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05.06.2013 11:03
he was almost fooled antworten

No trap temple. No ambush killers, no passage and the chamber of Secrets beyond all expectations, not the beginning of Nanping and Hu Shining, nor who should be loyal to the Dragon King killer apprentice. The front door was stationed twenty dragon Army soldiers, positive shift patrol, priests and fatigue has been resting, the whole temple quiet. Gu Shen Han Fen and keep away from the soldiers, and around lap two, without any suspicious signs. Gu Shen to come to understand, he was almost fooled, Shangguan deliberately sent three children to die, is to provoke the Dragon King, let him send dragon army mopping up temple, thereby provoking MFN people's discontent. Nearly deceived not only Gu Shen, and Dutch woman, she thought that it would be a trap, so will assign Han Fen surveillance here. Han Fen probably had found, suspicious characters who occasionally import, but is confused her. But Han Fen has no feeling, she once had to stop the Dragon King to enter the temple,Outlet Coach Bags, it is imperial the teacher explain the task with the female, once she listen to the Dragon King Temple, there is no trap, she doesn't care. In fact, only the king's most trusted son found hiding in the temple, Dragon King normal measure should be sent troops down here, alone adventure was a mistake impulsive decision, but to avoid a possible consequences of killing. Everyone has their own good at Y ī N and deception, to Shangguan style,Oakley Hijinx, Gu Shen to slowly understand. Gu Shen is always used to malicious speculation others, but to Shangguan change, always feel unable to understand. He remembers clearly, Shangguan was shut in the stone prison, looked out of the window at the moon, revealing the poet general smile, the father is very little Lord similar concerns, the youngest sister,Oakley Sunglasses Squared Cheap, not a ruthless killer, as friends and lovers misfortune and sadness anger, even an assassination attempt cruel father used. Shangguan every feature of cloud on the body, and the top of the stone fort above be misfits, Gu Shen is sometimes think, Shangguan if one day sooner or later will become like her brother, did not expect a change will Shangguan, had publicly vowed to never pull out the traitor narrowly knife, even after the wound a great circle, back to the family of old road. Shangguan has achieved little Wan title of king, why personal risk, to remote MFN? And spent two months time, arrangement of complex trap, only to let the Dragon King lost popular support? Gu Shen to once again feel unable to understand. Han Fen is a good killer, and the Dragon King with very understanding, is not as good as the Iowa Women quiet, find the Dragon King to relax, she automatically end task, add: "inside than outside to look at the big day, estimated to better." If this is the Dutch woman, Gu Shen will consult with her current situation, on the Xiao Yuetang disciple, say conditions have a lot of work, not to mention for advice. "Come with me." Gu Shen has to decide what to do next. Han Fen mind seems to have an organ, capable of automatically switching between the madwoman and killer, the Dragon King gave the order, she immediately changed a person, to the number of steps outside the Y ī n shadow, the side rear loyal guardian dragon king. Gu Shen for several times before the palace are light >

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