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05.06.2013 11:19
we might have a traitor antworten

The 501st chapter group business charge woman asked everyone to prove their loyalty to the king. Six batches left Chapeng, reunion in the vicinity of a hidden valley, like members of secret societies, pen stand, is first introduced to each other their own information known,Nike Jordan Flight 9 Shoes, then the Iowa women put forward the request, "Shangguan like pompous, but he must have been getting a lot of people, we might have a traitor, so, everyone should say you will not betray the Dragon King reason." Five pairs of eyes stay in Shangguan Shangguan flying, he is the younger brother, two people have contact, is almost half open collusion. Shangguanfei stare big eyes, surprised,Air Jordan 13 UK, complaints, grievances, all sorts of feelings is shown, "the problem is I? The Dragon King did not doubt me, send me to perform important tasks, say, have the officer hung in a lesson, I will certainly not take refuge in Jinpeng fort, leads the king have no reason to forgive me." "This is a reason." The Iowa women expressed approval, Shangguan Feisong tone, be in the right and self-confident to look to others. Since Shangguan fly the first opening, his dragon again will then say, "I am the snowy mountains swordsman." This one word is enough. There was once a swordsman secretly acting in collusion with the enemy, finally would atone for Dutch act type attacks, but the Dragon King do not expose the crimes, six people who do not know the matter, still full of confidence in the "big mountain swordsman" word. Next is the beginning of Nanping, he thought, "I told the Dragon Sword hasn't trained." All one Leng, don't understand this is what relationship with betrayal, but at the Nanping trusted, he kind of X ì ng lattice, can not hide the secret, but the Dragon King rarely handed him especially important task, there really isn't much to buy value. The next one is Han Fen, six out of her most happy, like watching for a long time was invited to join the game boy, "my turn, I will not betray the Dragon King, because he fighting skill is very high, looks very handsome, also like to chat with me." Even the Han Fen, also from the others eyes that his answer is not good,Coach Handbags Sale, urgent his sideburns, think of one reason suddenly, could not help but smile, "I will not betray the Dragon King, because I don't trust him, no loyalty will not betray, right? My allegiance is to resist the teacher, her choice is my choice." Finally pass, Han Fenchang out of breath, immediately pushed around Han Xuan, "to you." Han Xuan had nothing to say, Han Fen reminds her, "I have no effect to the Dragon King Zhong, where the betrayal? Unless he is willing to be my lady's son-in-law, but he has a wife "Han Xuan is a maid, swallow wind gap position be of little, can not enter the Shangguan eyes, this is her best to ensure reliable. Only the Dutch woman, "want to kill the Dragon King, I have many chance, don't wait until now." Shangguan Fei was very indignant, he found that the six, only he say the reason really, other people is to resort to sophistry, "this doesn't work well, which traitors will admit in public?" "I just an attitude, the true test of your next task." Dutch female dull tone, shangguanfei suddenly feel >

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