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so affable greeting superiors antworten

> "This tentative result, the generals feel how?" Lu Peng Heng did not like to imagine the anger segment, just smiled kindly asked. "Son eye Ruju, dòng police taking anything. Certain segment admire!" It was, though it seemed, it just seems to be very passive scholar, men without a single soldier. Better to rely on their own before they pack up that Wu beat the opposition. Seems like is to rely on others, thanks to luck. But Duan Peng is not the kind grown arrogant, supercilious man. Instead, as he himself said, he letters and military strategy, the Fab Five will be in for the top spot. While some boast of the suspects, but the fact is the case. Otherwise, he would not be stepping down when Wu Ning Pro, the only resources available, he will remain in the military commissioner post on one of the Fab Five will. Look closely with four individuals come scholar, who with only one gold medal. Like unprepared, but everything is built on the know everything, have mastered everything was made on the basis of the behavior. DUAN Peng believes that that is they do not sell. That Wu beat the opposition will die miserable. Do not think, that darkness accompanied all the way, but in the middle of the missing jing sharp nightingale squad is vegetarian. Presumably, with this scholar's wrist and courage, beat the opposition early on that Wu under dark move. In other words,Air Jordan Flight 9, Wu beat the opposition today certain death. His arrogant and does not respect the imperial life, just a fuse Bale. That being the case, access to the imperial life DUAN Peng, on what ground does not strike first, renew lost that Wu beat the opposition, which expressed his stance, but also won the friendship of this scholar yet. Lu Heng smiled, holding tea cup, after a sip, smiled and shook his head and said: "General exalt Lvmou segment, in fact, if the generals do not really just segments shot, then. LvMou also really no style!" Said with, LU Heng very innocent and very helpless spread hand, with a sigh, so feeble way, but let the side of the segment Peng, are not rolled his eyes. "I am the heart to the moon, but the moon shines on the ditch!" Lu Heng carrying tea, sip after. Sigh and said: "This is not to kill him, but he was suicidal, he can only blame yourself!" See the look of regret regret armies shake their heads, it seems just ordered a dry Lost Wu Kedi very sad look. Doing, some understanding of this scholar who, without exception haired black line. Wu defeating the enemy dead in his hands, true enough Biequ. And heard remark,Outlet Oakley Lifestyle, sitting beside IL Yen, Puchi not help laughing. Meimou circulation, watching beside Lu Heng shake their heads. Eat and laughed: "hypocrisy!" Lu Heng listened, turned his head, fingers pulling faces, suddenly she made a face. Such a child the same action. IL Yan amused giggle smiles tenderly, Meimou transfer of grace. Let Lu Heng bones Dusu. Soft laughter, nvxìng of full. See these two flirting scholar, a loving look. Duan Peng could not help burst chills, plump soon swallowed a mouthful of saliva and calmly move shift chairs. Toward the back Nueliao Nue. "Show Xiong, strategist this ......" Duan Peng secretly near side and calmly exhibition male, saw that working with the military advisor ** beside a scholar after Yanzui secretly asked. "Should not ask do not ask, do not care should not care about this is subordinates consciousness!" Exhibition male hum said loudly, very calm. "Oh!" Although the show did not penetrate the male lù anything. But Duan Peng still understand what. Oh, a cry suddenly, the hand movements, subconsciously tighten their belts. LU Heng intentional ...... swap in under an atmosphere unlike house just so strange. Here the number of generals, are also put in an awkward and nervous. He meantime, greeted with a smile, and soon, the atmosphere of the room was mobilized. And not as the same as the previous military junta urgent and chill, it seems very relaxed and very casual. However, the two did not like the side of the subordinate commanding general, laughing. They now, and my heart tight, watching it slowly across Zhencha scholar, to see that the student took a sip of tea after the tea cup down. Two hearts immediately awe-inspiring, they know, the real fun will begin. "Wu is it?" Lu Heng put down the cup, looking DUAN Peng sitting beside the guy that scar on his face, smiled after asking DUAN Peng Tao. Is he just beat the opposition troops ambushed Wu. Means Henla, bold style. Although only a ambushes, winner. But this man right timing and control on the battlefield bold style, careful to act, let Lu Heng impressed. At this point, see this guy enigma, like sitting there, silent. LU Heng smiled, directly named road. "Yes, yes!" Army awaited Wu, some do not adapt, so affable greeting superiors. A time to react somewhat crazy blunt, raised his head and looked in front of a military advisor Pathetic, stammered said. "What made you shocked kid,!" Side DUAN Peng Wu also see silly sitting, turned his head and glared at him, earnestly, teeth whispered curse: "superiors to speak, to salute, Do not you know? "Heard remark, Wu realized his faux pas. Not busy losing streak stood up Baoquan on Lu Heng said: "Jiangsu coastal Army Captain Ren Yong, seen strategist!" Perhaps because of too much tension, Wu got up, too much action, directly to the tables are overturned the. Crashed, teacup teapot fall all over the floor, the ground wet one. Even Peng Duan uniform on, are covered with tea. See this scene, the male side of the exhibition first stunned. Then suddenly the image is not hilarious. Pointing to an awkward DUAN Peng, laughing almost stitch. Duan Peng stunned to watch their favorite, a look at the male side of schadenfreude exhibition, even the gas immediately speechless. Turned around and saw some military advisor frightened, he coughed, quickly stood up and Lu Heng said: "Advisor No wonder, then, Wu this guy, Keke, have not seen the big world, and some move ji, ji move Bale the! "Then, Duan Peng Huan Wu secretly kicking foot. Give him the eye sè, so he hastened to apologize. "Oh!" By Duan Wu Peng played stature flash the reaction is still very crazy blunt, until you see the eyes of adults sè Jiedushi after, this stiff Oh sigh. "Beizhi contradiction committing military adviser, but also look adult indulgences!" Wu knee. Chen Sheng Lu Heng Road. "Well, well. Wu generals get up!" Lu Heng smiled waved his hand and let him up. Wu generals, Duan Peng Lu Heng opening called to hear his love for generals, once surprised a moment. Then, look at the smiling eyes of armies that appreciates God sè, Duan Peng stunned for a moment, think Kedi Wu had just been killed, he suddenly understood. Immediately ecstasy, while Wu stood up, too, was reminded of just military adviser in the title. Sweating immediately, quickly knelt down again, shaking his head, explains: "Advisor, Beizhi just a Captain, when generals can not afford the title ah!" "Get up, get up!" Lu Heng glared at him, beckoned him to stand together. See this Wu finally ting straight spine, stand ye before him. LU Heng smiled, put tea. After a sip, looked down at him, nodded satisfaction. "Shandong Navy Rebel Wu beat the opposition was executed, now Shandong Navy rudderless. Lvmou heard Wu generals to join the army for many years. Maritime combat experience. A Navy Xuanwu Shandong generals, Wu generals should be no problem, right?" Lu Heng laugh Oh look Ng, shaking the cup, a slight smile asked. "Ah?" Wu heads turn, but turn to, looked stunned military advisor. Turned his head, and then look at Jiedushi adults. See his face hi sè. Jerked toward their nodded, motioning his hurry commitments. Wu dazed turned his head to see military advisor. "There is the problem?" Lu Heng put down the tea cup, face sè awe at him, frowning asked. "No, no problem!" Dismay half of Wu, this response came. One knee. Hand on xiong bore, ji move, said: "thank strategist promoted grace!" From a positive Nine Renyong on the Captain, and now from the four items on the Xuanwu generals, which, promoted too quickly bar. Wu heart shocked the extreme. "Well, get up!" Lu Heng Tai Taishou smile, then looked still immersed in the action without Huiguo Shen Wu ji, and smiled. Coughed after Lu Heng put away the smile on his face, light, said: "Give you three days to rectify the army, three days later, I want to see a play, daring, able to win the big week navy! Ng ,air jordan store, there is no confidence! "" Yes! "Listen Lu Heng command, my heart just was ecstatic Ng, immediately felt his shoulders sank. Took a deep breath, he raised his head, looked at Lu Heng Shining eyes, heavy nod: "Advisor peace of mind, within three days, your humble servant will give armies a satisfactory answer!" "Well!" Lu Heng nodded, her face Does God sè remained calm. Pressure of the pressure raised his hand, motioning Ng sit down, then, this turned to the other two said: "Now, we begin to talk about the cross-sea combat!" Faint voice, immediately let the atmosphere of the room become chill up. Heard, exhibition Xiong, DUAN Peng, Wu trio immediately sat. Shining eyes looked strategist, looking forward to his upcoming orders. "Battle plan, you have seen it!" Lu Heng Yan took the interleukin fed to the battle plan on the table after watching this three generals, Chen Sheng asked. "Yes, the past few days, we have been studying. Strategist bold strategic trends and careful planning, so I waited admire!" Duan Peng heart is under JiaGuanJinJue, happy. At this point, I heard strategist asked flattering road immediately in a good mood. "Exhibition generals?" Lu Peng Heng glanced at a later period, turned his head and asked the male side of the road show. "Very very strong!" Exhibition male mo search his chin deep that the nod. Maybe heard so laud ass jing, LU Heng help frowning, free throw battle plan will be that on the table after a cold swept the two: "Is this is the past few days, two generals perception? "" This ...... "see the armies of God sèyin fell when, two immediately forehead see Khan, on the visual one, the heart thumped. "Well!" Lu Heng reach for tea, after a sweep of the two, while blowing tea, while said. "Well!" Duan Peng Baoquan line after the ceremony, pointing to the battle plan and said: "There are three subordinate understand! '" Says! "Lu Heng nodded, motioned him bluntly anyway. "First, why would choose three armies army untwisting the future?" Duan Peng some apprehension uttered the first one, then look no displeasure strategist sè, relieved his mind, continued: "The second , we are so huge step team travels, if people perceive trends by Japan, once the two sides into a struggle at sea, it must delay time, when the Liaodong situation even more dangerous! "" Third, in case of offshore wind reversal, how to do? "finished, looked up at the Lu Duan Peng Heng, Bao Quan said:" xìng under sub-straight, verbally reckless, but also look strategist must not take offense! "Lu Heng smiled, shook his head and said:" forgive What is it, I let you say! "see paragraph peng God sè a loose, hey laugh the next. Lu Heng put down the tea cup, opened the battle plan, according to one of his answers: "On the first one ......" Lu Heng said in the first one, I could not bear to see Wu superior being treated as idiots, cough a cry, Fuer approached the segment Peng said: "Your honor, under so many years of experience in perspective, that is, the past few days, we should play a westerly. At that time, cháo flow of a rose, the army can untwisting up! so ...... "Lu Heng heard, appreciated saw Wu a, smiling nodded and said:" Wu generals said yes, three days later, westerly winds will reach Yantai, to the time cháo stream a rose, it is army travel occasion! "Duan Peng heard this, Actually, I'm embarrassed, nodded, watching the battle plan, waiting for military advisor to answer the second suspect huò:" On the second, we should not say! "Lu After constant hesitated, looked up at three, smiled and shook his head and said: "However, since the three countries are loyal man, nothing can not say it!" "In order to meet the operational plan, His Majesty has ordered Hebei and Shanxi in the vicinity of the army, began to make reinforcements Northeast action. doing strategic feint, attracting the attention of the coalition Dongying Korea! "Lu Heng faint said, after thought, continued:" And, in the opinion and the adoption of deception on the outer jiāo way, uh, the court has already conveyed to the Korea protests and talks attitude. Presumably, this time, Korea envoy Wang look forward to big week went on land donated by the city offer it! "" Korea thief so insulted me big week, and this wolf eyed children, damn! "Duan Peng heard this, fist hit the table, teeth cursed. "Sinister!" Exhibition male face sè owe nice, yin Shen terrible. "Oh ......" Lu Heng seeing, nor persuasion. Smiled and shook his head, proceed to the third point, said: "As said, the middle section of the general concerns about wind shift large can rest assured that this northwest wind will blow at least twenty days. During this time, enough for us to reach Korea up!" "Advisor how do you know?" Duan Peng heard this, asked, surprised. Lu Heng after thought, also can not tell from the weather on his own judgment. Hesitated not know what to say, the gang suddenly remembered Si Tianjian God stick, smiled, the look is sè said: "Si Tianjian huā jing great force, with God borrowed this twenty days, how can he go back? "(from the chapter) Please remember URL, if you like to write Tian Jing" Need accountant "<

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