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emperor immediately outrageous antworten

> Three hundred and seventy seventh chapter Jinsan Ye (three-shift to, seeking subscribed) Emperor Humu stare, suddenly scared Hong fat legs trembled. WwW, QunabEN, coM is no wonder that the emperor angry, gold three children, this clearly is servant call tone. The emperor was the emperor, from small gold spoon-fed, ever been so dictated to. It looks like the Emperor looked sneer, Hong fat bitter face, pointed to the side, groping chin, rattle grin Lu Heng said: "Your Majesty, he ......" After all this flood alert, the emperor realized, it is also the initiator side of the watch. Heard this, turned his head, looked poor surface sè Lu Heng. "Ahem! This, we think again!" Lu Heng realized his fault, it's name is indeed gold three somewhat indecent, how to listen to are like a handyman's name, but also a proper job fatigues . See the emperor's face sè gas livid look, Lu Heng awkward laugh, cough, the Peizhuoxiaolian said. Well! Emperor grunted, Lu Heng be let go. "Do you want this!" Lu Heng like a long time, and suddenly eyes light up, turned his head and looked at the two and said: "Your Majesty as distinguished, one gold, obviously can not all be summed Majesty's brilliant." "Er er, Yong right and is justified! "Hung Fat secretly wiped the perspiration from his brow, turned his head to see the face of His Majesty sè still good, this nod agreed. Lu Heng nodded, while thinking, while said: "Since Your Majesty is the royal prerogative. Respectfully heard that God is not an exaggeration, right?" Just ridicule an emperor, now the old guy is feeling uncomfortable. Lu Heng also a flattering. This tone say it, the emperor goes dead face finally have a little slower. However, the old man is still not so, but its eyes Weibi, stroked his beard, like an expert to do. Aside Hongquan looked at some god emperor sè, confirm emperor has no signs of anger continued Christine Weilv Heng said: "also-ran!" "That this case!" Lu Heng smiled, turned his head and looked at Emperor said: "That His Majesty would Jinsan Ye! How?" "wonderful ah!!" Fat is forgotten the pain, listen to Lu Heng again say the name, immediately hit section of praise. However, the more tricky than the last. Emperor looked blankly Lu Heng one, and then, after some thought in my heart, this slight nod, his lips moved, jumped two words: "okay!" An acceptable finally let nervous Lu Heng and Hong fat, relieved. On as a duo, the eyes are all surviving gods sè. "Since Jin Sanye agree, that, let this rì members outside the flood, which took us to the most famous restaurant in Luoyang city taverns to watch something, Jinsan Ye think of them?" Lu Heng smiled, glanced at Hong fat a. Smiled and asked Emperor road. "Ah, Zhenggewoyi!" Emperor glanced Hongquan one of Lu Heng winked, Anzan cry, big guy, spend other people's money to treat, indeed the emperor's teacher ah. Aside, Hong fat extremely Routeng hollow laugh a cry, turned his head and looked at Lu Heng, his face muscles twitching. Came over, teeth and said: "You boy cruel Is not do not you get back five thousand taels of silver will not give up the?" Lu Heng surprised looking Hongquan, deliberately very loudly said: "Hung outside members, Do not want to treat, still reluctant money? "" ah? "The Emperor is very fit, after listening to the words of Lu Heng, turned his head, face sè poorly looked Hong fat. Hong fat suddenly scared out of a cold sweat, quickly smile apologetically, the emperor said: "Jin Sanye You Do not misunderstand, the next very willing, willing!" "Really very willing?" Emperor stared Hong fat,Air Jordan Womens UK Sale, tightlipped asked. Hongquan immediately made a generous and strong, nodded and said: "honored the extreme!" "So it was very good!" Emperor satisfied smile, That stood up, hands behind and walked out. "Your kid is intentional it!" Behind Hong fat go together with Lu Heng, low voice. LU Heng smiled, looked straight ahead and looked at the front, slightly smiled, glanced Hongquan one said: "Let's restaurant is not to open it? Well spiced beans!" He finished, Lu Heng mysterious smile, right Hongquan blinked. Hung belly fat pat hand after Lu Heng ha ha look, move forward. Behind Hong fat froze for a moment, and suddenly. Hey, your kid, terrific! Restaurant but Hongquan organized Lu Heng to five thousand taels of silver stake. All told, LU Heng also accounted for Nearly 40% of the shares. Although it is known Hong fat is intentional, but Lu Heng still accepted down. ...... Yīn clouds dispersed, the sky cleared. Luoyang street, pedestrians, such as weaving. Three a casual, walk in the streets for a while, the belly is hungry. Looked up and saw rì head hanging, and realized, is already to noon. In full flood, led by Lu Heng located with the emperor came to a Weblog, lots of exuberant crowd. See Lu Heng make eye sè, Hongquan posturing, looked around glanced after. Suddenly eyes light up, pointing to the front office that excuse, surging flow of a restaurant, said: "We hear that Tsui Man Court is good, especially the blind side dishes spiced beans do particularly jīng cause. Jinsan Ye, Lvgong Zi, We might as well go and see? "It Tsui Man Court, but three wooden buildings. HTC footprint. Throughout the restaurant all have structures made of wood, from afar, ebony structures made of the restaurant, like a pagoda in general, piercing the sky, end the extraordinary momentum. Lu Heng Anzan Hong fat thoughts unique, some say lies with the real thing. Look at Hong fat that expectant eyes, do not know, I thought he really was the first to come here yet. "Well, we went to try this spiced beans!" Emperor listened, eyes splendor again and again. Stroked his beard, nodded and agreed. "That!" Hung Fat hearts delight, step by step, guiding hand of Jin Sanye and Lvgong Zi said: "two please come with me!" Into the restaurant, its own little two lead the way. Under the leadership of a small two, three on the second floor, looking for a place to sit near the railing. This started greeting small two a la carte, on liquor. This location, just outside the edge of the second floor, looking down, you can see the first floor of the hall, diners binge drinking scene. Also see the following stage, storytellers performances. Emperor sit back and watch Hong fat in the side, asked the waiter juggle look,Oakley Sunglasses Oil Rig Cheap, and smiled. Turned his head, looking at positive pour Lu Heng said: "This restaurant is open for the two of you, right?" "Ah!" Lu Heng listened, not surprised. Just nodded, smiled and admitted. That cup will be pushed to the front of the emperor, triumphantly chin and said: "Take!" There is the nightingale, the emperor do not know what? Therefore, the emperor asked, when Lu Heng was not surprised. See Lu Heng emperor frankly admitted, shaking his head smiled. Then bowed his head, looked at the cup golden red sè liquid head exposed surprise sè. End up smelling a bit, a fragrance of orange flavor makes a clearance Theosophical. "What is this?" Emperor holding the full cup. Asked, surprised. "Orange juice children!" Lu Heng end up sip ambiguous said. Emperor heard this, a sip, the surface sè surprise: "The sweet but not greasy, another orange flavor. Really good thing ah!" Hit it with his mouth, praise a cry. Emperor looked orange juice child, if the enlightenment: "This stuff is not cheap, right?" "Fortunately, twelve silver pot!" Lu Heng smiled, shaking hands pocket teapot on Emperor Road. Twelve silver pot? In this pot? Emperor heard this, almost to the mouth of the orange juice children erupted. Blinking at Lu Heng, and then look at his hand pocket teapot. After a brief stunned the emperor a pound the table, leaned forward, staring fierce Lu Heng said: "I have to stake!" Joke, it's that big pot of orange juice a little child, we must twelve silver. Other then that, I think just the door, when the emperor erected at the entrance to see the lowest consumption policies and incentives. Suddenly his eyes shining. Here, you can really rì into the bucket gold ah! Antsy under the emperor immediately outrageous request. LU Heng listened, smiled slightly. Then turned his head, standing on the side of the stairs, told a small two fat Hung said: "Hung outside members,Coach Bags Outlet, took the deed Come on!" Hung all listened, surprised the extreme. Tapping ran over and sat down, and then removed from the sleeve to contract, to start to shop, was sent to the Jin Sanye front. Jinsan Ye looked a contract, and did not take over Hong fat hand brush, but some dissatisfaction watching Lu Heng said: "how, afraid I have gone back you?" Lu Heng smiled, looked at the Emperor said: " State law of the land, business has commercial law. rules to follow. sound the alarm bell which of the country but also the country's long protection. Jinsan Ye, do you think it? "Emperor listened , lost in thought. Seems to be constant in the Si Suolv words. Aside Hongquan forehead see Khan, weird looking LU Heng. Lu Hung Heng also know what all thought, after all, but the emperor was the emperor, the supreme ruler of the entire country. Even grab, they would have to endure. But this door can not be opened! Especially not from the emperor opened here. But, as he had just said, and law-abiding, but this fundamental stability of the state. Moreover, Lu Heng opinion, the emperor understand these principles, would agree. On the past, do not bother to mention Lu Heng, after all, this thing with little to do with their own. But things are different now that he is already Imperial Master, but also involved in the country's political struggles. Said these things, and also his teacher's responsibility as emperor. After a while, the emperor Congchensizhong recovered. Calm eyes, smiled and looked Lu Heng one, did not say anything. Just took Hongquan hand brush, tap a bit of ink after. After thinking for a moment, a soft touch on the contract on his writings. Then ...... then Lu Heng and Hongquan two extreme silent eyes, the emperor stroke of a pen, all the names directly to the flood ticked off. Written on the back of the Jin Sanye words. . Need accountant <

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