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06.06.2013 03:15
but more is to go deep antworten

Aoki forest, as the largest forest vegetation on the plain, and thousands of miles away. The sky shed light, through the gap between branches, leaves mottled spot in the face, it is like living in the woods, fresh air, and enough cool, not so hot outside. Aoki forest monster very much, but more is to go deep, can be encountered in the monster is more powerful, Zhu face with three score, two days ago Zhu adventure into depth inside a bit, the results have a level three monster the fox. Two people put up a good fight, it depends on his own advantage, again and again to hurt the fox body, will eventually wind fox cut by the sword, but so, Zhu's body covered with scratches the fox, wound up to twenty-one place, the deepest wound back, Zhu Wen know this is their own limits, then go ahead,Air Jordan Spizike UK Sale, the monster is more powerful, and they really don't have to come out alive. Hiss! Eating fruit Zhu Wen suddenly heard a sound, suddenly look back, he saw a small green s è snake has a long mouth to his face came, two sharp fangs to prove, this snake is poisonous. Zhu Wen quickly waved hand, will eat the rest of the fruit into small green snake mouth, immediately let go. Fruit a visible rot, a knife light flashed, snake bite the fruit fly, and its body is dropped. Zhu hand holding the knife, from the tree to jump down, a have a lingering fear. The snake is not a monster, but as ordinary beast. But its poison x ì ng is very big, with Zhu Wen now strength, if caught, toxin invasion in vivo. Really can not stand up. "Aoki forest everywhere is full of danger, right enough." Zhu heart mantra, from behind the burden out of a book, a very thick book, this is a beast of the beast, devoted to various. Zhu Wen found out about the little snake records: "the blue and white s è, beast, four feet in length. General Green s è with several steel s è stripe, virus X ì ng violent, gall bladder can be used as medicine, can be used to manufacture weapons snake bars. Fresh meat,Nike Air Jordan, edible." Details of Zhu Wen after the snake, went over it cramps flayer, snake gall and ribs are away,Cheap Oakley Oil Rig, the other discarded. Then. Zhu Wen soon left the area, blood gas will attract other animals or monsters, unsafe. In Zhu came not long after, appeared in a gold figure brush s è the beside the snake body. Then the snake disappeared, the gold s è figure also disappeared. Because the speed is too fast, can let a person what is see the figure. A new region. The same peripheral belongs to wood forest. The ground is a mess, Zhu Wenkao is under a big tree, sit not to stop on the ground gasping, who is full of blood. Not far away in his head, a body length more than two meters of the monster lying on the ground, be at one's last gasp, having a long wound in his belly, still gudonggudong outward to take some blood, guts from that the position of the wound out. Zhu Wen's blood is not his own.

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