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06.06.2013 02:55
at least in the congenital before antworten

Gladiators about twenty minutes into the flight, back to Zhengzhou, landed in the long grass slowly manor. All the aircraft, began a busy, Zhu Wen stayed in the room for a gladiator, don't know what's with her, Song Xiaoyu accompany him. A main s è into silver s è room, placed four J ī ng density instrument, Zhu Wen station in one instrument, a peanut size one crystal in a tray, dark red s light sh è in crystal, beside a little screen display data analysis. This man-made crystal from the middle-aged Fu, Zhu before the old man Fu and middle-aged people, gathered here, as for the young man, Zhu Wen in his body did not find one Jing, also did not find the crystal, he wasn't awake is not evolution, as to what is, etc. also don't know. A string of mysterious code flashed from the screen, Song Xiaoyu pass image Zhu's mind,Air Jordan 4 UK Sale, Zhu Wen "see" the screen, as the table input a string search code in C ā o, soon, the input code and it appeared in analysis of data code appeared coincidence, Zhu Wen input again a string of code. The whole process lasted for a long time, party organ under the aircraft took Zhu Wenyao things up, standing beside Zhu Wen does not speak. About an hour, Zhu Wen has entered thirteen lines of code, people Jing also analyzed the same data code. The screen fonts into blue s è, data no longer roll. Zhu Wen looked at the screen you sound said: "right enough" said, he will be the one who crystal took down to Song Xiaoyu, and to the party organ of a hand, party organ will be a round little Zhu Wen things in the palm of the hand, it is the evil of Cobra Snake dan. Magic creatures have appeared for a long time,Coach Online Bags, but there has been no exposure magic organism beast Dan what use, or that some people simply do not know the magic of organisms have beast Dan said that, after all, can sense the beast Dan there now is not much, but, can kill devil biological rarely. Very few people will take the initiative to provoke magic creatures, including Zhu Wen of now is. Not online information, it can only own testing beast Dan components. For the magic of Cobra Dan Zhu Wen has something to look forward to, people ate whether also can have normal limb regeneration ability, as if with a dead body in general, if you can. It is of great help to Zhu Wen practice "Purgatory" ghost work, at least in the congenital before, by the snake utility, Zhu Wen almost has no danger. Dark red s light in the snake Dan, fast analysis of data. Zhu Wen to "see" the screen, wrinkled up eyebrows gradually, after an hour, Zhu Wen will be the snake Dan took down, hand in my pocket, sigh. Through the examination, can determine the beast Dan do have the ability of biological limb regeneration, but also detect. A poisonous snake dan. Poison is a J ī ng God toxoid, can make the creature into frenzy, loss of consciousness. Moreover,Jordan UK sale, there is a part of components, instruments have been unable to detect its utility, this is snake Dan may let the human limb regeneration. >

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