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06.06.2013 03:43
Sora beauty looked at the tall dark antworten

"Mo Zhu, you come back!" Because of the presence of "outsiders", small really is the rules, and salute to Zhu respectfully on the ground. "Small really." Zhu Wen to small really waved, let her go to the bed, will be officially Jane and Solame introduced. "Small really see magic princess." Small really once again fell on the bed. Zhu Wenrou rubbed shoulders cable in Latin America, motioned her to speak, Sora beauty looked at the tall dark spiritual Ji as a slave to kneel on the ground, the hearts of the tension decreased a lot, calm way: "get up!" "This time I go there what happened? To the point." Zhu Wen asked. "There are a few things, a few days Wu Princess back from red sorrow dungeon, dragon bodyguard around two less, and a dragon bodyguard lost an arm, small really speculate that she should try to sneak into the red, the bottom of a dungeon that caused the wreck has super strength dragon bodyguard. Three days ago, the delegation came to the temple worship of Sand City, the group a total of twenty-seven sacrifice,Oakley Oil Rig Online, leading worship without strength, but according to the rumors of its strength is at least comparable or even higher level strong. Yesterday,Nike Air Jordan 4, the Dow Jones Empire has been stationed in the northern city of Sulan city dragon Legion army came to the sand city, currently stationed near the North City castellan mansion barracks, purpose is unknown. But small really speculate, first Sheng-Wu Princess drive to Shacheng, shortly after the sacrifice monitoring group has arrived, and earthworm Legion also entered the sand city, there must be some link between this, specific small really cannot guess." Oma Yasukyung stood at the window, low head. Also. "There is about Miss Natasha, I have been with Ruth into the castellan mansion. Daughter-in-law, the relationship between Ruth and the Duke's good, miss Natasha and NASS beauty because living in the castellan mansion, mutual contact relationship is also very good, small really can often see Miss Natasha, Mayuzumi Nishi is currently planning to kill, beauty, good to destroy Ruth's plan, the plan has been decided, NASS beauty have already five months pregnant, if no accident, she will die soon. Daisy specific plans small really is not clear, and other small love to Mo Zhu can ask small love." Due to the reasons for,Coach Bags Outlet, a lot of things small love never told the truth, and to understand things is not very comprehensive, small really paused, hesitated continued: "if you love die, miss Natasha will be very sad, she had him when his sister beauty." Oh. Zhu Wen's eyebrows is wrinkly for a while, and asked: "little lover?" "The small love should not get Mo Zhu back. She and Daisy together." "Well, I know. You go first, immediately notify her into a little love me back, I want to rest." A few days make a hurried journey without stop on it or some tired, waved small really leave. "Small really retire!" Because of the existence of cable in Latin America, small really did not dare to wanton, if it was Zhu Wenyi, she went up to Zhu Wen's bed, but now only come away. Zhu Wen thought for a moment, hold sola beauty sleep. The wake is the five hours later, he immediately felt the corner small really and small love >

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