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the old man looked at Lu antworten

> In the four weeks around in a circle ...... OK Ann Kang Gonggui has gone ...... Lu Heng Liu Qingqing That brought this back in the garden. wWW. QUanbeN. Com see uncle was so scared Ankang princess look, Liu Qing hearts were both funny and angry. The point of view from a woman's intuition, that is obviously a well-princess seeking misconduct on his uncle there for the heart, funny uncle also trepidation look, do not know anything. Turned and looked at the side has been restored weekdays Lan is not scared of God is so bō sè uncle, Liu Qingqing hearts of some suspicion. Uncle will not be intentional, right? So think of the heart, it will be determined Meimou stay in Lu Heng's body. "How?" Lu Heng see so watching his woman, Lu Heng looked down his body attire, no problem ah. "Nothing!" Liu Qingqing smiled, looked away, said lightly. "Really?" Lu Heng his hand to the woman's shoulder, smiled slightly looking woman. "Oh dear!" Woman with big eyes blink blink ah, evidently really is true. See this woman so stubborn, Lu Heng helpless smile, press the hand on her shoulder, patted a little harder, slowly said: "Rest assured, no thing!" Appears to be a headless no brains, then, But talk to people, and listen to people who are known the meaning. Wind, Liu Qingqing evoke fingers, messy black hair the forehead folds of the ear, bright cheeks shallow smile, turned his head, Meimou full of laughter watching Lu Heng, said: "Uncle said to myself, oh! "" Oh, I say! "Lu Heng slightly about it, and swept the women's waist, said lightly. Peony Garden, the blooming flowers, some resting pavilions for visitors. Pavilion side, some monks run teahouses, naturally, is for the convenience of tourists. In this pavilion in the two sit down to a pot of tea, while gently tasting tea, while enjoying the wind blowing. Wind, flowers deep ...... deep breath ...... can not help but refreshing. "Uncle ah!" Liu Qingqing down tea cup, Meimou from far back, smiled at Lu Heng Road. "Ah?" Lu Heng smiled at her. Spring sunshine, the woman smiled, United States if the angel. "You say that those who know we looking at him?" Liu Qingqing shallow smile, pointing to the next peony garden, a pair of male and female children, said softly. "Oh ...... should not know it!" Lvheng Shun Liu Qingqing under the eyes looked ...... saw that tenderness mì Romantic positive meaning of what is said with a smile, look back later, smiled and said: "Oh, you should not know, just like we do not know if anyone, at this time also look like us? "see the woman a little nervous around, Lu Heng shook his head and smiled, waved her need not be so. Porting a leisurely sip of tea, smiled and said: "I look at the scenery on the bridge, watching the scenery upstairs to see me! Is the truth!" Liu Qingqing froze for a moment ...... after thought, but also feel remark justified. Porting tea tasted one, visual footmarks sun, jiāo brilliant flowers, whispered: "Uncle this sentence, can be said Road to make the phenomena in the world ah!" Uh there are so esoteric you? See woman meditating in silence ...... Lu Heng wonder scratched his head,nike jordan outlet, carefully taste the word ...... he had just said, I really have no other meaning ah. Women's thoughts are wondering when a burly, looks extraordinary warrior walked over. "I dare son but Lu Heng, enhancer sequences are?" This warrior came after eight straight Hang around, laughing Baoquan asked. "Oh, Xiongtai polite!" Lu Heng Baoquan salute with a smile: "Just in front of the temple that, Lu underwent Xiongtai have not yet come to the rescue thanks to it!" Uh ...... listen scholar, saying, This warrior awkward smiled: "son saw?" "ah, Xiongtai skilled, Lv Moupei clothes!" Lu compliment a constant smile. See samurai embarrassed scratching, Lu Heng is no longer made other, but directly open asked: "But someone looking Lvmou?" "It is!" Samurai nodded and said: "My son past a Syrian master please ! "Although, this warrior never said he was home owner name yet. However, Lu perseverance actually know very well. To say, the two have never had direct contacts. But, but then this meet, presumably both being awaited it. "Come on, we have it!" Lu Heng Liu Qingqing Road smiling. "Well, son!" Samurai see Lu Heng wants to bring women in the past, and a look of embarrassed of sè, I do not know how to say. Just ask him a master, and now more than one, what should I do? See the warrior look of difficulty with sè, Lu Heng smiled, looked at him and said: "Do not worry, your master know!" "Uh, okay!" Samurai are still apprehensive, front side lead the way , while wondering how bitter face with the owner accountable. "Uncle, Who is the owner of his house?" Liu Qingqing my hand tight sweaty, uneasy with the LU Heng side, whispered inquired. Uh ...... see Liu Qingqing so nervous, Lu Heng to his mouth and then swallow it back. After thought, holding her hand, smiled and said: "Do not be nervous, just an old men!" In front, then lead the way to hear Lu Heng Wu ten ...... call from the owner only for the elderly ...... was surprised ... ... foot instability, almost fell to the ground. This scholar, really good big guts almost ah! Three different mood, a Lu Momo silent through flowers, through an archway, then to a small circle of inaccessible. Into here, Liu Qingqing surprised to find out where the King sè than any one of the garden scene sè be nice. But ...... She glanced around, mind whispered: However, this garden, why do not people do? "Jia guard, who invited you?" Is suspected huò room, I heard the sound of the front sounded invigorating. Liu Qingqing heard this, turned his head and looked toward the direction of the sound. I saw, trails end,OP Art Coach Sale, is a kiosk. That pavilion, two elderly people sitting on the stone table before being leisurely sipped tea, the next chess. One of them, Liu Qingqing seen when it is in Jiangning, who Lu censor. Speak, is a sitting Lu Censor across over sixty, gray-haired old man. This old man a talk, we can see Lu censor even respectful and stood up. What is the status of this old man, Lu Shi turned on him so respectful? Liu Qingqing suspect huò puzzled mind, turned his head and looked at his uncle. Lu Heng smiled, face sè calm. Liu Qingqing squeezed fingers, motioning her not to think too much. "Ah, people in brought only ......" Jia guard looked embarrassed behind two, man, I do not know how to say. Old pawn down, turned and looked at Jia guard behind that of men and women holding hands, stunned for a moment, suddenly laugh. "No harm, no harm, it touches my neglect!" Waved his hand and let Jia guard step aside after this old man pointing to the front of the game of chess, with a smile on Lu Heng said: "heard so much about Lvgong Zi chess skills, hand-talking son may be interested in a bureau? "There is no description first met, there is no serious regular greeting, just a very unusual greeting. People do not feel the least bit of restraint. "Oh, the elderly flattering!, Lu Heng Baoquan smiled, then nodded:" elderly life, dare not from? "Moving up the steps, but waited at the pavilion like a week to see the warrior eyes staring at the ridge crest Lu Heng, is to prevent the enemy looks just like this old man waved his hand, so that they need not be so, then turned his head and smiled pointing to the original Lu Censor chair doing and said: "Sit down! "Lu Heng is not contrived, smiled, then took Liu Qingqing sat down behind him, Lu Lu Heng Censor see so I do not know etiquette, originally wanted to be reminded, but seeing the way the old Qing's eyes narrowed, or will go to the mouth, then swallowed back. raised his hand and wiped the sweat from his forehead, heart secretly fears for the scholar. Seated, there servant brought tea. LU Heng reach for tea, for that shì Wei laugh nod thanks. allows it shì Wei scared a shiver, almost unsteady hands and feet, the teapot on the table out while in front of the old man, to see this scholar so kindly, his eyes a faint smile with a trace of relief. waved his hand, then let it go besides warrior makes a mistake. LU Heng player using first, the old man looked at Lu Heng Lazi, the slightly pondered, then drop a child. Actually, to say, Lu Heng Go and under poor, at best, only a moderate level, but it is clear that the level of the front of this old man is not how to. duo you come to me, I like two smelly chess play chess, a time neck and neck. aside The real chess master, Lu Shi, secretly glanced at a chess game, see this chess game full of loopholes, two people are unaware of this. Kengchi smile, then quickly pretended to cough, do awe shape. pinching old man with sunspots, looking a mess in front of chess game, hesitated for a long time, but do not know where to go next. "this board ......! "Black and white two piece sè exhausted did determine the winner. Chess game for a long time staring at the old man, is still inextricably see the Council, shook his head and smiled, looked up at the front, carrying tea, the same frown scholar said: "This Board, tie count how? "." This is very good! "Lu Heng smiled slightly, mind is relieved, if there is one piece and then the other, and that they lose. Nevertheless, it is clear that the other did not, and, looking at each other that look helpless look, Huang then is running out of tricks. to here, a draw is the best result. not to hurt feelings, you will not be swept each other's face, so that the old man Laoxiuchengnu, the last out of the out of control. "extremely old **, Lv Moupei clothes! "Dolphin will close after a good piece, it will be in full bloom with Lu Heng Go appliances, pushed to the side, on the old man said with a smile." An aspect of chess for many years, never met an opponent, now you can play with a tie, it is in your kid's art reached a pinnacle ah! "The old man very happy, stroked his beard,Air Jordan Son Of Mars UK, his face expression isolated situation." The event was good, Qifengduishou ah! "Lu Heng nod deep that God sè very jī move, just like a mountain stream event Concert.! <

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