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Kong Kanglian hint nod antworten

> A sudden burst of dizzy after Bhanusak suddenly awake. Just thought I got it almost insane look, scared out of a cold sweat. His fear of sitting in a chair, shaking hands, reach for a tea cup, filling a post grunt, this depressed heart restless. Call ...... really is too dangerous! Bhanusak unsteady hands holding a tea cup under the rattle as soon fall on the table. Looked grunt tea cup, he also refused to clean up, but the big mouth panting, pressing the hearts of anxiety. Lift sleeves, wiped the perspiration from his forehead scared after Bhanusak looked up and looked at the student, just remember that just the right woman to sing out by the results, Bhanusak made me erect. This, it was arranged that Lu Heng intentional? Really good sinister thoughts! Bhanusak surface sèyīn Shen uncertain, and looking at his chair, bored playing with two coins which Lu Heng, to see him make a fundamental indifference, Bhanusak cold smile. Ha, I do not know my heart into what kind of music. But to make such a wind bō not scared look, really good hypocrisy. But ...... this man's scholarship, really ...... bad ah! Bhanusak away the eyes of the Nama contempt, and finally began to look at the positive sè Johnny, a short time were full of Jiangning scholar. But, sitting beside Lu Heng did not really think so. He had in mind, his face out of the mood of the table lù actually thought it would not Bhanusak yīn risk. Frustration is that some, but more of a smile. He did not think that he had just recited in the back garden freely out Prelude, will be the girl that Georland hear. But did not think that the girl Georland xìng remember so well. And, did not think that Georland girl in this moment, in a form of people think, these first Su masterpiece show in the world. Serendipitously. Is willow-lined! Lu Heng moment really feel the true meaning of this sentence. Although, everything happened. But despite myself believe, but others do not believe in life and death. Gee, look Bhanusak that yīn Shen sneer eyes, you know, the image of himself in his heart completely destroyed. A useless frail scholar an instant, suddenly became jiān insurance fraud yīn Lawrence. But also extremely shameless Lawrence hey ...... Lu Heng heart sighed, shook his head slightly smile a cry. But ...... Lu Heng reach tea cup, a sip, the faint glanced at, that sat there, staring at her as the general look of Bhanusak rivals. Uh ...... he seemed really angry and gas in the hands of tea cup came off. It will not be a heart attack death? Lu Heng chuckled, thinking was very yīn insurance. Until the huddled together to see that Bhanusak extremely ugly expression after Lu Heng surprised a moment, and then it felt funny, slightly shook his head and sighed. Oh ...... tǐng seemingly good effect. Lu Heng secretly happy with yourself here and that sits diagonally across Bhanusak, to see that the student occasionally looked up to see one yourself, and then stunned stunned moment, finally turned his head to sip on a poor, leisurely music with himself. Bhanusak eye is drawn, the yīn face sè increasingly heavy. Tea cup in the hand because of too much force. And the ringing Ga Ga bang bang overwhelmed look. He dare despise me? Bhanusak yīn sink deep breath stared scholar. Lu Heng stunned the natural heart's eyes, as a contempt. For a time, the once brilliant poetic wit big week, by this inexplicable contempt, and made xiōng in blood churn, difficult to control. Bhanusak heart tangled in endless, difficult to control their emotions when the first stage Kong Kanglian audible. He lay down in the hand for a long time tea cup, held out his hands hit section, watching Lu Heng Chan said: "Jiangning first wit, really deserved reputation ah! Ha ha!" Eastern President smiled and nodded,Air Jordan Store, stroked his beard recited one that last The moon and new moon, the very admirable praise: "a Prelude, O son enough to be called a generation poetry master! Orient admire!" students who heard these two when the world famous scholar, so praised after that LU Heng. It would not be too surprised, after all, they are from reading a long time, but also understand how natural tasting poetry. That a Prelude, as Mr. East said, Lu Heng, enhancer sequences are enough to be called when the world poetry master. So,Coach Handbags, to hear such praise, wit their minds maybe some uncomfortable. But still are that Lu Heng, table lù out enough respect. Moreover, from the two Daru discourse, students who have to know that this Xiangmaotangtang, thin scholar, even some time ago to a Zither, there was Jiangbei Pavilion nostalgia poetry, famous in Tokyo Jiangning first wit. In the idol, so sitting in front of their own, when the eyes of the students who fanaticism sè, it is no secret of it. For a time, students who talk the most is such that Zither is from the hand of the person, not just Zither and that is uninhibited atmosphere Dongpo have heard that he wrote it. If so talk with students who, looking at the eyes of Lu Heng, more fervent. There are a lot of people have rushed past, like a bunch of tabloid reporters like Zither asked Lu Heng wrote that when feelings. Why write such a gorgeous but dim quatrains. Listening ear buzzing sound inquiry, Lu Heng although not rush, but also some frustration. Positive thinking is not to look at the stage Kong Kanglian to maintain order at the scene when the sound is full of disdain and derision voice sounded in the hall, it is particularly unexpected unfriendly. "Rumors are rumors, after all, is difficult to distinguish true or false!" Bhanusak cold glanced at the crowd surrounded the LU Heng after a sip of tea, his face wearing a faint touch of God sè, shook his head : "That's when the world first few masterpiece, maybe is to spend heavily bought also something that we can see ah!" Bhanusak while sipping poor, while talking to himself, his face contempt that God sè, and for all The crowd can not help but frown. This man is jealous fear méng cover the mind, seeing people make a Prelude, under unbalanced mind, began verbally insulted. Really good narrow mind. Moreover, vicious enough! Although scholars scorn but there are also a degree. People suspected of character no problem, but can not doubt even slander other people's work. This is the literary circles of an unwritten rule. But now, this white scribes, even if infringe is no fear of slander others, is quite vicious! However, the case of heart, although everyone thought. But out of caution is that no one in his early Lvheng Ming uneven, but in my heart for a moment that Bhanusak contempt. Then he turned his head and looked at constant shouted, waiting LU Heng response. And Lu Heng hear Bhanusak obvious that the meaning of words with jealousy after, but did not appear, people look forward to the rage. God sè remained calm, his face a smile Nama harmless to humans and animals, has been hung. He took a sip of tea after carrying, saw that after staring at her Bhanusak a recovered eyes smiled shook his head. Obviously, Lu Heng did not intend to tell him mouth battle. "How dare say?" Bhanusak saw that Lu Heng own one just looked after, did not refute. His heart a happy and really thought he guessed that Lu Heng mind. Then step by step, approached and asked. Thinking of general works like that Rao is talented poet, can only be dual. He does not believe that this LU Heng night in a quality made two great poems. So step by step, is to let Lu Heng scene fool, and then ruin! Feel Bhanusak that aggressive momentum, Lu Heng face sè calm down, gave him a post. Looking back, dedicated to their reach for a cup of tea refill station through that curl of steam, saw a face full of smiles Bhanusak yīn dangerous deep sigh, shook his head bitterly. "You are what you intended!" Bhanusak sè a changed face, his eyes fixed with Lu Heng, Chen Sheng shouted. Lu Heng Bhanusak most can not stand this vision, so by that Lu Heng glance, sigh. Everyone suddenly became like himself spurned trash. "Enough!" At this time, sitting on stage Kong Kanglian see that white scribes pressing harder and harder, his brow wrinkled up tightly. As when the world famous scholar, saint school representatives. Kong Kanglian for writers who this bad habit, we could not understand. By this time, see that white scribes, even baseless slander Lvgong Zi, his heart suddenly raised a wave of nameless rage, popping banged the table, stood up, stared coldly white scribes, Chen Sheng shouted . "Oh!" Reprimanded by Kong Kanglian so that Bhanusak but like did not hear the same. Heard, just smiled. Turned his head, looked still sitting there Zizhenziyin a scholar, and then with the stage in the eyes of Kongkang Lian Li sè flashed on the TV, pointing to the side of the Lu Heng, Chen Sheng shouted: "Mr. Kong, does it To favor this hypocrite? "remark, the audience many students in an uproar. If just that white scribes are oblique accusations, then, now is the red luǒluǒ insult. Students who mind outcry, looked at each other, turned away and looked at sitting around a big sound sè not move scholar. See him slowly put down the hands tea cup, raised his head, looked over towards the side. Students who mind awe-inspiring, glance a good show to debut. "You insulted others what credentials?" Kong Kanglian looked, it does not move a sound sè Lu Heng, turned, and rebuked Bhanusak road. Other people hesitate rivalry with you, that's good conservation people. Otherwise, get it valued Majesty so popular? Who is like you, is simply a mad dog, no match for the people, they slander people. Well! "It's simple ah!" Bhanusak Kong Kanglian natural feel contempt disdain. However, this time, he was already riding a tiger, only one way to dark. And. He does not believe that Lu Heng in a night, making two masterpieces. "You .................." Kong Kanglian gas beard trembling, looked Bhanusak, heart cursed, you is not reaching for the stars, even if there is a big talent, it is impossible in one night, made two masterpieces . This is not a human can do. At Kong Kanglian do not know how to answer, when LU Heng slowly put down the tea cup, casual gown compiled a body, the stood up. He roll up his sleeves, hand pulling the body folds, smile looked at the Bhanusak later, nodded and said: "Yes!" "Lvgong Zi, you .................." Kong Kanglian hearts surprised, for fear that the student is unable to bear other people's spines jī, and agreed. Positive yù opening Quanzhu, surprised to find that Lu Heng certainly have eyes full of sè. Kong Kanglian concerns in mind suddenly turned into a pleasant surprise. LU Heng eyes watching, shocked. "Really?" "Oh, this can be some!" Lu Heng Baoquan right Kong Kanglian laugh, and thanked him just to maintain feelings. Turned and looked at the face sè slightly changed, bowed his head God sè flickering Bhanusak, Lu Heng smiled slightly: "Jun wish, fixing wish also." Smiled so later, Lu Heng voice a turn, stepped forward, looking Bhanusak said: "However, today, after all, is poetry flowers reason why call it poetry, because of the existence of competition and if the next person recite poetry, not become the next one-man show? Mr. Kong did you? "Lu Heng turned on stage Kong Kanglian road. "It is!" Kong Kanglian hint nod, mō cable beard thought after the opening: "Even so, that two of them doing one. Presence of all, are the judge, how?" "Maxiong, What do you think? "has been Kong Kanglian the tie, Lu Heng nodded slightly. Turned his head when the eyes of God sè cool down. Stepped forward, approaching to Bhanusak the front, low voice inquired. ASSURE, Bhanusak face sè a change, a trace of fear in the eyes of the sè flashed. However, it soon calmed down. "Ha, Lvgong Zi is the next to speak with you?" Bhanusak mouth a pumping, yīnyīn staring at Lu Heng, Chen Sheng asked. Although Bhanusak pretending to be calm, but that in the eyes of God, alarmed sè, there is that hidden in the sleeve, full palm of the hand sweat, or storm lù out of his mind stunned and shocked. Sure enough ...... he really is Bhanusak! Lu looked Bhanusak a constant given after the man flashed based flaws, myself have made a final judgment. "Lvgong Zi, you know, free to change the name of others, but to go to prison!" Bhanusak yīnyīn threats road. See Bhanusak yīn ruthless look of the sè, Lu gave him a constant determined later, but it is a sudden laugh. Bhanusak hand patted the shoulder, lug eyebrows and said: "The next is just a joke, it Maxiong Why so serious?" "This is a joke not funny!" Bhanusak eye is drawn, staring Lu Heng Chen Sheng said. "Since Maxiong not like it, forget it!" Lu Heng shrugged his shoulders and a look of regret said. Left a Maxiong have a Maxiong is obviously identified this white scribes identity. Although the heart panic anger, but Bhanusak can only be simmering. Just the threat of him, only to make threats. He did not really go to the official report, cure Lu Heng sin. If you really official newspaper, that things may go beyond his own control. And,oakley sunglasses sale, look at this LU Heng look set to eat your look, Bhanusak feel faint heart. If once their official newspaper, is precisely this scholar jiān account! ! . <

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