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06.06.2013 02:48
There are six fireball it didn't stop antworten

Eleven fireball to walk through the woods, flying in the sky, with a small white. Small white like a Mao Xianqiu attracts the moving average cat, big eyes looking at the sky exudes heat waves of the fireball, head swaying, body staggered in mobile, for fear that the fireball will fall. It is still too small, and has not experienced any battle, has been living under parental care, combat consciousness is very weak,Nike Air Jordan 9 Sale, do not know how to better use their powerful attack ability and speed, it will be more than a dozen fireball a run round in circles. If the black or white one, have the same strength with it, already with astonishing speed. The red-haired woman, now also is not such a situation. "Call!" A loud, thirteen fireball after hover for a while, from different angles and hit Zhu Ying with small white, take a break an empty voice. The red-haired woman mouth hung a faint smile,Air Jordan 5 UK Sale, and condenses into ten small fireball in front of him, although she now flame energy is less than twenty percent, but apparently little white cat is more unbearable, victory is in sight. A small white lightning from a sh è, after the coherence through three fireball will vanish in the air, the small white cat and a mouth spit out a small mine shock sh è to falling ball, finally successfully destroy two fireball. At the moment it has been unable to send that dense grid, and each lightning power compared with before it is a world of difference, hair scattered, tail and paws are scorching the scar, big eyes flashing in tears, is delicate and touching. There are six fireball it didn't stop, it can take the initiative to avoid damage, but it does not, but the body but up, jumped on a raging flames fireball, eventually it to attack, and two fireball is it with students killed. Zhu Ying landed the fireball last only four, after the blue s è film a flashing, is not broken, small white obviously exposed relieved expression, very human X ì ng. But pay the price is half of the body hair is not burned, exposed flesh wound is full of scars, a blackened, blood flow. Small white almost turned into a small black cat. If not inherited a strong body, it is not possible to live up to now. Small white in the air out of a ghost again jump to the front of Zhu Ying, standing between Zhu Ying and a redhead, blocking the body of Zhu Ying, eyes "vicious" at the redhead. Its speed is reduced too, even if it is a redhead can easily capture the figure, now even the red-haired woman not defense, small white want to scratch her is not possible. "Meow!" 'vicious' sound is so weak. Small white scars, still guarding. The red-haired woman licking just flow into the mouth of the blood,Oakley Fast Jacket Outlet, in the eyes of the intended to kill without the slightest decline, ten fireball under her control again stimulated sh è out. The bullet magazine quickly filled. Have a rough hands resting on the gun body, on the other hand index finger hook to move quickly. Bullets breaking out of the chamber, went straight to the redhead >

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