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05.06.2013 10:59
he must grasp the discretion antworten

Shangguan Jianyi like a tricky fish bait, around the turn, is not willing to. First dial the assassinated man is not alone the envy and princess, but the three happy sea generals, just a few days ago, these people still help him hide Ji ā n fine, but now it has become a knife attack. In the first half after the assassination, chaos finally subsided, and two soldiers were killed in the kitchen. Only an assassin in the evacuation process by guards against accidental discovery, for a moment, were killed,nike jordan outlet, his companions to retreat, no one came to the rescue. The Dragon King sent to clear the scene, but did not come. He chose to halt the troops and wait, after a group of ordinary killer didn't make much sense,Nike Jordan Flight 9 UK, he will track down sb. By following clues, to Jianyi shangguan. Prior to this, he had to endure a period of misunderstanding. The morning after, on the Dragon King began to spread to groups of killer that be at a loss what to do, "he is hiding very deep, even their own people can't find it, we'll be miserable, Jinpeng killer is not divided, would kill who." Killer only a small minority, with twenty thousand troops, can only choose the extremely individual targets, but panic is full, a phenomenon began to appear, the snowy mountains swordsman had to day and night patrol, guarantee the stability of the camp. Gu Shen is sent a large number of people secretly find Jinpeng killer's lair, but also pay close attention to the soldiers, he must grasp the discretion, before morale fell to the bottom, to retaliate, he hopes captured prey is not just a dozen killer, and Shangguan built wing. Allow him to distraction, near the wedding is one of them. The Dragon King to marry two wives, the news caused a lot of controversy, unfettered sea people do have wronged princess, snowy mountains swordsman is excited, they traced the ancestry of ginger,Nike Air Jordan 11 Sale, claimed that she is the most ancient house, status than the princess is low, and even a little higher. In order to show the status and the princess on an equal footing, long dragon Xiaoshi sent from the palace a ginger, live in big snow mountain camp. Not surprisingly, Gu Shen is busy all day, later in the evening back to his tent, see Jiang nervously stood there, blush as Xia, self-conscious even words all can not say it. Gu Shen for regular replacement of accommodation, but the most important side of the guards are all from the snowy mountains, his whereabouts from just a few patriarchs. Ginger - a beautiful girl, by the jade jade city standards, she may not be slim, but too shy, do not know how to love, but her health in simple, shy behind is full of vitality, like a never put out the flame, only the pure snow mountain, in order to cultivate such characters. "I, I am to serve the Dragon king." The voice was almost inaudible, she not only shyness, like some at a loss. She should have known their mission, Gu Shen for thought, the old clan long capture Eagle sent her, must have the fate of told her, maybe that's why she always blush in the Dragon King. "Well." Gu Shen can in an instant with complex plot, but do not know how to face this situation, "is there something on your mind?" "No no." Ginger eagerly shaking his head, "I, I am very high >

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