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> Book〗 〖room in silent. Sunlight shone from the window frames, a channel beam, Jingyi cast on the ground, folding "fire" a dazzling mottled. Beam, tiny dust condensation seems to live like it so quietly hanging in the air. Occasional wind into, I would see that dust, while gently shaking. A little while, then again to restore calm. Tea cup of tea, has cool down. However, Wu and Zhang Ning Hill, still holding it cool down for tea, stupidly daze. Brow, are all deeply worried. Just remember that some of today Lvheng Gang matter of scrutiny, the final form of the conclusion, two are all shocked by this conclusion is not light. Thought, Qingcheng Road is just an independent existence, did not expect that will involve so many things. If we say, Qingcheng Road is settle down to do the hands and feet, then, there is the projection down, and that EGL Jiangning people, as well as Shanxi princes who have had a great relationship and settle down. Settle down so generous action, he in the end want to do? Wu Ning, frowning, deep thinking about it, the more that settle hearts overwhelmed action, absolute and ever "force" them to force large Zhou Zhaoting compromise differently. Do they want .................. thought here, Wu Meng Ning body startled, looked up, watching the front, side sè calm, gently blowing tea cup scholar. Took a deep breath, low voice; "Do not settle down like treason?" Aside, Zhang Shan apparently also thought of here. Wu Ning hear them directly tells the inside story, Zhang Shan body shoved startled. Eyes full of sorrow sè watching Lu Heng. See these two old people are looked at his face looks sad, Lu Heng smiled, his eyes looking out calm and beautiful April dependents light, quietly after thought, lightly; "he rebellion is not rebellion, we who do not know. Moreover .................. "Lu Heng smiled ... fingers gently knock the desktop, turned his head and looked at two old people;" And, we also do not need to go guess he settled down in the end want to do, this is not necessary, is useless! ... "" That, in accordance with Yongzheng you mean? "Wu Ning Lu Heng looked puzzled, hearts full of doubt. "He did his, we do our long as hearts have preparedness, the hands have action. Even that time, settle down really rebellion, not be too passive!" Lu Heng sip of tea, put down the cup, mesh Depending on the duo ... Zhang Wu said a single word; "Take the beam current situation, we settled down in preparedness cornered, we should get rid of as soon as possible Qingcheng Road, is just the right way." saying in a circle, back again to Qingcheng trail. After a series of analyzes ... Wu Ning already deeply understand the Qingcheng Road tricky place. Does the Huangxiong so anxious to press their own, but also because that Qingcheng Road and settle the relationship? Wu Ning Duanzhaochabei trance, his eyes flickering god sè. Thought for a long time, think of that day talking with his Majesty Qingcheng Road thing, that in the eyes of impatience sè, and deep frustration. Wu Ning sigh, the end is a wry smile hearts sigh ... yes ah ... presumably Huangxiong knew them. Heart smiled, his heart was deeply raised a glimmer of admiration. Indeed ... Huangxiong can become holy, and indeed in order to win his own lot. Presumably, he already knows settle down with Qingcheng Road relations, but also the entire event Dongche harm xing. That hurry hurry urging their understanding of the matter. This is exactly their own some time ago, with the Huangxiong speaking to torture Li method, strong pressure〗 〖town when Qingcheng Road. Huangxiong just frowned and told his cry, do not be too. Presumably, the situation in the country, in a way, has reached a critical state. Otherwise, His Majesty would not agree, so their practices. See Wu Ning Zhang Shan Jie Shiyi face with deeply shocked sè, Lu Heng smiled, shaking started in the tea cup, light said; "So, whether it is from the global point of view, or from the urgency of the situation up Look. destroyed Qingcheng Road, but currently the most urgent task, and that is significant! "Wu Ning nodded, took a deep breath later, turned his head and looked at the surface sè calm, still like that fine, clear expression of the scholar, Wu Ning will be determined by watching him, Chen Sheng asked; "I do not know, what the medication eternity?" Lu Heng smiled and uttered a word, and almost let Wu Ning Zhang Shan simultaneously fainted. "Quite simply,Outlet Oakley Lifestyle, ah, got their rosters, and then press the roster to arrest people on the line!" Wu Ning; "............... Zhang Shan;" .................. "" You'd say this kid light, if can get the list, the old anxiety also need it to do? "Wu Ning Lu Heng snappily stare one, a wry smile and shook his head cursed. Kick in the opening two contempt when ... this guy was a knock at the door of the study. Bang bang bang ..............." Royal Highness! "Closed the door, show the male voice came in. room conversation three, spontaneously stopped talking. Eyes turned to the door." Anything? "Wuning moistened tea remote from the mouth,Totes Coach Sale, the pale and asked." Door, there is a beggar, said that there are things - military advisor! "Listen to the sound, the sound development of the male was very nervous and he knows that God strategist and queen who are talking about things in the house, presumably very confidential, their princes to interrupt the conversation at this time, it seems a little less knowledge eye sè ah . "beggar? "Wu Ning heard this, turned his head and looked surprised Lu Heng, after listening to the words of male development, Lu Heng after a little thought, could not help laughing. Broke hung on the outside of the exhibition Road;" Oh, let him come in. ! "" Yes, strategist! "Exhibition male should be a cry, then go back." Are you a beggar? "Zhang Shan took a sip of tea, some turn, but turn to head directly asked. Saying exports, saw Lu Heng God sè mismanagement, this smile, quickly corrected himself and said;" Do you know who beggars? "Zhang Shan said beggars, not later said the strength of the martial arts in the world of gangs. Instead, in this era, some of the beggars in order to compete the site, and the formation of a small organization, as they did not Dragon eighteen palm, nor does kind of stick method. nor Joe closer is so close-knit organization. just a bunch of beggars to make a living, and the formation of loosely organized, but the beggars and the martial arts is a little resemblance to these beggars ask for information, is definitely a good move, after all, their members throughout the capital throughout the East West at home parents short, street gossip, nothing can ever escaped their ears if, Yongzheng really have this resources, then, hidden in the shadows of those Qingcheng Road, soon surfaced. Lu Zhang Heng Shan one looked, smiled, Zhang Shan in the eyes of those anxious heat, reach for a leisurely tea leisurely blowing. "in the end you know do not know ah? "Zhang Shan frantically asked." Do not know! "Lu Heng plump soon swallowing out tea, laughing." Rely on! "Direct throw of the word, let Zhang Shan a cool mind, enthusiasm and look forward to his face also will fade. Said this, the door came the sound development of the male respectful." Strategist, who has been taken! "" Come in! "Lu Heng stood up, walked directly toward the door. Behind, Wu Ning and Zhang Shan surprised on the visual one, mind muttering, this beggar is what people ah. Yongzheng even let this guy got up to greet in heart thinking, two have spontaneously stood up. door squeak slamming open, the sun pouring into the room. blazing sun shone person one time blink. glow gradually dispersed, the warm bright sunshine , a burly man, standing in the doorway, being in a good mood towards Lu constant smile. "Aki seen son! ! "January no, Aki'd lost a lot. Sè body white gown, had been replaced by this beggar was wearing only a broken sheepskin waistcoat. Pair had eyes like a sword scabbard, has become refined gas restrained. Kuei now only send and receive freely like a master. Mighty like a sword, found a suitable scabbard general. edge introverted, but once the scabbard, and must be bloody. such a temperament naturally affects the male and others outside the exhibition, to see them that God tension sè, you know, Aki the realm even superior. "back? "Lu smiled and looked at some constant Kuei, nodded, asked with a smile." Ah,! "Aki nodded, hehe smile, and then from that old coat in, and took out a line of manuscripts, and then step back respectfully, will be that this was sent to Lu Heng wire-bound before;" Agui Xing does not shame mission! "Look at the ragged, describe weight loss, eyes are full of ji sè moving the Kuei Lu perseverance in slightly Yi Tan, a deep sense of guilt on the heart attack. Patted his hand on the shoulder, and then Kuei took it from the hands of wire-bound book, will help up after ... Aki looked at him silently, then it is a step back, his hands bow, facing slightly Kuei line of a ceremony. "son, you, This is your ............... Aki was shocked, quickly propped up son. "This is what you deserve!" Lu Heng smiled, still adhere to the finish line on Aki ceremony. Hearts slightly Yi Tan, watching Aki trepidation that way ... mind the taste is indescribable. Aki ah, Aki! Offer all kinds of discourse, offer all kinds of guilt, and now can only be dissolved in the sigh. "Son, ah, what are you doing ah!" Aki see a look of apology son of sè, anxious almost cried out. Lift sleeves, wiped red eyes, tears asked. "Oh, this is the son I owe you!" Lu Heng smiled, bowed completed, forward hand hammer a bit Kuei's xiong bore, laughing. Watch Aki some aggrieved lift sleeves, wiping tears. LU Heng smiled, patted his shoulder heavy, and then turned, facing death, God sè full of doubt incomprehension sè weapons and Zhang Ning Shan smiled. Raising the hands of the manuscripts, very pleased,Nike Jordan Son Of Mars UK, said; "Just do not say the list? Well, this my hand it wants!" (To be continued.! <

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