outside, to ad hoc decisions, accurate judgment fighting form, morale, on the same subject at this point , you are very good to make, but · · · ... "Lu Heng Shining eyes staring at the two of them, turn iron into steel look, once again let two Jagged generals flushed with fever. Hearts sigh, Lu Heng could not bear to say them. Looked away, the light, said: "But as the commander who, in addition to those just mentioned, the overall strategic plan must learn! Which, climate, is a handsome before basic conditions!" Lu Heng Shining eyes watching them , the eyes that see the two generals incredible eyes, as well as whole body trembling with excitement irrepressible look after. Faint smile, voice slightly stopped down. Then looking at two generals, smiled and asked: "Do you not want to marshal?" Understand the meaning of words after the army, division, Duan Peng heart excitement of the occasion, but there is fear strategist just kidding. Excited to swallow a mouthful of saliva, tentatively asked: "Advisor, you say ......!" Lu Heng smiled, raised his whip hand in the head section of Peng knock down, then beat with a whip a Click Wang Xi let shoulder. "Good work!" Si <

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