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> Need Need accountant accountant 35 chapters arranged body of three hundred and fiftieth king was waved in, ordered his people to give way when. wWW, QUanbEN, cOM Princess Luang driving in the streets behind a row of gold sè the supreme symbol of the imperial banner of honor, the king was in sight. Then the Royal Guard is heavily armed, KN Wei appeared in the street. Fu Huang? How he would appear at this time? Although the king was puzzled, but still hurried dismount knelt down to greet the emperor's majesty. Opposite the car's well-being princess sly smile, Liu Qingqing pulled out of the car, worship service on the ground, came to greet the mighty Yu Jia Sheng Jia, etc. that went far away from the gate of the city, when it stopped . "Why did you stop?" Sheng Jia, the emperor put down the book,Air Jordan Take Flight Sale, frowned, and asked the outside Bushido. Voice down, there samurai came in the car outside the Chen Sheng said: "Bingbao Majesty, the king and the well-being of His Royal Highness the Princess of the car, took place at the city gate congestion. Subordinate had told two Highness gave way!" Heard the emperor faint smile, put aside the Julian looked. Sure enough, in front of the city gate, both men are hurried to get out of the road. Where oncoming, the degree at the city gate, and it is great pomp, the king was extraordinary battle troops. This busy schedule to see if he looks like, it should be just came to Tokyo. This time of year to worship the emperor, Military Governors can not wait around for several months early, in order to express loyalty to the emperor. At this point it is only to the king was, moreover, a door to play such a one. Oh, this is for anyone to see it! Mind went, Emperor sneer a cry, throw in the books on the table. Picked up again, while watching the side right Bushido: "Tell them, as the Royal children, even in spite of royal dignity,Jordan Take Flight Sale, the same as two Popi marketplace, the competition for road, really a shame, two penalties pension for one year. Form of punishment!" "Yes!" samurai should be uttered. Will have to leave. "Wait!" Emperor turned the book, stopped the departed warrior. "Your Majesty!" Samurai respectful Baoquan. "Tell the king was, but today Heaven gift, since it arrived, I let him go along with it!" Emperor after he finished. Waved his hand, to that Bushido: "Go!" Having these, the emperor continues turned the hands that made by the chamberlain who organize the whole idea of ​​the Korea war and specific tactics. Look for a while, the emperor thought, looked up, looked at has been silent while Lu censor, smiled and said: "Lu Aiqing. Put this thing reproduces a copy sent to Wat Arun!" Censor is just Shanxi Lu back, have not had time to rest, it was the emperor pulled wagon, this time, this old man dusty appearance, is very tired. Stretch out the book, said the remarks after. Lu did not hear the answer to censor. Emperor frowned, looked up. See Lu Censor head a little bit, like a chicken pecking rice appearance, the emperor could not help haired black line. Nyima, actually fell asleep! Extremely silent emperor, the thinking is have kicked in, but seeing this old man rushing keep saliva. Silver-haired disheveled, bedraggled appearance, the emperor gradually become gentle eyes up. Shook his head and smiled, robes car over to the side, covered in the Lu censor body. Car. Incense curl, light dim. ...... City gate, when KN Wei delivered his emperor's will, the Baifu well-being in the ground while the princess and the king was Shane. Prostrate Jin Wang, Shane, then when finished. Expression remains extremely grateful. But, he turned into the carriage, the surface becomes yīn sè Shen terrible, hideous to the extreme. What is, just come. Then I'll go to heaven with the right gift. I am a prince, to participate in Heaven gift, that I should have rights. So that was like a gift, like hanging your mercy. What are you when I, a beggar, or a prisoner? Are those who have sinned, sin not unto death of the prince has the qualifications to participate in the altar gift, how to me, so cold. However, this is good. Originally, my heart there is a trace of hesitation. Is you, you forced me, forced me to do so. Jin Wang entered the car, quietly sitting there. Flashing eyes, face sèyīn Clear uncertain. "You are angry?" Then came Seirankai Princess, see Wang Xiong so God sè, looked at him, the faint asked. Jin Wang shook his head, leaning on the inside, smiled, and said: "No, I'm very relaxed, total relaxation!" "Me too!" Qing Lan Princess smiled, looking at cars Lianwai, then rub over the shoulder of Shengjia mighty over, himself. ...... "Well, really thought he was the second world!" Princess luan driving, the well-being of the princess saw that backwards king was hanging on the back of the fleet, put down the curtain, the sneer a cry. Opposite, Liu Qingqing heard this, just smiled. Just that edicts, she heard it. Her true that I do not know, it was the emperor king was deliberately played rough, and even that was a jǐng reports. However, the royal thing, Liu Qingqing ordinary woman, natural way, shunned the truth. So, never go deep thought. However, this time that of Ankang Princess yīn seek to succeed the way, obviously, that's just Dulu, she deliberately. In the yard, I have been urging the eunuch, Majesty Shengjia to departure. As courtiers, you must first place to greet His Majesty. Ankang princess is certainly considered a good time, arranged the encounter, the king was deliberately clogging of. Raised his head to see the well-being has a royal extravagance princess, this time it is filled with wisdom smile Palace bucket, Liu Qingqing my mind was a bit scared. Bowed his head, and my heart secretly thinking, perhaps, she is the wife of Messire most appropriate. Three men, mighty heaven holy away toward the outside. Along the way, flags fluttering, smoke billowing, end the trip army parade. People have to kneel along the salute, shout hurray. In the eyes of many people respected that Sheng Jia suddenly stopped. After setting up the ladder in the samurai, the curtain aside. Dressed in robes, white hair and his head of the emperor. Actually go down. The guard at the front of the KN Wei Sheng Jia ZhongLangJiang surprise, quickly stepped forward to discourage. Emperor smiled slightly, raised his hand to stop the KN Wei words. Glanced looked around and saw that hot sun, and be baked dyin bookmakers, the emperor face sè worries softly sigh. "This year is a famine afraid ah!" Emperor squat body, hand touched dry land. Worried said. Side, Lu Censor pat hand dust, raised his head and looked a cloudless sky, but was that sun tan feel dizzy. Lift sleeves, wiped sweat from his brow. Slight smile and said: "Your Majesty, do not worry, some time ago rì, Si Tianjian said, a few more rì, there are heavy rains. Believe that we can ease the drought!" "I hope so, right!" Emperor Heard, face sè still not easy to stand up clap hands of dust. After thought, light, said: "If not, then. Opening, and food a must!" Is turned, when preparing for carriage. Has seen kneeling on the ground, you a few trembling farmer, the emperor brow Wei Zhou, thought later, on Lu Shi said: "Give them some money!" "Yes!" Lu looked surprised emperor a censor , then turned his head and looked behind the convoy that the king was. Eyes suddenly light up. Quickly handed it over. Zhao Guo warrior, asked a lot later. Monarch duo will be on the wagon. Crop ground, holding the hands of a few farmer silver bullion, and looking away in the Sheng Jia, his eyes full of tears of excitement. "Long live save the Queen!" Several farmer moved to tears, crying, to that disappearing Luang driving salute. Shengjia carriage. Open the emperor Julian, looked toward the fields that, after the scene saw that the people bow down. Tight face, finally emerged out of the hint of a smile. Remember a few months ago, that the student free to go their own spoken words of popular grassroots rope. At this time the emperor was deeply appreciate these six words of the inherent strength. And ...... watching people appreciate the scene, the emperor heart is very happy. This relaxing happy, it seems that only in a small, done on a roll after being late emperor praised feeling. Very satisfied, great sense of accomplishment! Emperor God sè faint, leaning against the car, eyes closed. However, it emerged out of the mouth of the touch of a smile, but it is getting filled. ...... Meanwhile, hundreds of miles away outside the city of Luoyang. Scorching sun, the earth heat wave hit. That stretch of the Official Road, a team of hundreds of people Jagged army surrounded a carriage, positive and not be slow to advance in the direction towards the city of Luoyang. This army of a hundred people, gaunt, but cold eyes Linglie. Covered combative. Just like a battlefield, just down from Korea's army. Dada ran over a hundred cavalry,Oakley Sunglasses Cheap, brought up the bursts of smoke lingering. "Exhibition hung!" Carriage, I heard a clear voice, wearing out. Mercedes-Benz exhibition hung in the carriage side, rode rush past. Bao Quan said: "The son!" Julian aside, revealing that Lu Heng slightly wasted face. "Cavalry vanguard sent to His Majesty the good news now!" Lu Heng smiled, threw from the window hung a gold medal exhibition, and then show Xiong said. "Yes!" Exhibition male Baoquan should be a cry, took the gold medal, given to a soldier, and then the soldier under a lot of commands. And that Snow Wolf Battalion, took the gold medal in, suddenly was the gold medal on the words that scared a shiver, almost did not hold out on the ground. After listening to the commands hung exhibition, Chen Sheng said that the soldiers cry, they took companions, from the brigade, horse Mercedes-Benz, the direction toward the rush to Luoyang. Put down the curtain, Lu Heng sitting in the car, enjoying Bai Gongzai comfortable massage. "You say, Your Majesty, what reward will you do?" Bai Gongzi while helping Lu Heng kneading his shoulders, laughing asked. Lu Heng comfortable rolled over, reaching Lanzhu Bai Gongzai narrow waist. Drowsily said. "I do not want anything to have you on the line!" "Mischief!" By Lu Heng so scratching, Bai Gongzi Qiao blushed, waved hand wiped his mischief. Then tugging at his ears, deep jealousy and said: "What do you say, I came into your house, how are you going arrange my way?" Need Need accountant accountant 35 chapters arranged body of three hundred and fiftieth been updated! <

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