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> Blood book, Korea Wang rebel five scribbled characters, in this dim light shocking. wWW, QUanbEN, cOM letter from Liaodong twists and turns, and sent to Tokyo! Letter, not a lot of words, but words, the sense of urgency through lù out, so that the study of the three mouths felt heavy pressure. Suffered a defeat in the Jiangning EGL who did not give up. They are unwilling to regard failure, from dwelling on the island. After a thoughtful, the EGL's senior, decided to strong strategic focus from big week transferred to occupies a corner, strength slightly weak, and like fence style Korea. In Korea repeatedly approached the queen, EGL hard to deny people with the price, got the support of the king of Korea! If the two sides together soldiers a joint Turks scored big week words. Then south of the Yellow River, the Taihang Mountains, Wuyishan as a dividing line, owned by Korea east, west, bitter cold desolate land, owned by EGL. The north, it is owned by the Turks. In EGL man and Turks Lee yòu under duress, fatuous king of Korea, and finally decided to take the risk. A month ago, Korea king suddenly ordered the officials of the territory of the big week fully captured. After stationed at the front line of the Yalu River Army has also been a big week with the Turks coalition Korea attacks, sudden and big week military casualties. Just three days, the Yalu River defense completely collapse. Ping Lu Jiedushi Kang Honglei, was seriously injured. Relegated to the Changbai Mountains, reorganizing defense army still desperate resistance. Currently, the two sides deadlocked in the Changbai Mountains generation, the war showed a stalemate. Moreover, with the Ping Lu Kang Honglei Jiedushi sicker. Big week the army, as if there is danger of defeat. Dim candlelight atmosphere exceptionally depressed. The room, only a few people slightly heavy breathing. Wu Ning frowning, holding tea has long been cold, but he did not feel like the same, eyes full of sorrow sè said: "And, according to reliable information · Liaodong area Turkic people also appeared Move ! hey · · · · · · "" And, inside and outside the court in order to prevent panic. this thing, so far, only three of us know! "Wu Ning looked up and stared at Lu Hang, Chen Sheng said. · I heard carrying tea Lu Heng Wu Ning ridicule Actually, I'm pulling himself into the water. Just nodded, said he understood, but also that they understand. Wu Ning stand up, come to that screen before the curtain to open, lù out a big week vast territory map. His visual TV drama territory maps, raised his hand, pointing to the situation in Northeast generation · sè eyes full of sorrow, said: "Now the Northeast area, the situation is precarious. Yesterday Wenshan have traveled to the Changbai generation with His Majesty Anfu Jun heart. Moreover, in the present case, the generation of troops stationed in the northwest is absolutely do not motile · I'm afraid, the Turks made in the northeast of the action, just a trial, or a cheat! "Wu Ning staring at the map for a long time, with the pointing, in that generation Yanmenguan knocked, turned, Chen Sheng said: "He is still in the north · purpose!" "Once we mobilize northeastern North Military reinforcements, that northern troops bound · Once the Turks emptiness under difficult that time, what means we resist? "Wu Ning sat down, reach for the tea grunt loudly, guzzling stretch, Chen Sheng said. Wu Ning describes the current situation after the emergency, the trio once again fell silent. If the mobilization of troops south to Liaodong. This way, thousands of miles. Fear is to the northeast already lost! Wu Ning heart case myself, grew more and more uneasy. Room, candles flickering, bright flickering. That dim light, illuminating the trio dignified God sè. "Northeast is sure to keep the!" For a long time not to speak of the emperor, in silence for a while, finally began. "But, Your Majesty, there is no soldiers to defend?" Wu Ning asked, frowning. "Soldiers of the things you have to worry about this thing I have to do!" Emperor smiled down, pretending to be easy, said. "Is there any way you can?" Wu Ning also some angry myself this Huangxiong, has always been the case. They were about to be crushed to death, but also a look of relaxed. To outsiders, it seems there is nothing under the sun to make Majesty worried frown. But he knew that he this Huangxiong, Xingaoqiao from refused to bow. When he was creating chaos troops siege Chuanshu time, because intelligence failures, and almost led annihilated. He himself was the rebels around the sword off generation, could not move. However, where this guy held out for days, even silent. Later, the late emperor troops arrived, I found this guy actually wearing a Meiko armor, armed with machetes, personally stood up. Today is still looking Huangxiong so look,Oakley Active, Wu Ning cold face, stared at him and said: "It was so, it is true. Said ah, you now have any way?" Been so reprimanded, the emperor's little angry look at all. Raised his head, looked funny Wu Ning one. Then reach for tea stations, sip a smile shaking his head. "Palace lived for so many years, has not to move, almost forgot he then also a military commander of the!" Emperor stroked his beard, chuckled, leaning against a chair, God sè very relaxed. "Do you want Yu Jia foreign crusades?" Wu Ning sè a changed face, his eyes narrowed, watching the emperor, Chen Sheng said. "How afraid I am better than you that ah?" The Emperor laughed, the slanting eyes, watching wuning afar. "Wu Cheng Qian, I tell you, you do not even think!" Wu Ning sudden rage and snapped, banged the table, stood up, pointing to the emperor's nose, loudly scolded. "I'm not dead yet Ning Wu!" Wu Ning angrily sat down, glanced at the Emperor one, blushing, Mamalielie said. So jī strong rhetoric, but it is to the side to concentrate on thinking about Lu Heng, somewhat surprised. Wu Ning look that seems to have tears in his eyes flashed, Lu perseverance in doubt huò puzzled. Turned his head, and then look at the God Emperor haggard sè. Lu Heng eyes flashed, and my heart a little vibration. Does the emperor thought he ...... things may xìng, Lu Heng eyes flashing, put tea cup, a sip, the heart slightly Yi Tan. Hey, troubled ah! Lu Heng here, mind complex thought. And Wu Ning, where emotions are out of control just like look. Not that he bad mood today, a hot temper. Instead, he gazes God sè gaunt emperor, can not help but think of yesterday Royaldragonbooks conversation with the Emperor's remarks. Yesterday, when he entered the palace face St., academics that the eunuch said Majesty asleep. Heard remark · wuning Grand is surprised. He knew this Huangxiong, and one hour on weekdays when the two hour wait to use. How today, so long asleep. Eyes suspiciously after a sweep of that eunuch, Wu Ning directly opened the door and went inside. Sure enough, as he guessed the same. Royaldragonbooks in · lit. Emperor still sitting there, memorial marking. "That eunuch say you lie · · · · · · What is it?" Wu Ning was speaking, but the air smelled a strong whiff of Smell. In front of the Emperor glanced immediately saw that unlatched cup seems to be ■ to panic, not enough time to cover. "Put down!" Emperor Wu Ning aware of the eyes, face sè sank, staring at him and said. However, Wu Ning Qi is people can be frightened of? See the God Emperor Shen so yīn sè · his heart thumped, and looking tea cup moment, looked up, and the emperor in the eye. "How long have you sick?" Wu Ning hands on the desk before God sè trembling · asked. "Withdraw it, I was tired!" Emperor face sè calm down, watching, eight brother's eyes deep anxiety. His heart feeble sigh, waved his hand, we should let go Wu Ning. "Tell me, how long you were sick ......" Wu Ning God sèjī move, grabbed the emperor's neckline · shouted. "I not sick!" Emperor smiled · Chung Wu Ning hand palms smashed, tidy robes. Determined by looking at Wu Ning · laughing. "Brother!" Wu Ning contain his grief, looking pale face sè emperor bowed his head, wearing a tearful voice. Soon as Big Brother, so deadpan emperor, in the eyes of indifference suddenly disappeared, he will be watching the infirm, eight brother, heart trembling. Big Brother ...... so familiar, beating distant call ah! Emperor Meijiao trembling, watching the situation once the world's big week Ares, now seems to be an old man, tears look, people sad endless. Move the hearts jī Nan Yi. Get the lead out, prime food has? The mind can not help but emerge out of that scholar once wrote that poem. Watching, infirm, eight brother, the emperor finally laughed, but it is very bitter laugh. Looked up, watching the tears of Wu Ning, the emperor's face God sèjī moving, shaking his head smiled. Leaning on the Throne, eyes closed, smiled and said: "From the time you leave Beijing, and now, for fear that thirty years. So many years, was the first time to hear you call me brother! Ha ha!" See Wu Ning tears, God sè pain. Emperor stood up, bypassing the desk, skinny outstretched hand, holding the hand of Wu Ning. Sighed, shook his head and said: "Skiles ah, I can not be sick. Did you know?" "Because the Turks, or because settle down?" Wu Ning eyes such as electricity, Chen Sheng asked. Heard, the Emperor determined by looking at him for a long time, gently sigh breath, shook his head and said: "foreign aggression, such as skin diseases, internal problems is fatal!" "Who?" Wu Ning head down thinking a while, the heart chaos, he could not think of anything. "Shanxi!" Emperor smiled, turned his head and looked toward the northern one, Li sè eyes flashing. Wu Ning heard, the body suddenly burst. Looked up, looked at his face ruthless emperor, his haggard murmured: "Yes Jin Wang!." Emperor face sè constant, close your eyes, sit back after a slight nod. Study, the candle suddenly flashed in the room dim candlelight, suddenly a dark. Now, seeing the emperor is still pretending calm, he knew that the Emperor of the body, this time, the last one to see his brother so condition, Wu Ning distressed. "Gee, angry? Ha ha!" Emperor Wu Ning looked so expression, dismissive laugh. Turned his head and looked at God sè calm Lu Heng said: "Well, Yongzheng look and see this old man so grumpy, ha ha!" Lu Heng heard, and did not go along with the jokes Wu Ning. Just gently laugh the next. Holding tea cup, thought later, Lu Heng light, said: "Now is the end of February, although the warm spring, however, for fear that this kind of weather before long, it will get cold again!" He is so ramble The saying, it seems like the immediate thing, no matter much. But surprisingly, the Emperor and Wu Ning and did not interrupt, but sat quietly listening. Wu Ning looked up, his eyes flashing with anticipation light, waiting for this scholar miraculous means. With his knowledge of Lu Heng, once this scholar openings, must have the harvest, and that is still very large harvest. "Cold fronts north atmospheric pressure would come again. By that time, uh, the sea will certainly northwest wind blowing!" Lu Heng while sipping tea, he spoke these meteorological knowledge to future generations. What cold front, atmospheric pressure. Listen to the emperor and Wu Ning foggy. Two as one, in the eyes of all are dazed sè. "Yes!" Lu Heng suddenly turned his head, open asked: "At present, including landing EGL person, Korea king can command an army, a total of how many people?" Listen scholar finally comes on the current situation, Wu Ning Suddenly God sè startled, he is well prepared opening directly replied: "85 of the congregation!" "That · · · · · ·" Heard, Lu Heng nodded, thought After watching Wu Ning, asked again: "That Shandong how many troops?" "also has eight thousand people!" Wu Ning brow wrinkled, listen to this scholar's words mean, as if to mobilize troops into northeastern Shandong. However, the time is too short, but the current situation in perspective, fear is the long-distance support troop movements, not enough time ah. "That plus the Jiangsu section of Peng's army do?" Lu Heng eyes shining, my mind sharp turning, aggravated tone asked. "If the two armies together as one, enough to twelve thousand people!" Wu Ning said casually, turned his head and looked at the student nodded, Wu Ning puzzled and asked: "If you want to mobilize Yongzheng this two ground troops into the Northeast, support Kang Honglei, then this way, fear is not enough! "" from Jiangsu to the east, far more than a thousand miles away. army marching, no three forty days, not enough. wait for them to come, it will be too late! "See Lu Heng did not speak, Wu Ning heart still thought it was a scholar really think so. He smiled and shook his head, his tone somewhat helplessly. "Yes!" Aside, the emperor took the incumbent, stroked his beard Chen Sheng said: "Moreover,Oakley Active Outlet, the army after such a long trek,Coach Bags Outlet, the inevitable fatigue to the extreme. Difficult in a short time to form an effective fighting Even a hasty into battle, the other party to wait at Plaza, we are still slim chance of winning! "he finish the sentence, his eyes flashed a hint of suspicion sè, frowning, looking at the side Yaotouhuangnao Wu Ning, mind muttering uncertain. It seems that the front of this scholar's performance, with eight brother said that great pains not in line with the image of the army, division, ah! Even ...... is a far cry! Here two hearts understand that the student is slightly ≈ laugh, looked after his two one, laughed language. In two of those anxious eyes, the student picked up the teapot, poured himself a glass. After a one product gently, leaning against a chair, hands gently shaking the cup. Curl rising heat, the scholar mysterious smile. "Who told you that I want to send troops to reinforce the Northeast?" Looking at maybe the old man, going crazy look. Lu Heng smiled slightly, reach for a sip of tea, asked with a smile. ! . <

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