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05.06.2013 10:49
Canyon is a trap is the place to start antworten

Xiao Yuetang traitors wanted to destroy the people only Dutch woman,Classic Coach Bags, the Dragon King, just as a hindrance, can kill, can't kill you around. In order to lure female hook load, they set up a series of complex trap. Swallow wind Canyon is a trap is the place to start, because the advance was recognized, "a San" can not play a role, they began to perform a backup plan. In the post house to throw the helve after the hatchet with immortal postmortem, in Anguo dock provoke people attacking the Dragon King, in all around the town hall of poison, both show the crazy go into a cul-de-sac. They succeeded, Gu Shen and the Iowa women did at the last moment by this crazy confused, believe that close business is the last of a traitor, but is cornered. Even though Gu Shen is seen in the four woman is dead, did not affect their plans, because the most important move still beat the Dragon King and lotus female. The four woman is obviously Xiao Yuetang, fighting skill is top level, they did not use the aria hall at the occult, but to rely on with no chink in one's armour fit in one fell swoop kill target. This trick is Jinpeng, commonly used method,Coach Bags Sale, because of "Xiao Tang" this three word, Gu Shen and Dutch female envisaged in the enemy trap, it is firstly excluded. Gu Shen is immediately a knife, he is sure to kill an assassin, but the remaining three master to charge women their own to deal with. At the same time, close the business also shot, goal remains the Iowa women, they have determined, even after all died in the dragon sword, also must first get rid of Dutch women. Not only the people in the room is the queen mother, happening not in her understanding of the range, she does not know the relationship of these people, especially the four woman, it is the most common maid-in-waiting,Oakley Sunglasses Sport, when her face was killed, why would rise from a pool of blood, Li ghost at unknown woman? The old queen mother just a rib Bang head snap, the heart will jump out of the chest, seems never to return. She fainted, before dark, is seen by many people wonder woman siege, stood in situ, also seems to like her, froze. "The dead by the" sword can only kill one person at a time, this is the way it concentrate, but also its disadvantages, unless your opponent is too weak, process or once again gather gas, will become a fatal flaw, Gu Shen for each outnumbered, must do everything possible to avoid falling into the trap, is this truth. The Iowa women face the same problem, want to save, she can only change a kind of way. More than four top master will charge female think both hall traitor, each other also did not think of the Iowa women have more tricks. A hint of fragrance floating in the air, everyone inhale a little, but who do not care, Dutch women and the traitors to know each other means, they eat a lot of antidote, believe in it enough to deal with all the doors of the occult. They don't know, in this few months, the Iowa women and learn to make some new ecstasy. Immeasurably Xiangji country making sweet medicine technology with the aria hall mystic, but wins in the less people know, even the Dutch woman, enter the Xiangji country also two times in a row by Indra incense fascinated, until asked which component, and personally create the antidote, no longer feel it very badly. Both >

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