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well-being of the princess antworten

> "You ......, watching the front, the look of faint smile, eyes sincere scholar. Zhuo a time he thought he had not heard aright. Startled look at him, mouth chun Well whispered:" Do you, What did you say? "[Www .. CC] Lu Shen Heng slightly" Yin "moment, after thought, looking at her and nodded and said:" Oh, your father should not be liable to chop! "About Last year, the Turks south, under the gates of Taiyuan city with things, Lu Heng Wu Ning, who has worked with numerous discussions during which, naturally, talking about the local officials and villagers who resist that time, Wu Ning Speaking Taiyuan prefect chicken escape things, frowning, shaking his head said to himself: "That Cho success, I've ever seen. Although some callous, but definitely not a soft egg. How he might funk it! "Because at that time, the king has not yet surfaced, Lu Heng After several analyze, although she had the feeling that it is likely to be successful Cho was framed, however, could not think in the end who dare risk the world great condemnation, do Chuzhe Deng things until later, the king gradually emerges, Lu Heng realized, the king is likely that this thing, the real mastermind. Cho successfully sent messengers to Tokyo, then secretly stumbling Son, Cho said to be successful funk. Thus, Zhuo success certain death. simply, the king reasons for doing so, let Lu Hengda was puzzled. remembered Wu Zhuo Ning successful when they talk about , not too worried, just a moment suspect huo, they do not want it. Obviously, this success is not Wu Zhuo Ning person. then look, that Cho success after the accident, settle down, and the attitude of Nobles insult to injury, it is obvious This success is not Cho veins AnMo a man That he, in the end is the person who does? rumor that Cho's success is extremely honest and clean, and disowned. seem, such a person, who does not like. so official the road, it touches and Lu censor some of a fight ah! etc., Lu Censor! Is he that ... mind, Lu goes disowned censor coffin face, presented in front after Lu Heng full of doubt that huo, suddenly like opening a window, like lit up. Oh, ........., enlightened Lu Heng, think of that day, Peony, that gestures, and all are in the grasp of the old man. could not help laughing. actually is he! so to say, everything straightened out and since it was the emperor who succeeded Cho, that he could not be liable beheaded if he killed the emperor, and that is weakness. pair settled down to yield, for the king was weakness Just think, in such a delicate situation, as the royal prerogative of the emperor, how will do. moreover ...... If, then set up his own guess That also shows that the king was the emperor seems to not like Lu Yu Shi said, in a fatherly love, and pampering, even ignoring the king was the abuses. so clever dark strokes do not know when already laid, which shows that the emperor is still watching over the hearts of the king was the. Such projections down, emperor king was buried beside eyeliner, many ah! mind everything mi fog, at this moment, suddenly dissipated. previously shrouded in doubt LU Heng heart huo, also will dissipate this old man, Oh! Lu Heng shook his head and smiled, deeply emperor Ayutthaya deep, though, to do so might seem heartless no text, but, on the current history, it all looks, but it is normal, and, even in Later, the political struggle is still everywhere. variety of high-tech means, yin seek overtly endless. opposing sides, once the flaws, the result would be fatal! As previously Lu Heng said the same, politics is a gamble, crazy gambler, if it wants to participate in. Pour it home to make preparations produced dàng This is the rule! belong to political rules! Oh, just do not know that she is not ...... Lu Heng raised his head, looked at the , just this side if the moonlight, the cold face of a woman, see her tears welled in his eyes, is looking forward to watching yourself. trembling eyelashes "hair", ji move sè Lu Heng seeing God, heart some Kuiyi the recovered eyes. heart cursed himself loudly suspicious mind. calculating others a long time, everyone always feel doubtful. magic startled! shook his head and smiled, hearts so paranoid about their contempt later. Lui Heng raised his head, looked at women that hope in their eyes, smiled and nodded: "Your father should be all right! "Heard remark, the woman that God sè Zou eyes tight and then a loose, ji move forward, seize Lu Heng's arm, disbelief and asked:" You, you say is true? "That woman feeling trembling hands, raised his head, that is just right for the woman close eyes, that black and white eyes, the tears sparkling, lit up someone's shadow. Burst of light incense floated at the child, That crystal jade looking woman on the cheek, Lu Hang a time stunned. outside the window, it seems from the wind. those projected shadows on windows, gently shaking occasionally, window paper rushing sound, like a lover Whispers in general, gentle sweet mi. room, the atmosphere became somewhat ambiguous, and that on the candlestick Candle, slightly swaying, lights flickering. "Yeah! "Zhuo woke up and found that he was so intimate against Lu Heng side, his hands still holding the student's arm. Their cheeks, even with this scholar close! Looked up, just to see that people flustered this scholar endless eyes, could be so clear, so mi people. "me, me, me! "Zhuo such as electric shock-like, quickly recovered after the hand to step back, that Qingshuang general cheek, emerged out of a touch embarrassing difficulty with sè. Sentenced ... Woman moment ji move, collision of the son, but also hope to be the son of Mo excuse me! "excellent embarrassed under his head down so saying. White hands, Lianqi skirt, there to kneel amends it. "Oh, do not need such a" Lu constant determined by looking at her a long time, the end is recovered eyes. Slightly shook his head and smiled, stopped the woman salute. Just this, look at this woman that Qiaolian touch of Pink sè, then head down, not words look. Lu Heng almost thought, in front of the woman, is Liu Qingqing. Like, Liu Qingqing pain like most people, that is the case. But, if it is Liu Qingqing, then he looked at her so. She will certainly Xiunu with staring yourself, etc. stare sore eyes, both being turned his head, "rubbing" "rubbing" eyes when. Liu Qingqing bound to muster cheeks, rebuke trail loudly: "Uncle ah!" Today, watching it a white dress of the woman, there to kneel gratitude. Lu Heng shook his head, heart Wei Tan loudly. Looked up, watching Zhuo a white skirt, Lu Heng heart trance, as if to see Liu Qingqing also put on this white dress. Ah, it should be good to see it! Outside, the sound of wind blowing through the trees, rustling sounded. Breeze pass into the room, the room will also be ambiguous atmosphere that wire to disperse. Lu Heng Zhuo who recovered from her eyes, and my heart thinking ah yes tomorrow, to go to the tailor's shop, buy a skirt to go! Green, you should be very happy now! Gradually that candlestick candle, but also burn an end. Flickering candle, the light in the room too dark. Saw an outside day sè, Lu Heng put down the hands of tea cup, hand Shan Shan body folds after. Yo stood up. Looked at before, God sè step back with some vigilance Zhuo months. LU Heng shook his head and smiled,Nike Jordan Flight The Power Sale, Baoquan line of a ceremony for her: "Excuse Zhuo girl for a long time, which would leave the Lu underwent!" "You" really playing to go see this scholar Zhuo heart but hesitated, thinking is not to make him stay down. Ah no other meaning, just outside day sè really late! He was a frail scholar, in case of any Dairen, then how to do? So thinking, a lot of their own comfort after Zhuo took courage, opening to retain said: "it was late, son if you do not mind, would stay here!" Finished, Zhuo heart a panic, cursed himself how could say so shameless, then took a deep breath, and hurried to pretend head turned to one side, I'm just making a polite kind it look. However, it is crystal jade ear, but it is bristling, waiting for the student's answer. "Well, since the girl to stay, then we really have to Lu underwent a pro-Ze up!" Quiet room, after a long wait, suddenly sounded a scholar thin tone laughter. Heard, Zhuo heart a panic, quickly turned his head and face, such as frost. "You, you, ...... Where are you going?" But when she saw that the student already reached the door, I can not help but Yaran. "Oh, the family has to wait for the next wife too!" Lu Heng apologetic smile, smiled and looked at her. A ceremony to hand over the line, then turned and opened the door without hesitation. Backhand shut the door, looking down move when walking. There actually are two pairs of little feet in front of the LU Heng eyes. Looked up and saw the front of this two counterfeit goods Sibelius son after Lu Heng stunned while, funny shook his head. To that grunted, turning the well-being princess shrugged and looked to disappoint you look. Bitch! Ferocious stare after the well-being of a princess, Lu Heng look back, stepped forward and grabbed his usual dress gown, fake son of Liu Qingqing's hand. Softly asked: "how do you come?." "I" is Lu Heng holding his hand, Liu Qingqing Qiaolian reddish, bowed his head, a voice whispered Well, I do not know how to begin. Tonight, she came home he carefully prepared cuisine, waiting for his uncle to dine. But, wait a very long time, and that the food is cold, has not seen his uncle back. When hearts are depressed, Ankang princess was sent to tell myself, Lu Heng went a brothel. At the time, heard the remark, Liu Qingqing heart togethers, absence of sitting in the chair, close your eyes, pains. Burst into tears. Uncle, uncle, how can so! Is it, is it green enough, turn away Uncle yet? Green do this thinking today delicious, make up for the past on his uncle's attitude. But, but uncle do not give yourself a little chance to do? Thinking about this, Liu Qingqing heart grievances under clutching his cheek was actually Kuchu polyphony. That sad then God sè, extremely distressed. Aside, Ankang Princess shi female, see this situation, the then dumbfounded. Being overwhelmed by the time the door is opened squeak loudly Ah. A men's well-being princess came. She saw slumped on a chair, tears Liu Qingqing, the indignant harangues with Lu Heng shameless. And Liu Qingqing heard, is still justified for the uncle, miserable crying, shaking his head and said: "Is green turn away his uncle, not strange uncle's!" "How can so!" Health extraordinarily angry princess, outstretched hand of a film Tables snapped Meimou Spitfire, said: "Families with jiāo wife Meijuan, a surprising nostalgia huā Liu place, really shameless!" to see Liu Qingqing weeping shook his head, Ankang princess gas, however, uh, it seems was really very angry. He lived out his hand a Lara Liu Qingqing, saying, do unto her to the brothel catch jiān. Liu Qingqing sad heart under her inability. Princess had to let her put on the well-being of the men, then, two riding princess's car, they came all the way here. Came to the "Green" color "novel network", the brothel but could not see that the ambiguous atmosphere. Here, men of letters out, dignitaries patronize, and these people are talking about the mouth, what Lu Heng, first wit, poetry master that kind of thing. But, at that time was "chaos" were a group of Liu Qingqing did not hear, is still quietly weeping, heartbroken. The well-being of the princess heard this everywhere proclaim the name of Lu Heng, the heart can not help but Wohuo. The thinking is to make him ashamed of, I did not expect, but he perfected! However, these are not important,Kristin Coach Bags, important is that he is now in that Georland girl's room! Along the way, pulled Liu Qingqing into the room. Just as the guard ran downstairs exhibition male, coercion threat for a while, finally asked out of the place where Lu Heng. Two rushed all the way over to see that the door closed, there seems to have conversation was heard. Ankang tears ran beside the princess looked cheeks Liu Qingqing, a sly smile, then took Liu Qingqing hiding outside eavesdropping inside the conversation. But, good luck. Room, just like Lu Heng is Liuxia alive, beautiful present,Coach Online Store, actually do not mind "chaos." Ankang princess heart despise this scholar is a hypocrite when they see just yet sniveling Liu Qingqing, this time it stopped crying. Sè quietly leaning against her God that door, listening to the conversation in the room. Beautiful eyelashes "hair", still hanging crystal tears. Red eyes, people looked distressed. Ankang Princess wishful thinking were broken, you can not help depressed. This thinking can be heard in the room, that jiāo breath breathing, so Liu Qingqing despair disappointment of this hypocrite, but not wanted to hear this side of the most brilliant scholar. Especially when that student standing in the doorway, his tone firm to say the phrase, at home his wife was waiting for me to come home, Ankang princess stunned for a moment, raised his head, looked stunned gaunt figure inside the door, heart shock. Turned his head and saw beside it like a fairy woman, this time, is a touch of Qiao Lian happy smile, his face wearing tears, more vivid colors and moving! "Uncle ah!" Woman looked at the shadow door, like crying like a laugh, drum cheek, murmuring road. ! . <

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