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recite deep handwriting antworten

> Ning Lu Heng princes first scoff a heartless kind of words, and then smiled Lu Heng said, "John is such a state of mind, can you really not like that at this age there!" "Yes, reads like a twilight so our old man, sitting apart from perception of life! "Zhang Shan smiling nod. WwW, QunabEN, coM his heart right Lu Heng actually very curious, from some time ago that the first few words for the beginning, he would feel that this young man is very interesting. A good occasion to write words like that, how could people mouth nerd? Moreover, after the past few days of exposure. From his words and deeds of view, enhancer sequences are this person, there should be a scholarship. Zhang Shan scholarship for understanding not just going to write the first few words only. He said the scholarship, in fact, contains life skills to live by. Lvyong positive although sometimes this person speak a bit frivolous, but afterwards carefully think about it, it looks like a frivolous discourse, but often with little means, memorable. Like today, he's a, life goes, let Zhang Shan has experienced ups and downs of this old man, heartily agree. Many unhappy things in the world, and if everything is difficult to let go, then this person is bound to miss a lot of life in the beautiful scenery. When dropping the hearts of worry,Air Jordan 6 Sale, look forward, but it is a way out, suddenly. See two old man lay down thoughts, cheerful laugh. Lu perseverance is also easily reach for the glass light drop one, smiled and said: "Oh, even the perception of life now. People in this life, unhappy things, ten have ** Should everything is difficult to put down, it would mean that living The tired? "" Yongzheng little friends say reasonable ah, you and I so old, and not as good as less than twenty Yongzheng this kid upset too! Ha ha! "rather princes reach for the glass, with a smile for Zhang Shan said. Three gently touched, lifted the sleeve, drank the cup of wine. Lu Heng put down the cup, smiled and shook his head: "Ning Yuangong overrated! However, the saying goes, mountains darkly, vista. Fact, also the reason that some things seemed to have no turning point, disappoint but when, a little stop, stop something, a pot of tea, put down the heart of the consideration, there may be a new way out! "With that, Lu Heng see two old people bowed his head in thought, like in the Just thinking of his remark. Lu Heng smiled but shook his head. But the two men in front storm calendar after numerous characters to fail, they are worldly things must also see clearly. So consoled himself, perhaps a bit pale. Zhang Shan and Ning Yuangong, bow thought for a moment. Subsequently, Zhang Shan raised his head and whispered remembered: "The mountains darkly, vista? This is where the saying? Old lady how have not heard?" Was drinking wine Lu Heng Chang heard Wenshan this sentence, stunned for a moment, smiled and asked: "uh, Zhanglao heard?" Zhang Shan shook his head, and then asked the side of the princes Ning said: "Ning Yuangong, have you ever heard this saying? "I would rather princes touched beard, smiled and shook his head:" Naturally, I have never heard of this and other slang! huh! However, the old lady actually curious if the world as these two are both slang meaning charm, then how can the decency of the points? "Zhang Shan enthusiastically arrange things stroked his beard, looked Lu Heng, his eyes full of profound meaning smiled and said:" Yes, but where ever it is to listen to this saying? "Lu Heng see maybe the old man with a very serious scrutiny phrase, speak out their own whim verse. It was weird watching the two men one, then shook his head hesitated and said: "uh, maybe I am wrong and I forgot!" See Lu Heng chicken fool, Ning Yuangong snappily glared at him , shaking his head Xiao Ma said: "You This kid is really solid, no!" Zhang Shan stroked his beard, smiling at Lu Heng, try and asked: "I do not know, even have residual sentence is eternal, or into a poem in the chest?" LU Heng Fangxiajiubei, spread hand, look sincere, said: "Oh, even in the residual sentence!" Ning Zhang Shan princes and the visual one, laughing his head. Lu Ning princes scoff a constant one: "You boy, Oh, hey!" Zhang Shan is still not going to, let Lu Heng, this old man put the glass down after watching smiling Lu Heng, smiled and said: "nothing about , Yongzheng Quotes, then if there is, on the one hand might reveal. beating two of us experience some old man, and how? "rather princes with you old guys really crafty eyes, a glance Zhang Shan. But it is a smile on his face. Lu Heng coughed, spread hand, his face with a smile, watching the two old guys. Ultimately, however, still could not Dide Guo Lu Heng two old people's eyes, do boast discouraged under shoulders, his face with a touch of wry smile: "Well!" Originally wanted to refuse. However, to see two Nianyuhuajia old, but eager eyes that look forward to watching them that gray hair, with scattered Qinhuai breeze fluttering. There are years left on their faces deep traces Lu Heng heart slightly sour, whisk the old man's wish not bear, had nodded. "Really?" Rather princes eyes light up, and some asked, surprised. "Uh, ah, be there now! Try it!" Lu perseverance in hesitated, eventually admitted cheek nod. Immediately, Ning princes his men, took the pen and ink, paper and ink, spreading in the central pavilion of the stone table. Two old either side, standing beside Lu Heng, see Lu Heng, also look at a superbly rice paper on the table, his eyes full of hope. Cute old man! LU Heng smiled, holding a brush, ink stone in milled gently point a bit. Lifted the cuffs, slightly thoughtful for a moment. Soft tip of the brush firmly white as snow fell on the paper. Zhang Yong Yule side of the mountain softly read out these three words, thought for a moment feeling the beard nodded praise: "good character!" Rather deeply felt princes nod. Correct and there is no lack of spirituality lower case, it looks really pleasing. LU Heng smiled, his writings walk firmly on the paper. Amidst the Pavilion nostalgia Jiangbei regular script, the word name appears, and Ning Zhang Shan princes as the one, the eyes look more shiny. Duo quickly turn their attention to the migration of his writings, the one that the gradual emergence of a dashing words. "Eternal country, a hero in hunting, Zhongmou place." The first one, with a history of heavy began. Aside, Zhang Shan followers writings, and fell to read out. Lu Heng face calm, his eyes lightly. In the hands of his writings, with untold charm. If You Long convulsion in general, strong efforts to draw a road handwriting. "Dance pavilion song sets, Merry always be,Coach Online Store, rain and wind to go. Caoshu sun, unusual lanes, humane Siphonostegia lived. Looking back, armored cavalry, swallowing air miles like a tiger." With the poem gradually showing , two old people's eyes are also some nothingness. Ning princes stood there, his face the color with a hint of unspeakable gently recite deep handwriting paper pen force, feeling with the right word for the past eventful years of memories. Cold sharp eyes, a bit off the air. Hazy sight, Spiritual some erratic. When everything seems as poem, again in the eyes. Armored cavalry, swallowing air miles like a tiger. Oh, that was a young soldier battles Prince Turki, now already is infirm. Ning princes hearts full of regret. On the tie has become, although only a few sentences, taste down, but people can not help but sigh sigh. At this point, Lu Heng Biduan pause, quietly watching the rice paper on this song Yong Yule. Faint smile, will be contaminated by ink brush again. Soft tip of the brush and landed paper. Wrote remaining under the tie. "Yuan Kai hastily, closed wolves living Xu won hurried northward. Ten year, remember that hope in the flames Yanyun road. Candid look back, Buddha Temple beaver, the one God Crow Agency drum." When writing outflow , to the time here. Ning princes that peregrine falcons in general, such as eyes, had become messy. The vicissitudes of the face, with regret for past memories. Glistening with tears, in the eyes blink. He delicately lips, constantly recite the words. Side, Zhang Shan raised his head,Oakley Squared Online, looked at an old friend that lost look, sighed softly. Hand, on the shoulders of princes in Nanjing by the press, did not say anything. Lu Heng looked back, which are all white hair old man two hearts Wei Tan. Situation they had before, but because of a little story fall from a height, but now reside in the south, staying at home. But still regret the years that year. But, I wonder if someone can remember them. Gently sigh, hands across his writings on paper, finally resumed. "With who asked: Get the lead out, still not rice?" Rather princes eyes looked hazy line that last word, there are tears laughing softly back and forth remembered: "Get the lead out, still not rice, still not rice. Oh, with who asked ah? "Merry Christmas <

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