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hands behind to make a temperament antworten

> Same as speculation, and what dog egg blacksmith, the steel strip by adding powdered stuff, it was an unknown metal additives. Crafted weapons by his prototype, the above seems to have something wrapped a layer of transparent same. Since weapons excellent tough xìng of view, seems to be talking about later chromium compounds. And this chromium salt compound is later alchemical dream expert memory metal. I did not expect this in the Hereafter are the things people call it the ideal metal, it will appear in this era. Expert in civil ah 1 LU Heng will be that steel bars, down, the hand patted the dog's shoulder eggs, laugh, they turned and departed. The Emperor Wu Ning and also picked up the prototype looked after, in the eyes of surprise sè undisguised. "Good things!" Wu Ning stroked his beard, nodded praise. As a soldier of his generals, weapons insights for others will naturally be higher than a chip. Aside, the emperor took the steel bars, a finger playing for a moment, saw that xìng high toughness steel, the same pleasure to the extreme. "Ah, from now on, you're in charge of this layer, in addition, I gave you ......... uh, the government Bingcao, the official from the eight product!" Mō claim his chin, thought for a suitable office, the emperor The dog looked jī move eggs, satisfied nod smiled, coughed after he earnestness told: "You must be good to serve their country, must not be haughty pride, you know?" "your humble servant, Beizhi Xiezhu En ! "dog egg jī extremely dynamic, immediately knelt down and kowtow. Thunderous sound, so that other people can not help beating eyelids. This is the stone floor, ah, so hard, more it hurt! Off to the side, watching the emperor Wu Ning knew it, drop an officer again, can not help but rolled his eyes. In Lu Heng trio had gone to the dog show male Xiaohe eggs with aggression of your kid saying that kind of thing, happy dog ​​egg grin. Subsequently, the three sat down that the authorities ... from the bottom, rose to the top. Under the authority, the eyes is that a busy scene. Since lifting organs soldiers, weapons will be assembled lift down. After some careful checking, carried away qualified, unqualified directly into the organ down to the bottom layer of the re-melted. In those piles of wooden box ... dozens of standard weapons, flashing quiet cold light. With soldiers carrying, tinkling sound. Wu Ning beckoned, so is preparing a box saber carried away soldiers stopped. Remove the one from which the burnished after sharp saber, was sent to the front of the emperor. Great time watching the eyes of the emperor, with a smile to explain: "This is already forming saber, is dedicated to the cavalry equipped!" Emperor nodded, took the saber from Wu Ning, the laugh loudly ... pull the knife out sheath. Looked shining coldness blade, even to see his shadow. Emperor against the blade, pulled out his beard after a long crooked, satisfied nod, like a cry: "Good knife!" Then ... the emperor and improvisation waving a few, more expensive spirits. "Very good, this knife is suitable for cavalry use, lightweight sharp, hacking strong!" Emperor guffawing, the saber into the box after that, nodded with a smile: "This knife shape, with my big week The weapon does not seem like ah. "" ah ... this is forever going out! "Wu Ning smiled and nodded ... in fact tǐng curious minds. He did not know,Oakley Sunglasses Sale, from where Lu Heng see this knife ... under the curious mind, he turned his head to the side of the opening to ask Lu Heng said: "Yongzheng, know where you are from such a weapon exist? "Lu Heng is holding a chain hand crossbow, carefully turned the. Listen Wu Ning asked. Smiled gently, it will put that hand crossbow, coughed, recalls: "Oh, you say that this weapon ah. Er, like this. Past ah, my hometown mountain, hill there was a temple ...... ............ "" Huangxiong, go, we go look! "positive Yaotouhuangnao said, turned his head, but found that the Emperor Wu Ning and have arms around, walked out very far. Uh ...... I'm not finished yet! Lu Heng standing there, wiping noses, inquiries by telling muttered. Hand crossbow and saber, is produced in one part of the arsenal of weapons, but does not account for a large proportion. Arsenal, the main research and production, is Lu Heng Wu Ning that had given the plot of the various types of weapons and firearms. Three months through a heavily guarded channel, and finally came to this arsenal, the most central areas. Environment and atmosphere here, compared with the outside. Very different. Outside, jingling sound blacksmith, and Chi Chi Township molten iron into a sound, mixed with the labor of their slogan, and then lift the roar of organs,Nike Air Jordan Womens Sale, fights human head is big. However, in this other enclosed lobby, but it is an extremely quiet influence. All the staff are dressed in streamlining capable short suits, their grotesque mouth with a filtering device. Methodically moving forward in this hall. And at the side of the table, consisting of dozens of workers pipeline is deft with a variety of standard weapon assembly, watching the staff in front of it as like a conveyor belt moving platform later, Lu perseverance in very puzzled. Asked, here's a responsible officer after he realized this belt but a river with mountains in vitro, the use of hydraulic and pulleys for manipulation. Oh ............ daylights scared me, I thought this black electrification work to achieve it! Looked like a later arsenal, electrification work pipeline. Lu Heng dumbfounding shook his head, secretly thinking to himself. Look Look authorities responsible for control of mechanics, to see him a super professional look. Lu perseverance in sigh, expert in civil and military that in Heng Lu Ning, accompanied the emperor like most of the countryside condolences to the people of later generations Gangster. At this time, the emperor was holding a seamless, quite interest of the inquiry, which such intricate things, is how to do it. Yes, yes, seamless steel tubes. This occurs in the later nineteenth century, nineteenth century was able to achieve large-scale production of seamless steel tubes, so genuineness in the eyes. Lu Heng walked over, picked up the pipe looked, surprised to find that in this tube where there still exists rifling. Circle around the spiral rifling, let Lu Hengda is surprised. Listening to the patient and respectful of workers explained, Lu Heng understood why. Looked at the workbench, carefully manipulating the flow driven forces for stamping workers ... Lu perseverance in the masses once again been struck by infinite wisdom. That rotating drill bit used for stamping, inlaid with a diamond forehead. Although unable to sè were drilled compared to those dazzling. However, the role of the entire organ, drill rods are still open Cuikulaxiu. But, unfortunately, yes. Because of the constraints of the entire organ, which successfully seamless ... still very small. Other than being drilled biased, because authorities jitter, and put things drilling waste. However, this is enough! Can produce seamless steel pipe, it has been unexpectedly it. Other factors which, by virtue of the weak current big week basis handicraft 1:30 will be solved. Since seamless appearance, and, rifling also pulled out, which indicates the next. Lu Heng, who will be seen on the firearm ... in the power of a superior than previously thought. Thought here, Lu perseverance is also full of expectation. No longer hesitated, urging the other two, it is moving in the visiting room finished firearms walked. As gatekeepers samurai, open the room. In that room firelight shining ... rows of shiny black, exudes Senleng murderous standard weapons, vividly rendered and eyes. Neatly arranged in long tube handguns, short mortars, as well as many hearts as moire wildly thunderbolt thunder beads, this huge room, bristle. After everyone went, are all of these and other novel weapons ... amazed. Emperor eyes full of curiosity ... met with fun toys like a child, like walking in this period ... mōmō this, Dodo that. Extremely curious to see him pick up a thunderbolt of beads, turn to turn to. Finger also occasionally quietly, Fuer in the past, listen to the sound inside. Like in the selection of watermelon. Horror crowd under the hair stand on end. Wu Ning eye grassland, whizzed, rushed over, grabbed the hands of one from the emperor of that thunderbolt beads. Sè pale face looked bewildered emperor, stammered, said: "Huang, Huang Xiong, Wei ...... dangerous ah!" He was seen the power of thunder beads, that posture, the biological mother hey. If it is the first time I saw the man, Paul missing scared incontinence. At this point, see the emperor face of indifference, but, look Look at a bigger bang beads, Wu Ning children are scared liver quiver. "Just this little thing?" Emperor interest unabated, mō claim his chin, a look of unbelief: "There is so much you?." "Yes, yes!" Wu Ning mouth to swallow the saliva, fear of thunder beads down after scared and said: "Do not look at this big fist thing, it seems very humble way, but once it exploded within five steps, obliterated! "heard the emperor's face suddenly changed. Secretly step back and turned his head to see other people do not seem to find their own actions. That sigh of relief, coughed after pointing swarthy thunderbolt beads, Chen Sheng said: "That being the case, it must carefully keep!" "Yes, Chendi aware of!" Wu Ning Yuansheng fear of renewed interest in the emperor , busy without losing streak Huileyiju after pulling the emperor continued to restaurants other things. See next emperor came from Perak beads, everyone is finally relieved, raised his hand to wipe the sweat on his forehead oozing, looked at each one, the eyes are all surviving gods sè. In order to prevent operational errors emperor,Oakley Hijinx, causing everyone to sit earth plane Xianyan Wang, Lu Ning Wu Heng, and after consulting firm decision, sent along with the emperor, do not let Zhelaoxiaozai whim, to everyone's lives are put down in xìng here. Lu Heng picked up a fire pistol, looked a simple bolt back after smiled and put down. After all, in this era steelmaking technology is limited, Lu Heng could not demanding them to make high-strength springs and the like. So, handguns still matchlock Ming Dynasty. However, this is the case, coupled with the power of the rifling, matched with a similar shape with the future generations of warheads, the power compared to that matchlock, but also improved a lot. "You have not tried this effective range of handguns is how much?" Lu Heng will put down that gun fire after the officer asked about the accompanying road. "Back to the adults, then, two hundred paces within eyesight!" Entourage jī moving said that day that he had personally fired, so that the presence of all the results look jī move. Two hundred paces! Heard, LU Heng nodded, hand patted the man's shoulder, praised a good. Big week unit of measurement is still in use Tang Dynasty. Step, but great emperor Taizong set distance, almost a meter later point. Two hundred paces, almost two hundred and fifty or so. Under the existing conditions ... this result is already very amazing. Lu Heng here asked, they heard a sudden loud in front of a group of screams. Turned his head and looked, can not help sweating cold sweat. Originally, under the weight of Timor antsy, curious grabbed a small barrel, the eyes on the TV drama shot inside looked toward the end of Azusa. Originally, the barrel without ammunition. Also nothing. However, under the emperor carried away, almost the entire side of a box of mortar shells kick. Such a dangerous action, scared accompanying personnel, hún fly soul scattered. Wu Ning eye grassland, once again demonstrated his impressive skill, one will pick up the Emperor down the middle, ran back to the place. Wu Ning was caught in a sudden rage emperor waist. Wawataijiao forward. Wu Ning's side in the exhibition, who hung out his hand, quickly followed by fear of princes labored under the emperor to throw out. After successive heartbeats one hundred eighty people no longer afraid to let his majesty the emperor stick around. Wu Ning situation and immediately proposed pulled. In addition to this proposal has been endorsed by everyone other than the emperor. Watching the crowd eagerly look, scared two stocks trembled. Even the emperor sorts of reluctance, but also just being promised. However, the emperor said, promised can be, but out later, be sure to see it, look at the power of these things. If you are not satisfied, then let him punish all clan! Grant Lu Heng said a word and wuning far from the speechless. Riding lifting bodies, three directly to the summit. Under the guidance of three people in his entourage refused to stay a while, came directly located at the mountainside Yanwu field. Here, open area, a beautiful, air flow, just like, uh .................. seems Cultivation resort, much like a Yanwu field! Ah, but do a weapons testing ground conditions here, it is definitely more than enough. Moreover, in that the side of the test site, but also bristling a huge trebuchet. Wind, trebuchet swinging on the rope gently, like a welcoming pedestrian to come to this. Next, is the entourage, those weapons, pick up a few, got Yanwu field. For a time, shots rang Yanwu field, explosive sound again and again. Exposure in which Lu Heng, the smell of smoke filled the air and smiled, as if there is a return to the training ground later that feeling. In all of the tested weapons, Wu Ning Hey smile, pat the next hand. Then, in the eyes of the crowd surprised to see a few brawny, carrying a huge black yo barrel type stuff came up. "It is?" Emperor looked grotesque things, asked, puzzled. Talking all the time, but also from his own ears readily liáo ray of silver, gently dumped nod. Wu Ning laugh without words, just let those people, those things will be loaded into the catapult machine. With the breath of the people chant a stop, suddenly trebuchet launch. I saw that huge black sè objects, draw an arc in the air after the rapid fall of that on the hillside opposite. Deafening thud noise, breaking the earth was moving across the mountains. Feishazoushi. Blazing fire, the smoke filled in the sky. "This ..................!" Emperor surprised Zuidou Bulong, slumped on the hillside opposite the sky pointing to the fire, whisper. Wu Ning smiled, hands behind to make a temperament like an expert, then coughed, leisurely said: "Ladies and gentlemen, hot weapons era ......" sāo package fell under the hair, Wu Ning looked at a pedestrian dismay eyes, indifferent smile, vanity into the hearts of great satisfaction. Qingcheng Road had in the extermination when gunpowder weapons first small test chopper, then, the student smiling face standing in the courtyard, pointing to the sky fire, uttered the words the phrase the new era. Up to now, I think of the scene, Wu Ning hearts are itch. When, I could have such an opportunity ah! Today, the opportunity finally came! And, in front of or in the Huangxiong said. Wu Ning heart laughed, extremely proud. A time of high-spirited, much monopolized even thousands of the dice. "Hey!" Lu Heng saw a break on the hill opposite the blazing inferno, and my heart could not help pulling a bit, coughed and tried pulling Wu Ning said. "Wait!" Wu Ning finally have such an opportunity, how can easily let go. Outrageous after pushing the LU Heng, coughed again performing his own sāo Xing: "Ladies and gentlemen, from now on, the world will enter the era of gunpowder weapons!" Finished, but did not imagine the applause . Wuning far from the the discouraged. Look at all those strange eyes, especially black face looks like the emperor, Wu Ning wonder the occasion. Is it because of his eloquence is not good, or did not arouse their emotions 7 just think about their appearance, Wu Ning shook his head and should not be, ah, but really I had just jī move! Raised his head and found that everyone is so stunned eyes still, Wu Ning heart consoled himself about: ah, it should be the king of the momentum overawed, this did not react. See aside, Lu Heng silent look, Wu Ning coughed, went around Lu Heng, asked: "What you just going to say?" Lu Heng snappily glared at him, and then leaving it prairie hand pointing right the potential of the flame, coughed after solemnly said: "Ahem, like fire!" "ah?" Wu Ning suddenly stunned. Si to be continued. ! . <

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