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snappily laughed a little antworten

> ...... Economy this kind of thing takes time validation, hurry not be rushed. wwW, QUanbEN,Coach Handbags Sale, coM valid or not, practiced to know! "Lu Heng hand Duanzhaochabei in one hand and a brush in the roll out of paper, written on the side of the Miao special sè economic development programs. Then i turned on the side of the IL Yan said." Of course, , and in the one before the implementation of economic policy, we must go through multiple nasal deduction and reasoning. So, will it be possible to minimize the loss! "Lu Heng sip after tea, pointing to this scenario, the first half of the huā spent most of the words written argument of the law, said with a smile." Racking our brains decision-making approach does not work! "Lu Heng smiled, raised his hand and pointed to his head, on the side of the trunk Zhang Shan said. Trio have been in this elegant room, the discussion for a long time. After careful consideration and after synthesis,Oakley Sunglasses UK, Lu Heng in Later, based on economic theory, worked out this thorn jī local economic development strategy. LU Heng program, gotta say it is very simple to borrow the words of future generations will be someone Gangster, is the integration of resources, focus on supply some of the talented , the ability of people to enable them to get rich first in this part of the points and then, after these people get rich, is bound to require more labor to maintain their wealth to expand so that it will naturally promote Miao based economy starts. to time, everyone has a job. everyone's life will be better. least not like this, the impoverished. "But! "Side of Zhang Shan, quietly listening to Lu Heng explanation. Responsibility in this case he will read many times after frowned:" ... so, will not cause the poor are getting poorer and the rich getting richer situation. At that time, may find it difficult to convince the public! "Heard later, Lu Heng smiled, put down the brush. Beside IL Yan, a faint smile, the heart have picked up the teapot to Lu Heng added a cup of fresh tea. LU Heng Duanqichabei, sip, the light, said: "Wenshan ah, your fear is justified. However, not just you and me, I am afraid that the saints alive. Are difficult to solve this problem ah! "See Zhang Shan still frowning, thinking. LU Heng do not worry, just smiled. Raised his hand, pointing to his head, smiled and said simply:" Oh, man xìng dictates! Greed just a! "See Zhang Shan nodded with a wry smile, be tacit his own argument. LU Heng picked brush on paper drawing of a pie chart. Then indicated in which about eighty percent of the area." In a certain period of time, the world Cai Fuzhi is fixed. And because the existence of classes, as well as the distribution system defect that eighty percent of Caifu Zhi, destined to be a minority-owned. Oh, this is what people say twenty-eight theory! "Lu Heng took the brush will ring up eighty percent of the area, wrote a few words in the above post, Zhang Shan smiled and said." Take today's big week, the more than eighty percent of the wealth of the Royal and Royal vassal of the hold. Of course, maybe you want to say, some people are also some wealth. For example, businessman. However, Wenshan brother, you thought not. If one day, the emperor opening directly to a businessman donated all his possessions. May I ask what this businessman approach? "Lu Heng looked focused stare paper that pie chart, is pondering the Zhang Shan. Smiled after Duanqichabei after blowing a hot, lightly said:" I think that businessmen in addition to compliance with the emperor commands, no other way. Oh, of course, unless the merchant impatient to live! "" Say that these, in fact,Nike Jordan Play In These 2 Sale, also proved a truth. That is a big week in this range, the Royal big week for all of the resources, with the absolute control, including tens of thousands of people within the big week! That is, in fact, push down, big week all the wealth, all royal one person! Oh, at least on the surface is such that "... listening to Lu Shan Zhang Heng, then raised his head and looked in front of this laughing pointing country scholar, to see him talking about these things, that ease and fine, clear look. heart is extremely troubled, although a little surprised at the attitude of the Royal Wing is right, it seems not so respected, but more shocking, or from being forever on these things, insight and broad vision. See Zhang Shan's eyes shining Sidongfeidong God sè, Lu Heng not expect him to suddenly be able to understand this point, would fall into economic theory handed him, presumably, in time, to his talent, will be will understand. "Today's big week, after two generations of emperors construction. Is already considered the Golden Age. Clear surface, as well as the wealth hidden in the shadows, incalculable! "Lu Heng Duanzhaochabei, sip hit it with his mouth open, slightly laughing." Yongzheng, you mean. From His Majesty there, out of two percent. Spread in the community, so that people have the ability to operate two businessmen into wealth? "Zhang Shan tight, frowning, difficult to follow Lu Heng thinking. Thought later, pointing to a pie chart that a single large round cake, open asked." Oh, the ideal state is indeed the case. However, this is only satisfactory. "Lu under constant smile, shook his head and said:" For Real, only the owners of wealth in all of them up in their hearts, in order to ensure the stability of domination. Here you extract from the Royal two percent. You say that the emperor will promise you do? "" Then you mean Yongzheng spoon "Zhang Shan even more at a loss." Very simple ah, use of the existing situation, this pie bigger. Then take advantage of the Royal did not react, to strike first! "Lu Heng very calm smile, but say the words, but scared Zhang Shan a cold sweat." Yongzheng, cautious ah! "Come with Royal grab something, uh, only Yongzheng this kid can be absurd. Zhang Shan looked round sweep, low voice." Oh, of course, in fact, is not a grab. After all, this is a big week military family in the world. Even if you do these pie is bigger, it is also the royal family pie. No matter how good you are cooking, it is only a cook nothing! "Lu Heng Duanqichabei, chuckled, seeing the face of tensions Zhang Shan sè slightly less bad, continued:" they do not worry, after all, we bring the pie bigger, but also to the people of big week, huh that higher realm, but also to the court Fenyou. Presumably to the emperor's courage and vision of today should be able to look out for! "" Well, how do these pie bigger? "Beside, IL Yen hear some doorways. Meimou looked glorious circulation Lu Heng, asked softly." Open source! "Lu Heng is very simple to say the word. See two simply shot the lights face a loss, Lu Heng some awkward pat on the forehead, heart secretly said, it touches forget, today said a lot of things, but also No wonder this duo's head turn, but turn to his Duanqichabei, sip, moistened throat after continued: "The so-called open source it, that is, in the existing conditions, the opening of a number of multi-channel financial resources. Yizhou on it now, open source in many ways, such as raising taxes! "In the LU Heng say the word after the tax increase, Zhang Yan Mountains and interleukin face sè have a change." You, so help me? ,, IL Yen wronged Duqi mouth, full of hidden bitterness Meimou sè, watching Lu Heng, people love and affection in his voice trembling, whispered rebuke Road. Do not blame IL Yan reaction so big. Today, the court has a lot of taxes, plus lots of Miao village poor, barren land, crops difficult to grow. Miao villagers life quite miserable, if coupled with tax, it is not on the withdrawal of salt to the wound you? Zhang Shan wry smile shook his head and said: "hey, the wife also thought of this point, however, is the implementation of fear can not! After all, is now working with the Huns court battle. My big week people in order to support national finances. Been overwhelmed. If we add the tax, for fear it will lead to civil commotion ah! "" Who told you with taxing the people? "Lu Heng was drinking tea, I heard that Zhang Shan Tong complained, suddenly responsibilities out. Dumbfounding glanced at him, snappily laughed a little. "Well, Yongzheng you mean?" Zhang Shan suddenly at a loss, in his mind, in addition to taxing the people, but also to whom ah! "This tax source should never have full pressure on the people!" Lu Heng smiled, spoken words, suddenly beside IL Yan relieved. "Oh, one sentence, who have money to whom taxed. Example, the territory of those dignitaries big week, despotic landlords door! These people, than their high-income people more!" Chuckled Lu Heng , Duanzhaochabei, rising through the mist that curl, watching seems to have been somewhat understand Zhang Shan, gently smiled, hand brush on paper a few names that draw a circle: "This tax, From these people will be able to find the solution? "" But, in what names? "Zhang Shan hear some doorways, but on the whole is still not very clear. He thought later, although I think that with these people is indeed a good way taxed, but, unfortunately no names. We can not directly grab bars. Moreover, these people are not good crop ah! You make them pay, they will obediently do pay taxes? "Nominal Well, much easier!" Lu Heng smiled, put the brush on ink stone, the light, said: "What personal income tax, business tax, stamp huā tax, value added tax, land tax, tax, ........." numerous The set a less than twenty names, see Zhang Shan an awkward cold sweats. Finally, LU Heng suddenly remembered something like, pick up a brush, on a notional Adds: "ah, if the conditions are ripe, and inheritance! Like the Western Han Dynasty period of grace so as to push. Different, push to make just a means of distribution En while regrettable taxes taken out from which one! "......, being cautious Duanqichabei, drink a tea, depressed heart tremble when. LU Heng suddenly heard those words uttered estate, Zhang Shan suddenly could not resist, will spray out of the mouth of the tea. Uh, the dead body from taxing! Oh, this wicked another way, only Yongzheng this kid can be absurd! Zhang Shan looked so badly, Lu Heng helpless smile. What is this, I did not say, property taxes, fuel taxes, road maintenance taxes too! @. www. <

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