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Aki mō claim his chin antworten

> Simon was taken to the big night, the other person, it is escorted into the jail Shuntian. wwW. qUanbEN. cOm responsible for patrolling the city in Tokyo's army, still not receded. They will always adhere to the curfew, the morning of the second day. In the few times Dageng sound, the night, the last one lamp, and gradually extinguished. This ancient city of Luoyang in after a flashy, finally again to restore calm. Night sèliáo people with a monthly star sparse. Outside, a blooming peach trees, in this month under the shadow gently shaking. Mottled shadow cast on the windows, extra lovable. Nest on the branches of "a tired lazy bird, tightly curled up in there, and occasionally wind, blowing slightly soft fluff. Dodo bird lovely head once again into a deep sleep. Windows in dim candle gently swaying. two shadows, projected in that window lattice, exceptionally warm. "Tomorrow is the Peony heard it! "" Oh! "" Uncle ah! "" Well, tomorrow we go and see! "" Hee hee! "" Late at night, too, uncle! "" Ah! We go to sleep! "Xixisuosuo undress sound ......" Get out! "" Oh! "Ah squeak loudly, the door opened. A scholar find any out of the room, look at that rattle as soon shut the door, the student look of pity sigh and said:" hey, ** not yet been successful, comrades still hard ah! "Turned his head, the night wind was blowing, bringing bursts of aroma of flowers. Sè silver moonlight, quietly blooming peach trees, the student looked up sè lookout deep blue moon in the night sky a faint smile, God sè leisurely large Zhou Qingyuan five early spring, Luoyang night that month sè, quietly blooming peach, there was a dim light under the trees, constitute one of the most beautiful picture in the early morning wind, blowing the roof the wind chimes, jingling. brilliant sun, peach every day, its China Shining. lù crystal clear water, hang it on the petals of pink nèn shining light. tree bird that nests children, but also lightweight peck their feathers, twitter tweets bang, smart wings fly away. wind, delicate petals drifting down, one also stained lù water petals in the air rickety, the name of spin down gently in its fast falling into the wet ground when a pair of snow-white hand of bullying frost season snow will catch it gently. sorts jiāo woman that beat Yan peach cheek with a shallow smile fingers gently touch the TV drama lù glistening water, smiling, absolutely brilliant spring scene this time, the side of the door was open, the student yawning, came out from the room. "Uncle early ah! "Women grabbing the skirt, stood up, smiling, to that scholar road." Early! "Scholar looked like the morning sun, the United States if the angel of the woman, warm smile. Holding hands, out the door. Looked beside Dimei shy woman's cheek,Air Jordan New School UK Sale, Lu Heng raised his head, looked like blue head wash the sky, there is the warmth of the sun, feel comfortable. Peony Fair, but one of Luoyang, a big beautiful every year in April and May, the official supervision, on an unprecedented scale. to this season, visitors from around the country have admiring the ancient White Horse Temple, a time crowds of tourists. those believers, readily dropped large sums of money, so that the door to greet the monks responsible, music Zuidou Bulong, a trial of strength and remembered Zenzai Good, good! way line, and so went to the White Horse Temple, when the air was filled with the rich peony fragrance. sweet, very soft! listened uncle looked Peony way to explain things, Qiao Lian Liu Qingqing laugh Italian Yingying, Meimou splendor again and again. "uncle came to Tokyo? "Liu Qingqing asked, surprised." No ah! "Lu Heng smiled and said." Uncle lie! "Liu Qingqing bowed his head, murmuring road. Uh, well, things seem to have some serious looking woman that sadly beside God sè, Lu Heng helpless smile. She really came through, but, it is still a past life times. yourself how to tell her I say. raised his head and looked at the front that solemn White Horse Temple, as well as through the door of the temple and saw that garden spring sè, Lu Heng meditation for a long, clear and bright eyes, somewhat erratic, long after he recovered eyes, shaking his head with a wry smile, long said: "dream Whispering Colour! "Faint smile, discourse with a faint hint of sadness:" warp! "Hearts of some inexplicable emotions difficult to distraction, for a time, it touches on some sentimental. Naturally smiled, heart scoff own daughter like so ... Just think of how with the side of the woman said, but unwittingly, feel hand, is a soft touch of a finger. Subsequently, the woman that white hand, fastened to his palm. slightly trembling hands, with warm temperatures, so Lu perseverance in shocked. turned his head and saw that the woman's cheeks flushed, there was because he was nervous and trembling eyelashes. LU Heng grow breath, hands a little harder, holding the woman's physique, though not what words, but each other's eyes, already represents a thousand words. behind several strange to describe a person, gradually gathered together. yīn risk their eyes shining light, staring at the White Horse Temple, that men and women in front of his face flashed a touch sneer. "Is he? "" Can not go wrong! "" Split up! "Several people touched a head, then turned and left. Headed scholar stared back cold smile, mō the mō waist weapon, turned away. Simply, having just taken a step, but found himself hit a wall. "did not have eyes ah? "Looked up, surprised to find standing in front of a burly Han dynasty, this Han, eyes gleaming, his face a touch of sneer, so that he can not help but fear in the heart." You "this man just say a word, he saw That Han suddenly shot. did not see that Han and other moves, and even their own defensive posture did not even do it on a black eyes? do not know anything. "Oh? poison in a day! "A Guishun bound to this man into her arms, smiling on passersby explained." Really strange? Poisoning also together in Japan! "A passerby eyes obediently looked Kuei, do not know think of what? Shivered, they quietly step back in a hurry to leave. Anything together ah? What eyes! Kuei contempt at the man one, turned around and saw a few other people yù son after the assassination, can not help haired black line I saw, Xiao Dapeng et al, this time is everyone arms are holding a Dairen, the same smile? same words, explain to passers. see Aki Sight, Xiao Dapeng Hey smile, but also out of the thumb. rely on! into what the occasion, there is what kind of rules. entered the temple to burn incense, whether believers? still tourists, silently follow the rules. plus big week Buddhism prevailed, people coming and going? mostly Buddhist faithful believers. Baima Temple, incense? curl of smoke filled the incense burner in front of the main hall, that long futon, plead for the men and women are all kowtow. Liu Qingqing armed with a stick of incense, kneeling in that futon, devout knock his head, then got up and that incense censer inserted. turned to smile and looked behind him, has been waiting for his uncle, gently smile: "Let's go! "" What purpose will promise? "Lu Heng saw that woman flushed cheeks, asked, curious." Do not tell you! "Liu Qingqing down, blushing softly." Hey, I guess ah! "Lu Heng mō claim his chin, and then stretched out a hand, do Pinch that calculation looks like, if there is a touch of aiming chin goatee, then Lu Heng are now, is a standard stick of God." Uncle ah! "Women's blushing, dodging feet, shy rebuke Road." Ha ha! "That woman looked like hi Meimou like anger God sè, Lu Heng laughed. Outstretched hand and pulled the woman Haowan, whispered in her ear and said something, was surprised to find that woman reproof glared at him, bowed his head, ears Hongyan like fire. "son is really good luck ah! "Hidden in the crowd of Xiao Dapeng" looked incense curl basilica, concubine Italian Lang feeling of armies and military counselor lady, look remarkable said. "Do you like it good fortune ah?" Side, Aki mō claim his chin,oakley outlet store, admiring said. "Oh, Aki brothers of yore?" Xiao Dapeng surprised turned his head and looked at Aki road. "Gee, African black girl ah! Fabulous ah!" Aki quack bad smile, blinked on Xiao Dapeng Road. "You" Xiao Dapeng heard remark, suddenly appear before dish sè. "Ha!" Agui Gang laughed loudly, turned his head, suddenly God sè mutations. "That man! Grass, who watch?" Kuei Lu Heng pointing to the attempt to close the Dairen, eyes bared blanket,Nike Jordan 10 Shoes, screaming. Yuehua Jian, Aki has been brushed aside in front of people rushed past. "Grass!" Xiao Dapeng heart thumped, the Tigers down in general, rushed past. However, the two of them just out of step, you see that trying to reach Lu Heng Dairen, there are ten feet away from the LU Heng distance, when suddenly a soft body, fell down. While in his side, a man just still burning incense, with the same action, hold on that faint mí pour Dairen, smoothly handed over to the side of the companions. Uh ...... being rushed past Kuei seeing this, can not help but surprised a moment. "He is that part?" See the son unharmed, Aki wiped his forehead of sweat lift sleeves, suspected huò watching Xiao Dapeng. "I do not know ah!" Xiao Dapeng carefully watching that person, identify him is not something God of War whip soldiers, scratched his head, puzzled replied. Is suspected huò room, surprised to find that saved the son of man, looked over towards here. After seeing the crowd muttering Kuei and Xiao Dapeng, when the man smiled and nodded to them, and then secretly liáo gown from the forward swing. Sè light touch of gold, quietly flash. "Ouchi shì David?" Xiao Dapeng see that gold sè Yaopai, mouth are surprised why the rope, turned, stumbling on Aki said. ! . <

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