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then took a deep breath antworten

> Need accountant "This should be counted as a good habit of it!!" Aside, Lu Censor come out just right, the topic shifted to the question above. wwW, QUanbEN, coM love between men and women, thousands of years, to be poets praise. Moreover, many of which are spread through the ages to become legendary. Therefore,Air Jordan 13 UK, Lu Shi said so. Lu Censor mō claim his chin after thought, watching Lu Heng Road; "That's a bad habit?" And "bad habits Well, naturally arrogant, cocksure!" Lu Heng smiled, spoken words, but The Lu Censor scared a cold sweat. My Lord ah, you can politely point, which haughty arbitrary · · · · · · Lu Censor secretly glanced positive smile Oh Majesty, secretly wiped his forehead lift sleeve sweat, mind muttering Road. "For example, if a person living in high long time, it will form a habit just like to listen to good words, if a particular day, to see a man say one is actually very common words, he will feel that this person is not respectful ! · will develop over time arbitrary, arrogant, or even difficult to accept the recommended diet! "Lu Heng reach for tea, a hint of these finished. Non-censor is not seen Lu eye sè, just that today's meet, the two have not made camouflage to disguise themselves. As the saying goes, civil use. Presumably, the two are aware, there should also be ready, today's talk is sure to be a very open atmosphere. Moreover, today's meet,Nike Air Jordan 9 UK, figure it out, is the POW has been a long time. Both were aware that after a very long time to get along. A long time, there will inevitably be talking on the flaws. Did not need to hide his own. Today, just take this opportunity straight to the point. While taking some risks, but much stronger than later stricken scourge! Moreover, it can become a big week old emperor, heart xiōng not be so narrow-minded. This is Lu Heng after observation and analysis, before he sets determination. Quietly silence, pavilion, only to hear the tinkling sound of the wind seal. · That the occasional wind came around the pavilion valance, wind dance. Pavilion, three everyone is silent. Only Lu Heng face sè relaxed hand secretly squeezed beside woman's hand, motioned her do not worry. "Impartial!" Deathly silence, the emperor withdrew from Lu Heng face eyes · porting after tea, sip, smiled and said; "would be some harbinger!" "As you said, King who is afraid of arbitrary form that arrogant, supercilious habit! "Emperor smiled slightly, it is crystal of the analysis of his own;" Once the habit, uh, fear does not take long, it will become a headed up! " It looked deep scholar an 'emperor Xiaohe He turned his head and looked stood at the side of God sè censor an uneasy Lu, with a smile; "How, Lu Aiqing · I look good in it? "Lu Censor dry smiled and nodded, compliments;" Your Majesty eye Ruju, Chen admire! "Emperor smiled and shook his head, turned his head and looked at Lu Heng, after thought, open asked;" Since words have been said to here, then I ask you • If you are a big week this emperor · How will you make yourself stop this habit? "Lu Heng heard this, holding tea 'funny watching this old man, curl one's lip;" You may not authentic old saying, ah, seduce me on the sets yet. uh, if I say, that is not strange harbor, the intent rebellion! "Emperor heard, can not help but surprised a moment. Scholar to see this look of helpless smile, but also some funny own discretion. Raised his hand and patted his forehead, said; "would I mind of some villain!" "However, I now give you the Yaopai Emperors, that to say, you will its identity, and I goes so by you, but also a lot of money taboo! "Emperor smiled, his eyes looked calm Lu Heng Road;" Tell me! "" really want to say? "Lu Heng Duanzhaochabei, curl through that fog, with a smile inquired. "But to say it anyway!" Emperor generous one wave, laughing. "Well # it!" Lu Heng nodded and took a sip of tea, a little thought, continued; "In fact, to say it simply. Simply to maintain a sense of balance nothing!" "Keep a sense of balance, people attitude would not have been influenced by foreign objects! long aspirations firm will be able to calmly analyze various things and then, from each of the words in collated useful information! Then, according to the huge amount of information, forecasting things the development trend of the last judgment! such judgments rarely biased! "Lu Heng words, although it is plain road to, but he is regarded as their confidence up. These words may seem that everyone knows truths, however, it is engaged in strategic Lu Hang Over the years, come to the experience. However, in the heart think about it, all of the premise, are usually kept to maintain a sense of balance, to say simple, but it is actually the most difficult. Think past the time, Lu Heng Lee man doing military regulations. At first, I will also ask the righteous war or not, whether it will be stricken loss of life. Often mind a thought of these, will be in the judgment subject to their own emotional impact problems. But, to the later, as things appear much heart xìng naturally calm down. Everything pros and cons, if you say that his plan to promote a war, which led to a lot of people died. Seems like a butcher. But contrary it, where the war took place, to see, perhaps, at the outbreak of war a few years later, where the face, but it is completely a new. To the later, Lu Heng learn to use words to comfort themselves, that is to make history in their own right! Emperor heard, thought later, laughing; "light touches your kid says to I seems that this fear is the hardest sense of balance it!" See Lu Heng nodded, eyes full of expectation of the emperor sè ; asked; "What to you think, how to maintain the sense of balance it?" Lu Heng reach for a sip of tea, thought, light, said; "look forward, very far away to see!" After listening to remark , Emperor and Lu censor expression varies. Censor is dazed Lu Lu Heng looked toward the direction, doing all it can, but only saw a sea of ​​flowers. Look what, nothing in front ah! The emperor heard this, but it is God sè a cold. This is determined by looking eyes scholar, took a deep breath, Baoquan Road; "taught a!" Lu Heng smiled, picked up that teapot, to the emperor put a new tea, and then reach for the tea cup alone, before the emperor's blue and white porcelain bowl touched, said lightly; "long way to go, not a word can who knows everything. Through this cup of tea, and the king of mutual encouragement it!" Yu Jun's words, Actually, I'm a waste of breath. Lv Henghuai Chuaizhe another one gold medal, going over a later, smiled into the arms of these medals. The emperor also knew the piece imperial division Yaopai still see no light at this time. · Blamed therefore sent him an inscribed the words as I visit the brand. With this Yaopai, Lu Heng can flow unimpeded out of the palace, but it seems not to feature these! Good thing ah! Side, Liu Qingqing God sè still some trepidation, along the way, silent. But, it's body trembled, but that her heart are more nervous. "How?" Lu Heng outstretched hand, holding the woman that some cool little hand, concern asked. "Uncle!" Liu Qingqing looked up, blinking scared Mouzhong God sè, trembling voice asked; "is just that old · · · · ·" Lu Heng nodded, eyes full of appreciation sè , smiled and praise Road; "My green really smart!" "Pei Pei!!" Liu Qingqing heard, suddenly Qiaolian blushing, whispered rebuke Road; "Who is your home green up! nonsense, you do not know what to say! "looked up and saw Lu Heng still smiling, looking at his good mood, Liu Qingqing Duqi mouth, eyes determined by looking at Lu Heng, rebuke Road;" Uncle ah! " Upon seeing this, Lu Heng no longer tease her, smiled, holding woman's hand, whispered; "Well, do not think of!" "But, after all, when overturned child ah!" Liu Qingqing Qiaolian pale, apparently spooked. Meimou still scared hún undecided, trembling said. "Is the emperor!" Lu Heng nodded, then took a deep breath · light said; "is also a respectable old!" "More important!" Lu smiled and looked back at a constant, saw that the garden has been closed , turned his head and smiled Liu Qingqing Road; "is more important is that he is your friend home Lu Lang's year-end party!" see Liu Qingqing looked at his stunned, shocked Meimou full sè. Lu perseverance are also some pride. Coughed, very wind sāo in situ turn a circle, then spread hand, visual with Liu Qingqing Road; "how, is not that your home Lu Lang domineering outside lù, murderous lovers, personable, jade tree, extremely brave · · · · · · "some boast, Liu Qingqing amused giggle jiāo laugh. Woman discarded just restlessness, was so weird uncle narcissistic action, cracking jokes with laughter. Uh, as you so funny? I'm talking about but really it! See Liu Qingqing so with a smile, Lu Heng inevitably depressed! She knelt down, clutching his belly, looking at the black line haired uncle, Yanzui smile; "Uncle ought to be ashamed!" Uh · · · · · · Lu Heng mouth twitching while, take a deep breath, mind reading with homemade clear mantra; does with women in general knowledge, sense of balance, sense of balance! So meditation for a while, even pishi children dare to use. Women still jiāo endless laughter, but there is clearly a trend like a laugh. Lu Heng immediately hearts on fire, is simply outrageous, so dare laugh at themselves husband, husband outline what? Take a deep breath,Nike Jordan Spizike Sale, turned his head, mouth slightly from the touch of a mysterious smile, approached slowly approaching, quack bad smiled Liu Qingqing Road; "You laugh again, you laugh again!" See Uncle lù out so expression, and that goes for street Popi. Liu Qingqing heart jump, no longer afraid to laugh. God sè looked delicate and charming uncle whisper; "Uncle, you, what do you do?" "Hey!" Lu Heng proud smile, a Lanzhu woman waist, to the arms area. Smell the faint scent woman of her, watching it nearly in holding this the stunning face, Lu Heng gulped, bad smile. What to do? Judai the sequel! ! . <

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