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06.06.2013 03:37
walked down the stairs directly toward antworten

"That what general Azil sit, wait for me, I'm going to go to. Download TXT novel "Zhu. Access to Azil waved his hand, see Azil said nothing down slowly, walked down the stairs directly toward the tavern door. "You" Amy Leah was going to explode, jumped to his feet just spit out a word gas speechless, Zhu Wen today is "good" not staring at Amy Leah's face, for Amy Leah left a "sick man" back,Oakley Holbrook clearance, push the door out of the pub. Not a long time, it took just bought the dress into the tavern, hurried to go upstairs for a while before down. When a person is gas about to collapse, but not out, then will become silent,Oakleys Hijinx Sunglasses, Amy Leah went into this state, nor speak, eyes staring at it is sharp, if looks could kill, it has been hacked in pieces. "General Azil is really feel shy ah, how long have you been here? If I find someone tell me is good, why come? That is really feel shy." Zhu Wen mouth hanging is "sorry" smile, Azil is still respectful to add. "Not long, for you have something, we returned to the camp and said." Azil casually said. The kingdom of Karpas shield guard corps headquarters, is still the courtyard. "?" Back to the courtyard,Oakley Squared Sunglasses, Azil will tear up the face camouflage, at Zhu Wen some excitement and asked. "." Zhu Wen smiled and nodded, always converges breath slightly released her, immediately and convergence, azithromycin, immediately sent for the true Nufu, several people around the courtyard center table seating, Azil to sit on the seat of host, Zhu Wen sat opposite Azil, Amy Leah and I were sitting on either side of Nufu, Amy Leah will turn his face mask on, someone did not float to eyes make her some nausea. Zhu Wen took the knife from the hands of their soldiers, bear behind. And from the real Nufu hands politely took a cup of tea, put on the table does not drink, thought in mind how to maximize benefits. "Now Richard has become a super strong, plans may have to change, we can not fly past in a flagrant way. Adolf once noticed will escape. To kill him is not easy, we are three, they also have three, just give Adolf a little time. He can be with the other two corps commander confluence, three to three, Richard is just a breakthrough, we are not dominant, so we have to sneak into his camp." Adolf started to carry cup. Looked at it, looked at it Nufu. I seldom speak true Nufu also said: "our speed, want to sneak is not difficult, just want to arrive at a nearby military handsome account is not so easy, my wife more miscellaneous eye camp, we get in not disturb anyone, number of Yuhe Legion camp is the largest, most, from entering the camp start to Zhongjun handsome. At least after more than 30 in the camp, so far not easy." "This is a problem." Azil nodded, frowning slightly setting up. "In fact, can let Richard pretend not to break.

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