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see Lu Heng mysterious antworten

> "This is such strokes, but I have never seen it!" Maidservants crouched beside Miss, hand under his chin, his eyes shining little star, murmured: "If someone gave me also painted like such a ! "Baiqun woman gently smiled, stretched white jade-like fingers, playing in her maid's forehead for a moment, smiled and joked:" Satsuki grow up, they Sichun! Ha ha! "maidservants little blush scarred , grumbles protested: "Miss ah ......!" Baiqun bullying frost season snow woman stretched out like a hand and gently rubbed at her maid's head and said softly: "Rest assured, I will definitely small May you find a good home for! "maidservants grumbles, blushed and shook his head, two braids swinging it:" No, not marry Satsuki Satsuki will accompany Miss a! '"said ah , miss, that young master Su can be really good for you too! "maidservants remembered today afternoon, and Sue young master in their own sight-seeing in order to play a rather big bucks Miss pride, eyes small sparkling twinkling stars. Twitter said: "Su Gongzai good family background, people and long handsome, and talented ......" maidservants squatted there lovely plate of finger counting Su Jiagong child benefits was saying, but now it seems Miss wander, are they not hear yourself speak. Spoiled lady shook her maid's arm: "Miss ah ......" white dress woman smiled gently, make fun of her maid and said: "I see you are spotted Su Gongzi around the servant of the bar!" Maid suddenly downtown a big red face, head down prevarication half do not speak. White dress is so shy woman looking at her maid Mo Yang, his eyes flashed a complex look. Hearts sigh and said: "Satsuki ah, Su Wen is this person, although scholarship is yes. Appearance Well, also considered handsome. Just, just poor conduct this person, not a nice ring!" "As, why ah! "maidservants very confused, looked up with a faint smile on his face looking young lady, asked, puzzled. White dress woman shook her head, did not say anything. Her hand on his knees and stood up. Raised his head and looked at the bright moon in the sky, gently sigh. Blurred night sky, the crescent moon as a dignified swan in general, in the darkness of the ocean, a leisurely swim. Silverlit moon shed ten thousand, to this foggy Qinhuai, covered with a thin layer of silver veil. Woman standing there, white dress in the moonlight, exudes a faint fluorescence. Jade cheek, with a touch thin chill. She looked at the sky, the crescent moon, long after Meimou look uncertain. Inadvertently, jade has been holding a small hand into a fist, she looked at the vast deep night sky, frost Meimou such as electricity, muttered a single word. Su Wen positive, Su Guangyi's son, Oh! ...... Lu Heng got home, it is already the evening. Sunset Chapman, dressed in warm sunset. Looked very warm. Into the courtyard, head lunged burst of fragrance. Yard, Liu Qingqing already planted the seeds grow bloom. Blossoming blooming color, give this little courtyard, bringing a deep spring. Through the stone paved paths, Lu Heng gently pushed the door. "Uncle come back!" Room, Liu Qingqing tied around his waist a floral apron around the stove before being busy. See Lu Heng push the door, smiling. Lu Hang the body of the gown off, set it aside. Then squatted before cookstoves, help start fires: "Today completed early in the afternoon went out in a circle. Watching the night approaching, came back!" "Uncle hurry up, or undefined status Come on!" See Lu Constant and squatted down to light a fire, and said several times I do not know of Liu Qingqing dumbfounding reminds us. LU Heng smiled,Coach Bags Store, still did not get up. Instead, pull off a small bench, sat down and began formal regulation of firewood up: "Everybody hundred no one was a scholar, and now, even that could not do all the work, then I can be is one thousand no one used! sister-in-law will not let you turn into a waste it! "" But, but! "Liu Qingqing cookstoves stood helpless before rubbing his hands on an apron, do not know what to say. "Arrr, open water!" Lu Heng uncover the pot glanced quickly reminds us. See the water opened,Air Jordan 13 UK, will also remind Lvheng Jun Liu Qingqing Paochu child away, then thrown into the side, hastily ran outside the Church. A little while, Liu Qingqing they came back carrying some of the dumplings. LU Heng somewhat surprised to see the eyes, Liu Qingqing shallow smile, his voice with a little rebuke: "undefined status birthday today, but it!" Lu Heng think of it, see the flash of Liu Qingqing Meimou rebuke Hatefury color, quickly patted his head, smile which amends and said: "Look at me this memory, I almost forgot!" some time ago, Liu Qingqing was kind enough to say these things yourself. Although the other side seems to be inadvertently talking to myself, however, to see when she uttered these words, his eyes Nama faint hope of color, should want to say something. Lu pulled two constant whirring downwind box, fill in the side to juh firewood, raised his head and right side of Liu Qingqing said: "a little later to send you a birthday present, uh, that is, birthday gift!" Liu Qingqing good mood today seems , see Lu Heng mysterious look, she Minzui smile, said: "undefined status of the gift will be waiting for Uncle!" Lu Heng smiled and nodded, mystery, said: "Then you look okay ! "seems ready yourself years ago of things, but has no chance to get out. Today happens to be a good opportunity. Lights, such as beans, slightly mobilize significant. Also a burst of light in the room burst out dark. Both shadow, reflection in some dilapidated walls,Jordan UK sale, very warm. When the dumplings are picked up, take to the table later. Lu Heng unwashed hands, they went out. In Liu Qingqing look suspiciously in a little while, then turn back. However, the hands are still empty. Lighting, Liu Qingqing looked empty-handed Lu Heng, heart some loss. Dinner, Liu Qingqing head down, a small population of small mouth biting dumplings. But said nothing. Beating the lamp lights, shining on her face, the Nama loss of light color, it is particularly clear. Lu Heng sat opposite, watching Liu Qingqing head down, not a word of eating. Heart funny under the hand in his pocket, pulled out a thing. Coughed, through the dim light, in front of Liu Qingqing shake a few times. "Uncle, Stop it, quickly eat ......, Hey, this is?" Heart uncomfortable Liu Qingqing, raised his head Daimeiweizhou, was about to say Lu Heng, when they suddenly saw the hands that Lu Heng only nobile. In this case, the tail nobile gemstone pendant, in the dim light, the drag drag brilliance, reflecting the dazzling light. "Green sister-in-law, Happy Birthday!" Lu Heng face with a faint smile, looking at her eyes, some moist eyes, said softly. This is the first time Lu Heng maiden call each other, however, in order to avoid too ambiguous and damage the atmosphere. Heart a little thought, or followed by the words of the sister-in-law. Red gem pendant, gently shaking. Dim lights, the red gem refraction, reflecting the dazzling light. At this moment, before looking at the constantly shaking pendants, Liu Qingqing warm heart. He really remember it! Ah, but there seems nobile only seen it! [] <

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