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05.06.2013 11:15
amiable and easy of approach right antworten

The 483rd chapter adventure shangguanfei once for the Dragon King kibitz, suggestion ambush a Jones in the mountains, from flank Jinpeng army, Gu Shen as though a perfunctory in the past, in fact, be startled at heart,Oakley Radar, for it is he and Dugu envy one secret strategy. For the upcoming war, Dugu envy all the effort invested, and the Dragon King as Jinpeng Fort traitor, he is very clear, the outcome of which mean the difference between life and death. When the military officers and men of the surface, Du Xian was extremely calm self-confidence, to personally inspect the army day, solve the problem of morale, relative to the Dragon King of the reclusive, amiable and easy of approach right general is gradually gaining more and more appreciated. But privately, Dugu envy not so confident, the Dragon King, he only speaks the truth, "no matter how good the right place at the right time, decided the war or people, Jin Pengjun eighty thousand, long Jun thirty thousand, even at sea again ten times, from narrow to only one person to pass, offset this gap." Dugu envy or anyone who doesn't believe in miracles, "less is more not happened, they all belong to the exception, unless the enemy, major mistakes, the greatest generals can not be more than two times more than the enemy." Sometimes the right general too pessimistic, Gu Shen to ask him, "since it is so, we the Nandu to Anguo do? The defeat of the time delay?" "That do not for long, less people, so we have to fight for every possible advantage, even if it's just a little bit, accumulate, also can let the odds higher, the odds by three rise to four, is a progress, but also is not big enough, if Jianyi Shangguan not to make mistakes, thirty thousand people or beat 80000 people." Gu Shen don't want to wait for the enemy to make mistakes, so in the south before, he had thought about the tactical battle. Flank attack is a common but very effective tactic, under normal circumstances, any generals have made a point of one's own side, to prevent the enemy's attack, unless the protection wing is itself a natural barrier. The mountain is a natural barrier, Anguo side toward the towering steep, ambush dozens of martial arts master might be possible, who also don't believe it could hold an army. "Because of this, from the mountain out of the warrior is the raiders." Gu Shen for right general explain their ideas. Dugu envy started very not optimistic about this project, "well, is the Raiders,Outlet Oakley Monster Dog, can the Dragon King plans to do in at least three thousand troops in unlikely places, but also avoid Jin Pengjun Eyeliner?" Gu Shen was ransacked the map, summoned a Anguo locals and Osan soldiers out, ask the mountains every secret lane and has not yet opened the way, finally chose a place. Here. Gu Shen on the map to see all envy, "here is the swallow wind gap, to tens of miles, with a gentle slope, the mountain is not too difficult, can ambush soldiers, three thousand people, or five thousand people have no problem." Dugu envy ponder a long time, start asking the questions, "we must first Jin Pengjun will lead to a decisive battle here." "." "The Dragon King thought not, thus,Coach Poppy Collection, to give an half territory, Jinpeng army can have a big chunk of a place to live in, dragon army advantage there is not much left."

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