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06.06.2013 03:09
then she glanced at Ruth antworten

Ruth will book close, back into the drawer, sigh. Suddenly, she looked up, to another corner of the room there was empty, Ruth eyes light blinked two, tone light way: "come on, I know you." With Ruth's voice a fall, the corner space a distorted, gradually revealed a figure in a black gown, his body completely covered up, people can not see who he was, but his posture is very tall and straight, apparently with the man in black the previous is not the same person. "Two show." That figure to Ruth with a courteous, respectful cried, is a very heavy boy. "He let you bring it up?" Ruth looked at the way the figure asked. "Lord please two show back, things will take over, by the three show master said, that master will think of a way to solve, death tears too dangerous, two show must not touch." The figure respectful track. "Go and tell him, I will not go back, I have been here for a whole three years,Coach Hotsale Sale, I will not give up, you go." Ruth said. "You must put two show back,Air Jordan 14 UK Sale, even tied to tie back." The figure is a gift: "please respect two show don't embarrassed at." "Hum" Ruth is cold to hum a, light way: "you try to" show "two." The figure and then to Ruth rushed over, fast if lightning, he held out a big hand in black, to Ruth on the shoulder and hold to, almost instantly go to Ruth. God Ruth s è indifferent looked at the rapid rush to the scene, didn't even bat an eye. The big big in the distance Ruth shoulder when there are half a meter stopped, the man in black stiff, stilted cried: "two show" a knife frame dark in the black man's neck, a tall girl stood behind the man in black, take the knife, she is how to appear the nobody know, sudden and strange. The girl reached a height of eight meters, a head of dark shoulder-length hair. In the long hair out of the two long ears, from this point can be seen, she is not human. "Ling ji. Let him go." Ruth had said, that tall girl a dagger away slowly. The man in black on the Ruth slightly bowed: "thank Erxiu." "Go, no see Master angry." that Ling Ji tall girl angry voice shouted, J ī ng faces are knit together. Small mouth opening and closing out a few sharp teeth of filial piety, a two meters long slender tail from behind her around, the tail is black s è, covered with fine hairs, at the end of the tail with a triangular sharp objects. Some is like a spear gun tip. Ling Ji the tail around to the front, the gun tip high rise, against the man in black chin position, the man in black passive stand straight body, hastily said: "black thirteen retired" immediately space a fluctuation, the black thirteen disappeared in situ. "Hum" Ling Ji grabbed his tail wagged,Crossbodys Coach, Du Zhaozui complain about a sentence: "hate" then she glanced at Ruth, suddenly tweaked took two steps forward. Kneeling in front of Ruth. Small tongue >

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