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06.06.2013 03:59
Liu Qingqing mouth smiling antworten

> Here, Liu Qingqing just quietly standing behind Lu Heng, let uncle took his hand. WwW. QuAnBeN. cOm her head down, ears emerge out of place coming from faint pink. By Lu Heng shook hands, some gently shaking. See, she should be a little nervous. Until Lu Heng with some insane, it will come later approached the scholar to tuck away. Liu Qingqing was quietly broke Lu Heng's hand. Raised his head and his mouth smile eyes glanced at him. Then lightweight toward the front door. Minzui lucky to see her the way that it should be very happy. Lu Heng smiled, followed. Into the future, Lu Heng know why this little lantern stall, can attract so many students of onlookers. Originally, all because of this reason riddles. This riddles, unlike those on the other stalls plain easy to guess. Riddles hanging in here, but it is somewhat difficult. Moreover, those lanterns also do not have mood, in addition to some lotus lamp and chrysanthemums will be full of light outside the historical figures. An old man, cheerfully sitting on a small stool in front of a growing number of tourists watching. Every time I see someone coming after staring riddle meditation hard like a long time, and then write your own mind disturbed guess the answer. The old man's face with a hint of a proud smile, then shook his head very unsympathetic. Filled with handwriting looked beside cardboard goes, there are those students who wish to bitter meditation, but all sorts of puzzled look, the old man more proud of. He stroked down every now and then beard, raised his head and looked around the students who grunted: "Naturally,Air Jordan 12, I heard the whole nation unparalleled southern wit, he took the opportunity to come see something. Hey, today saw, really is met as famous ah! "the old man shook his head, a look of pity look. Oh, originally come from the North. Standing in the crowd to watch the LU Heng, on hearing these words, my heart a joy. Regardless of how the old man holding a kind of plan, and regardless of whether he is the northern wit. These riddles today alone, there are onlookers defeated Southern wit, tonight he can be considered famous. Look around those genius look, I guess almost the same. Sure enough, around those students who hear this old man so blatant provocation, have glare. But the old man is still a dead face, it seems they never even see around wit angry eyes. Still leisurely edited lantern. "Well, if Mr. Xiao Zhiyuan mountains here, how can we let this old man so arrogant? '" Is the eldest son of Su-prefect, Suzheng Wen also let him go back in disgrace to go north! "" Cut, Playboy only, how can the scholarship? "Oh, do not say others, if Wang Jiangong here. How could she so rampant? "The crowd, some wit, on the old man's attitude began to emit a signal of discontent, they say these people, Lu Heng is also heard. But also with one of them, have been in contact. Suzheng Wen? Oh! Hear someone in the crowd spoke Suzheng Wen immediately after it was refuted. LU Heng Mozhuoxiaba, looked at the names of others filed Suzheng Wen scholar and a look of disdain, heart chuckled As Wang Jiangong, Lu Heng know. He is the eldest son of the palace. That is yesterday, the Wangting Zhi mouth of Big Brother. Jiangning this person has no small talent. And man can be considered a low profile., and Xiao Zhiyuan and become two hermit,Nike Jordan Superfly UK Sale, but this year I heard this person not in Jiangning, but went to Tokyo. said to be the king of adult protege year, giving him a chance to find that it is possible to hold a party Xian Li, while Xiao Zhiyuan, they would just have a few with his side of the edge , the other, have nothing. "How? Members wit, can someone can guess? Oh, if someone can guess any one mystery, where the lantern, let him pick? "The old man looked around wildly provocative and his bow dare wit a view of the southern, and then a look of regret sigh and said:" Well, it seems there is no person. Unfortunately, the old lady is also prepared to give away three today lantern too! Huge Jiangning, not even one! "Those students who are a little backbone, Xiufen of his head, while the majority of the crowd of students who, but in the case of other people do not pay attention, secretly slipped away. Sight of the net, stay here, it is not lost since that person ah With the crowd dispersed, lively disappeared. things to look forward to the development of Lu Heng **, after seeing the result, inevitably some disappointment, he smiled and shook his head, he was ready to leave with Liu Qingqing to go. "Uncle! "Has been standing in a lotus lights, pour the eyebrows, looked at the riddle of Liu Qingqing, turned his head, rather abruptly asked Lu Heng one." Uh, ah? Anything? Guessed? "Lu Heng recovered, turned his head and looked at Liu Qingqing asked." How can ah! "Qiao Lian Liu Qingqing flushed, snappily stare Lu Heng one, seems to blame him, making fun guessing they do not understand it." Moon moving west to Jesus, not so scene, this is what riddles, ah, uncle you know the answer? "Liu Qingqing seem to really like this light pink lantern, she stood there, the white slender fingers, gently stroking lantern, turned his head, biting his lips, softly asked, which is an anagram, is not in fact difficult. cough, mainly Lu Heng've seen before. LU Heng Mozhuoxiaba, recalled after a moment, smiled and said: "is a charade, the answer should be a word that now! "Liu Qingqing eyes light up, carefully thought, his face full of the joy of color. She turned her head, sitting on the floor, is a look of disbelief watching Lu Heng old man, asked:" the old man, We can guess? "Just Lu Heng Liu Qingqing speak secretly right answer after listening Shuzhuoerduo old man, his face slightly changed and some looked suspiciously Lu Heng, eyes some incredible look." Old man, but the answer That one word? "Liu Qingqing mouth smiling, gentle sounds makes whole body comfortable. Even the heart unhappy old man, Liu Qingqing see that beautiful face, too, inevitably some of the old head red. Inspiring do smile, his heart a small 99 gently blown. Samsam old man smiled and nodded. submissively: "The baby girl was right, the answer is indeed that word! "In this connection sent their high-priced lanterns come in, and my heart is somewhat uncomfortable. Old man rolled his eyeball, smiled and said:" baby girl, do not put a guess? As if we can guess, the old lady would give two a duck lights, how? "The old man pointed to the side hanging on the side of a beautiful duck lamp said. Remark one, Liu Qingqing light ah a cry, charming Qiaolian shame became pink. Simply, she was somewhat anxious and want to excuse ,Air Jordan 4 UK Sale, but I do not know how to say, she turned his head and stared at Lu Heng one, thinking, let Lu Heng explain something. However, Lu Hang it to the side, smiling at the old man, a little explanation did not mean. " How? ; The son? "The old man has eyes, cast him in the Lu Heng, cunning asked with a smile. See Lu Heng still smiling at yourself, do not answer the old man would deliberately shock and said:" Do the authors, the answer is just that there son heard about, or kept on the? "Those students who are around, they gathered over. See Lu Heng have guessed a mystery, have applauded. Course, some people, curl one's lip, thinking, Who is this? Never seen nobody, how can we guess their own do not guess the riddles, is certainly the kind of thing kept this time, the crowd, suddenly sounded a cry very familiar voice. "yo, this is not Liujiabang kid do? Hey, Jia kid, guess again one, let us quietly chanting, ha ha! "Heard, Lu Heng gently turned his head and saw the crowd, wearing a white gown Suzheng Wen, is a look of gloating like looking at himself. LU Heng eyes solemn moment to regain the look of that indifferent . simply, he will turn their eyes to the second lantern. riddle look after look of a smile around, whispered: "Ye Hao! "<

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