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but the meaning was understood antworten

> Luoyang spring most fan huā, red shade in one hundred thousand. WWw. quANBEn. Com This poem is later, Sima Guang in Seven "Luoyang spring huā" in writing about the arrival of spring in March, Luoyang huā open Hang, a flourishing population of the metropolitan event. Today, walking in the city recorded in poetry, Lu Heng just feel the genuineness of that verse, describing the smoke huā brilliant, full of tourists of the event. Although, peony would have ended yesterday. However, in this street, brothel pub, will be on the topic of peony, more and more lively. In this era of brilliant literary, poetry yòuhuò, it seems that jiāo brilliant than a hundred huā much more! Walking down the street, everywhere you can hear the line to past students who Yaotouhuangnao recite poetry recently handed down the most resounding. Then,Satchels Coach, with everyone interested in tasting some quite high. Refine the meaning of some of the words in poetry. "Grape wine Magic Cup, yù drink immediately pipa reminder!" Huā ago Liu, several students sitting under the Chatan farmer placed side, while sipping tea, he spoke yesterday of one hundred huā poetry. Talk about one hundred huā poetry, would have to say that yesterday it turned out, such as the stellar Jiangning first dazzling wit, LV Heng. Among them, a students sip tea, naturally chant out Lu Heng yesterday to say that the first "liangzhou song." "Throughout the whole song, only the words but the best!" That students down tea cup, hit it with his mouth open, praise: "two poems, pen force through the back. Seemingly bold, in fact, open-minded but helpless! Hey will shut my big surrounding soldiers, combat readiness that day, but the spirit of optimism performance of the head ah! "" It is, doing open-minded language, has become far more grief! "beside a deep that students nod. "Zuiwo battlefield Jun Mo laugh, Oh, just playing my big week blood xìng man, just thinking about these uninhibited disabilities, drink a toast together. Bother to laugh at them?" Students who are feeling more xìng person. When a students recite it out of the third sentence. Can not help but grief. Wiped the tears, sad Ran said. "Ancient expedition a few people back! Hey, soldiers damned!" "Just, smell this poetry which meaning, and fear is that Lu Heng, enhancer sequences are seemed to me big week of foreign military forces, it seems that some disagree, or even suspected court decision! "next to the table, wearing a brocade robe of the students took a sip of it, sneered. "Otherwise, Liang brother remark poor men!" That Liangshan Bo hear the next table, the meaning of the words, which the students immediately opening a table rebuttal: "Throughout the whole poems, all uninhibited expression of the author's poetry, death-defying courage ! Zuiwo battlefield Jun Mo laughed, a few people back to ancient conquests? Lianggong Zi, ask. ancient times, who have such open-minded attitude? This is the soldiers who will disregard the heroism of life and death! "This generous jī Aung students statements about it, will it Liangshan Bo was discredited by a few batches. Stirring thoughts after the finish, that students take a deep breath, his eyes full of admiration, said: "This is the first" Liangzhou word "than the Tang poetry nor succeed more so called Seven of the first, too much! "" Lu Heng, enhancer sequences are! "That students read the Tao of Lu Heng name when eyes filled〗 〖Xing Fen Yan sè,Oakley Lifestyle Online, shook his fist, took a deep breath and said:" From nameless ordinary scholar, now turned out to be when the Korean court officials. Zhennai my generation model ah! "So after some praise, that students turned, sneered right side of the face sè plainer Liangshan Bo said:" Liang brother just that, then sinister, the heart nose punish ah! "" It is, but people will more than slander, is a gentleman of non! "table with students who seemingly are a fan of Lu Heng. At this point, see the idol humiliated, immediately united front and opt for contempt that Liangshan Bo. "Well, the son of the disdain with Haier rebuttal!" Besieged by everyone, Liangshan Bo face sè Dayton showed liver sè. Beside seventy-eight mouth shouted to him bombing. Made Liangshan Bo had no chance to even open. Such a burst down, Liangshan Bo also lost the mood to continue drinking tea, angrily slammed the sleeves, bloom and go. "Come, come, we continue to drink, do not be this bad atmosphere such villain!" Saw that the Liangshan Bo bloom and go, the rest laughed loudly, sat down again and began binge drinking. Sat, dressed in civilian clothes, Zhang Shan,'s remarks after listening, watching smiling opposite was still smiling Lu Heng. Pointed to the continued Tasting Lu Heng behind other poems students, Guixiao and asked: "How?" "Oh, was so praised, I feel pretty good!" Lu Zhang Heng Shan one looked, smiled and nodded. , raised his hand, products of a tea. Aside and whisper with the well-being of Liu Qingqing princess heard this rhetoric scholar so shameless, the stunned look at that face constant sè scholar, surprised a long time after the Pooh one said: "really cheeky!" in front of Liu Qingqing see Ankang princess though and speak for themselves, but that is slightly hot ears, but it has been bristling. Should be listening to his uncle's conversation with the queen now. At this point, I heard Uncle nodded solemnly accept the compliment. The case of a well-princess said. Liu Qingqing laughing, buried their giggles. Loaded overdone and looked toward the right as a joke and when the wind, temperament elegant, Liu Qingqing sweet heart, circulation Mouzhong God sè bright. And heard remark, Zhang Shan shook his head dumbfounding. "Ah, is really good, however, Yongzheng, ah, you ...... Hey!" Zhang Shan Lu Heng was not meant to ask was praised their feelings, but to ask what he can be seen here. See this kid, triumphant look, seems to be enjoying this kind words streets, Zhang Shan suddenly silent. "You let me how to say ah?" Lu Zhang Heng Shan naturally know what to ask, just way line, seen and heard, and he is quite helpless. For a time, the heart in addition to smile, what else to say. "A word liangzhou can Tasting the feelings of so many, uh," Lu Heng shook his head and smiled, took a sip of tea later, pointing to those over fifty students, smiled and said: "Imperial Academy, uh, well-deserved reputation ah! "" er, yes, ah? "Zhang Shan did not react, is still self-serving nod. However, after so react, Zhang Shan suddenly surprised: "how do you know?" Can not you know? In the morning, after it came to pass after some spring infinite good scenario. Ankang princess angrily said to myself, but for Fu Huang guarding you, let you change the palace eunuchs immediately. Well, to give you momentum, even on weekdays busy yellow uh academy have to spend. The beginning of time, Lu Heng also somewhat puzzled. Wanted to ask about the details, but that temper haughty princess, in addition to the Lu Hang a supercilious later, is a burst of cynicism. Hey, who let himself into trouble online. In addition to silently accepted patience outside, but also how to do? Today, I heard that two elderly people at the next table, a mouthful of archaisms, striking literary grace Appreciation, Lu Heng can guess where their identity. Changed the vest, do not know? "Your Majesty, you hope very thick ah!" Zhang Shan sighed, looking across, this was only twenty, but it seems a few aging scholar, hearts sigh, opening Chen Sheng said. "Oh,oakley sunglasses, pushing hands!" Lu Heng quite helpless, only Stern is laughing. Poetry from one hundred huā cheating, and now large-scale rendering. God emperor launched shipped〗 〖move, is already in full swing. Zhang Shan scattered toward the future just come back first thing is to find yourself. Then spoke with his court, with regard to the appointment of himself as Tutor response. Surprisingly, almost everyone heard the emperor's command, all expressed support. Even Ann Peng and others, are these scholar poetry, full of praise. Thus, Lvheng Cheng success was driven shelves. Officially entered the big week of political circles. Hey, the day after ah! Think of the future, once again embarked on a calculation was calculated with the old, Lu perseverance innocent to the extreme. The thinking of escape, no one thought the fate of the road, meet again. "Three days later, the emperor banquet ministers. To when your Majesty will be formally appointed as Wat Arun teacher." Zhang Shan smiled and put that tea cup, a sip, see Lu Heng smiled and nodded. "That time, you will become the most dazzling star big Zhouzhao Ting. Factions rope must be unavoidable, and even coercion coercion! Yongzheng, you ......" after the word, Zhang Shan did not say, but the meaning was understood correct. He was afraid of this young scholar, can not stand yòuhuò, plunged into the abyss. Until then, the enemy unleashed, and myself this way, but it is too difficult, or even complete failure. Not Zhang Shan unfounded, but in such a long time, he was facing the scholar's wrist and thoughts, felt extremely shocked. Or even fear! If, true some day, Lu Heng away from him, transferred to other camps. That that time, the entire imperial forces contrast, will occur an immense changes. Thought here, Zhang Shan sè face some serious again. LU Heng stared a long time, face sè seems to be struggling. After a long time, he was determined by looking at Lu Heng, take a deep breath, earnestness, said: "Luoyang old friends such as phase ask?" Remark, the surrounding atmosphere also quiet. Ankang princess head down, fingers tightly clasp skirts, hold your breath, and my heart thump thump of dancing, as if Luzhuang same. She tried to stabilize the hearts of expectations, waiting for the scholar's reply. Oh, ........., see Zhang Shan so seriously expect God sè, Lu Heng could not help shaking his head smiled. Zhang Shan smiled and looked to see him in the eyes of God sè apprehension but uneasy. Lu Heng nor in tease him. liáo played a long-sleeved, put it on the table of the Green huā old porcelain tea cup. Swirling heat, transpiration and on. This supple strands blowing in the spring breeze. Pleasant fragrance of tea, the LU Heng carrying tea, watching Zhang Shan, smiled and nodded: "a Bing Yu Hu!" Faint words, people with peace of mind magic. In this quiet environment sounded depressed. Suddenly the anguish that filled the air to disperse the best. Zhang Shan pleased nod smile, put tea stations, sip, watching the trees outside the bright sunshine, hearts comfortable. Off to the side, Ankang princess heard remark, the heart is a song. Turned his head and looked at his face with a calm smile scholar, watery Mouzhong God sè difficult to understand! ! . <

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