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dad had just come out of antworten

> Yihong outside, busy, crowded. wWw.QUanBEN.CoM Kisaragi elegant woman, she should have stood this was not standing in front of Jiaoqu trembling violently, fascinating Meimou filling with tears, looking at not far from the front, and that a commoner, gaunt old man. Ear voices, extremely noisy. But in the eyes of the woman, everything becomes quiet. If the whole world suddenly quiet down, like huge crowded streets, as if in the moment, totally deserted. In the afternoon sunshine, flat rì in Luoyang extremely unfamiliar streets, could be so familiar. Nearby, a commoner, arm wrapped elderly, looked at the front and more rì gone, many emaciated daughter, tears. "Daddy!" Moon woman, trembling voice whisper, could not resist the hearts of bitter, raised his hand to his mouth and sobbed, burst into tears. "Moon child!" When rì heard this many years, only the sound of lingering in a dream, the old man whispered lips Well, in the hand of the package also carry live, plop out of the ground. "Daddy!" Zhuo lift that bullying frost season snow Haowan, wiped the tears on the cheeks. Lifted the skirt, flew away towards the old man. Suddenly,Oakley Sport Sale, a topless exposed rǔ, face Hengrou hobo, cross into it. Stand in front of the woman, arms outstretched, revealing thick chest hair. "This is the little lady crying ......" words did not finish, he suddenly felt a sharp pain in back of the head. Two pages, black eyes, do not know anything. Behind, exposing the two faces sè perseverance, his eyes flashing Li sè brawny. Maybe brawny, loafers fallen in that moment, directly approached. Outstretched arms wrapped around him toward the street secluded alley away. And in that alley, a kindly fat, was sitting under the pergola, hand with palm-leaf fan, watching it all in a good mood. Do not be scared Huiguo Shen Zhuo month, the eyes are filled with fear of God sè, Qiao Yan looked pale two burly Han. Trance. Wind off, she seems to see the big fellow waist exposing a road glittering Yaopai. "Moon child!" Trance, his father has come before. His hands tightly holding my daughter some cold hand, and looking at a secluded alley, fear, said: "Just scared father!" "Father you do not notice how her daughter cry ah!" To see in front of father lost more than a year, silver-haired, extremely emaciated Mo Yang. Zhuo muzzled, sobbing, burst into tears. "Moon child, Mo cry!" The old man also tears, raised his head. Wipe the tears for my daughter. Looked at his daughter, sobbing painful way. He shook his head, remembering things early this morning when the eyes of the same incomprehension sè: "Father I surprised. Rì time yesterday, the day prison Tingwei, still pressed charges Turkic father collusion, but rì this morning, Your Majesty valet suddenly came Tianlao. said his father all right, you can go out! "Zhuo see his father safe, happy exception. After listening to his father's words, she was bright as snow, but also puzzled. After thought, surprised and asked: "That, that His Majesty the valet did not say anything?" "He ......" The old man frowned after thought. Puzzled and said: "That's valet said the old lady met someone helped!" "Elegant?" Zhuo asked, surprised. "Yes, that's valet when talking about elegant, in the eyes of God sè seemed worship, but also a lot of respect!" The old man frowned thoughtfully at that time. Carefully recalled. Elegant? Zhuo ineffectively lips, looking down thoughtfully. Afternoon warm breezes over, her white dress sè wind moving, Chu Chen is not dyed. Clouds of black hair, quietly floating, blowing up like a beautiful moon goes on the cheek. Carefully pondered, my mind can not help but emerge out of the way of a scholar. "Do not worry, your father does not have a thing!" At that time, the room is quiet, incense curl, in the dim candlelight, that scholar sitting in front of a table holding a curl of smoke hot tea cup, a sip, case said. It turned out that what he said was true? Zhuo biting her lips, hearts whispered. "Moon child!" Ear, clear up his father's voice, thoughts every now and then Zhuo month, they recovered. "Ah?" Zhuo looked up and saw his father being full of eyes looking at his smile, the man of God sè, makes my heart exceedingly uneasy. "Father, why not look at her?" Zhuo Matrimony, head down, whispered. "That elegant!" Father stroked his beard, chuckling. Seeing his daughter looks so shy distress, there do not understand, this elegant set has a relationship with the moon children. But, this expensive Who? Even with such great ability, the king was able to ignore the pressure of settling the threat, but also let His Majesty changed my mind! Crown years old, want to break his head, could not think of a large number of weeks to have this figure. Looked up and saw a small goddess sè long,Oakley Oil Rig Sunglasses, shallow mouth mouth smile, obviously moved by the way the hearts. Elderly immediately shines, the moment to determine which shot to help elegant, is determined a relationship with his daughter it. "That's important, she is seen on children who?" Asked the old man smiling, eyes with gratitude. He ...... Zhuo just know that his surname Lu, but Jiang Ning Renshi, is a scholar, but also the head of Quebec poetry flowers. Others, because this person acting low-key, although many people are asking his message, but the harvest is minimal. Zhuo month in addition to know the other, there will be no. Listen Daddy asked, Zhuo gently biting her lips, looking up, face, such as clever months, looked indifferent god sè afternoon sunny streets, shallow mouth with a hint of a smile. "He is a scholar!" "Scholar?" The old man down after thought, and suddenly thought of that in the Pro out Tianlao when excited talking about guards, Lu strategist, Jiangnan first genius, shenjimiaosuan, Expeditionary Force , arrested Gregory Prince sort of thing. Thought of this, the old man's eyes light flashing, turned his head and looked at their own face sè faint, lips nibbled, seems to be what people missing daughter. After the old man thought, trembling voice asked: "You said that scholar, what his name is, is doing what?" To see his father so eager look, Zhuo with a wry smile shook his head, sighing loudly Road : "Specific daughter does not know just know his surname Lu, but the first southern wit, poetry flowers the first name!" "He surnamed Lu, you say his surname Lu, or Jiangnan first genius?" The old man excited The beard and hair flying, exciting asked. So excited to see his father, Zhuo and wondered, softly asked: "Father, know this person? '" Prominent, outsize ah! "Determined that elegant, is the current fame, prestigious Imperial Tutor big week later, the hearts of the elderly emotion. LU Heng heard that this year it was in his early twenties, had already renowned big week. Really young and promising, young Aviva! Looked up and saw her daughter shy asking Mo Yang, the elderly with a wry smile shook his head sadly stroked his beard and said: "only heard his name, no its Pathwalker!" Heard his father say, never seen that scholar, Zhuo bright eyes, suddenly dim down. Bowed his head, disappointed Oh sigh. "However, there are certainly people know!" The old man to see her daughter's disappointment God sè, smiled and shook his head. Coughed after laughing. "Who is that?" Zhuo eyes light up, eagerly asked. "You Lu Shushu, he must know!" The old man stroked his beard thoughtfully said. Old man stroked his beard, thought later, turned his head, looking down just to see her daughter smile, accompanied by hand index something. Old man smiled and jokingly said: "Could monthly child you like ......" "Daddy!" His father says, Zhuo lunar surface like fire, shy Hongyan, grumbles shaking his father's arms, full of Mouzhong rebuke of sè. "Well, well, then shake your father old bones will fall apart, ha ha!" Old hearty smile, doting upon her daughter's nose, laughing. "Yes, dad had just come out of that place, which for her dad Jiefeng dust, over and over again unlucky!" Zhuo hand in father's arm, sweetly said. "Ok!" The old man deeply gratified, stroked his beard smiled and nodded. See father nodded, Zhuo smile, thought, suddenly and said: "Then we left Tokyo, okay?" "This is why it?" The old man asked, puzzled. "Because, I heard that beautiful ah south!" Zhuo Qiaoxiaoqianxi, bright white teeth sweet smile, charming grace, fans have to walk through the street of passers-by have collided. Crowds in the streets, the father and daughter duo dialogue voice trailed away. Faintly hear the sound of that catch crafty jokes, as well as shy rebuke Jiaochen. "Moon Son, why do we go south?" "Because, Jiangnan good!" "Oh, how a good law?" "Twilight chūn March, southern grass. Mixed peanut tree, group Orioles flying! Very beautiful it! "" ah, then also. Moreover, there is drawing near, Qinhuai River, a scholar similar, is not it, the monthly child! "" Daddy! "Big Week Qingyuan five years, beginning chūn Luoyang, flowers, chūn the light shines. Streets, busy, pedestrian, such as weaving. Zhuo happy holding his father's arm, walking in the bustling markets in which, like a little girl, like candied fruit stalls at that stop, remove one, tasted one, smile blossoming. "Uncle, you say, southern candied fruit you have?" United States if the moon woman hands holding that candied fruit, sparkling smile on the face of perverted uncle falls softly inquired. "Miss joking,Oakley Scalpel Sale, this candied fruit, big week in all parts of! Jiangnan there!" Uncle tigress by the side of the waist pinched a soft flesh, suddenly awake inside out. Face out ugly smile, beauty like this woman said. "Thank you, Uncle!" Zhuo heard, relieved smile. After gently waved his hand, but after the moonlight through the clouds like a general, and floated away. "Hee hee, Jiangnan also candied fruit too!" Street, Chu Chen if the fairy woman, armed with candied fruit, looked bright chūn light hearts the case said. <

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