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06.06.2013 03:21
at this point in the hall antworten

"The Natasha Winfrey Show" man stared at it, paused and said: "if I die, you must remember me." At home in Freda. Marriage is a serious matter, at this point in the hall, some dressed men and women divided into two rows of stand, face hangs a rigorous smile, looking at that to be married men and women. Freda and Natasha stood side by side, Freda wearing the new leather armor, chest rise, hanging around her waist knife, covered in the blind on the goggles are replaced by new, at first glance, there is a magnificent feeling. Natasha wear beautiful, the person is also beautiful, hands intertwined on his chest, very lady. In their relatives, friends, two people also can be matched, and Natasha married outstanding status, someone to marry her, in those who seems to be a divine providence, is that Natasha's blessing. "A poor citizen Freda, are you willing to marry the inferior citizens to marry Natasha, to become his husband?" marriage ceremony officer looked at Freda. Freda smiled, a little excited said: "I am willing to." Then he turned to look at Natasha, Natasha gently glanced at him, no feelings, then eyes immediately transfer, be entirely absorbed at the wedding ceremony official, face s è cold. A fierce light flashed in Freda's eyes, he knew the woman didn't see him, but after marriage, Natasha is his wife, also is not to let him rolling pinch flat. "Mama of, a day with me cold a face, today I will let you know what is the man." Although Freda never married, but he has tasted the taste of a woman, the woman was a member of his squad of the hunter. Not pretty but very hot, the woman whose husband had died. To seduce Freda, later the woman died in a hunting, Freda plays a man. "Well, then" marriage ceremony, turning to Natasha,Oakley Sunglasses UK, the eyebrows is suddenly wrinkly for a while, she found the face of Natasha s è Xiao Bai, seems to be the disease, but so big R ì, he also not say what you is it right? Ill words like, paused. He said: "the inferior citizens Natasha. Are you willing to marry the inferior citizens Freda, as his wife? "Natasha pursed her lips, face s è white didn't say a word. "A poor citizen Natasha, are you willing to marry Freda as his wife?" marriage ceremony officer asked again. Natasha did not speak. Stand aside and have a smile on his face Natasha parents, at this moment,Nike Air Jordan 3 UK, looked at each other. See each other's concerns, they worry about things happened. "The inferior citizens" marriage ceremony, Natasha's eyes, just want to ask again, next to the Freda immediately said: "feel shy ritualists adults, Natasha these days because of illness,Nike Air Jordan 4 UK Sale, the throat is uncomfortable, can't talk now, she agreed, you don't need to ask again." "Well?" marriage ceremony, turning to Freda. "On the. Natasha has a cold, the days just good, throat is uncomfortable, Liguan adults you don't mind, the marriage of our two parents agree.

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