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That scholar look of impatience antworten

> In the basic action strategies laid down, the next thing would be much easier. Www, QUAnben, CoM as Lu - Hang the king was buried before dark strokes, at this time played a key role in xìng. So,oakley sunglasses sale, everything became clear. There was Peng his troops five thousand people, plus Hebei defenders, totaling ninety thousand troops, westward across the Taihang Mountains, Shenbingtianjiang Taiyuan Fu Wai enough to rely on that king was destroyed 30,000 of jīng sharp troops. Moreover, in the evening, clouds outside the city of Luoyang Alexander weeks arsenal of grave came exciting news. After a few months of testing, a large power of smokeless powder, and finally born. With this new breed of gunpowder, thunderbolt thunder beads and mortars power will be a qualitative leap. There are two things near the body, a large army would sweep the world smell, no rival. Moreover, the emergence of smokeless powder, but also really big week will be brought into this world hot weapon combat leader. News when Baiguan extremely excited mood, laughing, and his excitement. A few months ago, gunpowder weapons, battlefield debut in Korea, he made a stunning achievement. Today, a higher level of gunpowder appeared, the crowd for the next war, full of expectation of victory. Subsequently, the other is to develop operational plans. According to Lu Heng operational intentions. Currently in western Sichuan, Wu Ning, then north, Sichuan and Shaanxi adjusted generation blade pointing Chang'an. Purpose is to contain Pingxi, so he did not dare to act rashly. In addition, in the vicinity of the king five Yanmen his troops, it is advancing to the northeast. And to the north of Shandong is yīn guerrilla generals Wang exploits, that is his own brother in law, doing convergence trend. Purpose is to cause a big week for the Turks would attack in Hebei area, straight from his hinterland illusion. Make him one time Shoushuliangduan difficult scruples. Policy steps above, all in order to cover for his troops DUAN Peng, the purpose is to make them quickly into Shanxi, expand the campaign. On the other side a chance to react under beat him by surprise. As said, that twenty thousand enemy troops along the Yellow River. North Camp with Tokyo's ten thousand soldiers, enough to reach containment effect. Presumably to Jin Wang Peng caution and safety, it is absolutely not let go of this hole in the Yellow River. A step by step strategic planning, enough to highlight the entire war LU Heng ability to control. Look at this young scholar in the sandbox to do deduction seriously harsh attitude, courtiers besides convincing, but also respect for Lu adult behavior to the extreme. This evening, Lu adults have done no less than thirty times the deduction. Is often a small part of which have been well thought out. Finally, in a combination of other people's opinions and suggestions, the final program is finally formed. Copy to the court after the program into a book, the outside is already a day sè getting white. After getting the emperor's permission, courtiers This dispersed. Only Qin Shihu stood still, watching helplessly sit together with the emperor and Lu Heng,Air Jordan 1 Sale, mouth hum a long time, to utter a word. Throne of the Emperor porting sip tea, looked at him, smiled and said: "Qin generals ready to go back now, Ming rì camp early in the morning you will depart with Snow Wolf Paul reclined ......" Qin Shihu heard, can not help a joy, quickly asked: "Your Majesty, that minister what position?" "observer!" Emperor show was just Lu Heng had learned of the term, laughing. Observers? This is what guan'er ah? It sounds like, no power ah! Qin Shihu scratched his head, his eyes full of incomprehension sè. "Only do not move!" Emperor for his concise doubts. "Ah?" Qin Shihu goes old head, suddenly became bitter. Only do not move, meaning that there ass ah. See Qin Shihu silly blankly stood there, motionless. Shu emperor face sè suddenly cooled down, eyes staring at him poorly: "how, not satisfied?" Lengheng the emperor, Qin Shihu shook with a shiver. Nodded, handed salute and said: "Satisfied, veteran satisfaction!" "Qinlao generals, so you as observers, is to make you familiar with the heat as soon as possible the use of weapons on the battlefield!" Aside, Lu Qin Shihu see the emperor a constant stare too profuse sweating like, laughing. Coughed lightly after they open for him, explains: "When you are familiar with the thunderbolt beads and mortar application method, naturally have your useless!" "Really?" Qin Shihu eyes a joy, and hurried inquiry LU Heng. But then just export, to see the emperor face sè faint look, Qin Shihu quickly bowed his head again, an ostrich-like. "His Majesty the veteran did not appreciate the care and thought, veteran guilt!" Qin Shihu head down, very sincere mistaken. Grumbling voice, like a made a mistake just like a child. Throne, the emperor had seen that year under the command of fame in his tiger, now is hanging down decrepit. Under relentless in exclaimed, inevitably regret. "World worry ......" The Emperor sighed slightly, down the Throne, walked Qin Shihu front. Hand upon his shoulder, smiled and said: I know that you are too small heart refuses to accept that this government is not it? Listen emperor says, Qin Shihu suddenly startled, quickly fell to his knees, shaking his head: "I fear, Robinson absolutely not have this idea ah!" See Qin Shihu scared by his own word gingerly way, the emperor smiled and shook his head bent down, his hand, his arm up, eyes apologetically: "The Union knows, the United neglected for so many years you have your heart tangled, are inevitable!" Qin Shihu years, first time I heard the emperor so. Looked up and saw that the emperor's eyes deep regret, sorrow and grief, under Qin Shihu heart can not help but eye redness. "The counter-insurgency, said it was a training The real war, in the back!" Emperor smiled mysteriously blinked against Qin Shihu, where meaning is self-evident. "Turks?" Qin Shihu lift sleeves,Coach Handbags Sale, wiped his red eyes, whispered inquiry. Emperor smiled and nodded slightly, be sure the Qin Shihu speculation. "United have high hopes for you!" Emperor hand, heavy on the shoulders of the Qin Shihu next shot. "Go home, well prepared!" Emperor Qin Shihu smiled and nodded, the waved his hand, then let him leave the Imperial Study. Etc. Royaldragonbooks in completely quiet. A long time looking at the door emperor, Qin Shihu left back, with a touch of Humu vicissitudes of sè, long whiskers breath and said: "Get the lead out, still not rice, uh, prime food has?" Early in the morning, eastern sky, showing a touch of red in the sè. Because hour too early, on both sides of the streets leading to Lu Prefecture, shop is still not open. Faded sè Jiuqi slanting hanging in that tavern door, with the breeze blowing, lazy move on it, and then they again subsided. Empty streets, no one pedestrian. Green sè stone on the road, still stained rì yesterday night frost and fog. At this point, the morning twilight, that after a century of quartzite Road, reflexed shè faint light. Street, that leaves on green sè, not yet dispersed condensation dew. Morning breeze blowing, leaves gently shake. It also will swing above the dew, shook yù fall. Stroll the streets of Luoyang in the morning, and occasionally be able to see the roadside, an unknown sè yellow flowers, in this morning, the obscurity of their own blooming bloom. When suddenly, in front of a big burst of condemning came. Very noisy, room with a woman cries. In this quiet morning, it is particularly unexpected. Wensheng looked, but found that they do not know at what time come to Yihong door. At this point, it Yihong door, a dress is not the whole scholar busy finishing their clothes, and in front of him a commoner nobile woman, squatting on the ground, cover the face, sobbing crying. In the women's side, one was about five-year-old child, woman crouched beside his face tears, looking like an enemy general, looking at the man. That scholar look of impatience, waved drink one: "What is it crying, and quickly go, not enough shame not enough?" See the woman still squatting on the ground, crying and would not, that the scholar suddenly furious, fingers outstretched finger in front of the TV drama, unkempt, commoner nobile woman, angrily shouted: "Let you stay home waiting for, you will want to come to this capital. told you, so I high school, went home to pick you up you this bitch, dare slapstick here, shame my fame. so ungrateful. really think I will not break you do? "" You, you ...... "That woman wan smile cry, stand up, pointing scholar nose, said: "Even when you come down, my father exhausting possessions, to help you get through the road, will let you save test high school I did not expect, my family come down, you betray, still out to take his wife. You turned out to be so ungrateful person! "Women only up their sleeves, wiped his tears, miserable with a smile:" I regarded the Qin stimulated a blind. Chen Shimei, you will be punished! "grid is capable woman xìng Once determined, it never looked back. Looked at him coldly after pulling directly beside the child's hand and took a deep breath: "strong children, we go home!" "Mouth hum!" That scholar, see his wife took the children away, turned out to be not the slightest retain meaning. Grunted coldly, then turned away to go. Standing afar streets Lvheng Jing Jing looked at the misfortune of human tragedy. The woman took the children to see such leave, and that the student is a change just for the angry, pulled a sparkling smile Yihong come out from the red woman said softly soft words something. The woman smiles tenderly amused giggle incessantly. That scholar is neither the rules on hand red woman's body in the walk. See this behind the scenes, Lu Heng smiled, shook his head, turned and departed. Oh, I was not thinking, quick DianShi of it! Gee, Chen Shimei? What a great name, never forget ah! Lu Heng while walking, laughing away to the house. <

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