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a leisurely walking antworten

> Family it has been plagued by Zhang Shan long time, and now once solved. Www, QUAnben, CoM this old man is naturally himself, hurried to keep guard at the door of KN call came in, ordered a number of successive command, this relief to sit down together with Lu Heng cackle. Just two chatted for a long time, to the point, it is already midnight the night. Half Moon climb trees, distributed under ten thousand Gambhir. Ground, a cold silver sè. Door, then dressed in black kN Wei, still motionless at the door. Eyes as electrical glanced all around. Study, a candle, such as beans. Study on the table, on which stood a few dishes, a pot of wine. The two sides will be sitting in this desk, toasted. "Oh, just some busy faint overdone." Zhang Shan smiled and patted the forehead, his face with a trace of regret, put cups of Lu Heng said: "Come, come, Yongzheng. Through this glass of wine, it is When she Jie Feng up for you! "study, only the old and a little of this, sitting at the table. Table, no delicacy cuisine. Just a few simple simple dishes. However, know that Zhang Heng Shan Lu simple style. Also know that this old man can put four or five kinds of dishes, it is already the first time. Now see Zhang Shan, a look of regret holding cups, looking at himself. Lu Heng smiled and nodded, put cups gently touched him, looked up and drained. Through this revelry, long time no two people, naturally talk to the original in the Jiangning Lu Heng, Zhang Shan, Wu Ning trio of good times together. "So long, Yongzheng still be done in the palace steward, sir?" Zhang Shan sip a little drunk, watching Lu Heng asked. Lu Heng reach for the wine, is ready to drink when they suddenly heard Zhang Shan there is this question. Heart remembered some time ago, dismissed by others things. Still somewhat awkward. . Lu Heng coughed, nodded and said: "Oh, some time ago of a job!" "Unemployment?" Zhang Shan is the first time I heard the word of this novel, Lu Heng looked puzzled, surprised asked : "why not?" Lu Heng smiled, took a sip of wine after a shrug, a look of innocent look, sighed and said: "hey, was fired!" Hearing this news, Zhang Shan face God sè obviously a moment, then, this old man a look of gloating laugh. "Hey Hey, I said, you old vomit, you know, for a wretched man laugh, is a very rude thing ah!" Was fired, Lu Heng also some frustration. However, do not ever noticed before. But this time, Zhang Shan see this guy laughing bend forward and backward in. Natural heart will some unhappy. Snappily taunts the road. Zhang Shan laughed for a while after, this stroked his beard, is still gloating look like that. He looked up and down LU Heng, like the first time I saw the same. After a while, this old man just stroked his beard, huh smiled and said: "I did not expect,oakley outlet store, your kid have such a day ah! However, the old lady is actually very curious as to your ability, how would mix so badly?" Speaking of this, I was actually Lu Heng also tǐng speechless. Although his occasional absenteeism, but also regarded as a conscientious. But did not seem to have committed other errors. So bare dismissed Actually speaking, but also listening to lose face. But Who own bad luck it, hit the king accomplishment. Hey, I think of my dear friend. Lu Heng addition to smile, really nothing can be done. This point, see Zhang Shan so, curious look. Lu Heng snappily glared at him, shook his head with a wry smile, said: "Oh, ran into a Supreme!" "Oh? Jiangning actually there is this other person?" Zhang Shan immediately to the interest, lay down cups, leaning forward, looking at Lu Heng asked. However, when asked out of these things, that God sè Zhang Shan is obviously some strange, even, is that some gloating. Lu saw this old man a constant, silent look of Xiao Ma said: "You old man, what a way!" It's no wonder, with the LU Heng in munitions in the strategy regarding the tender, as well as the entire political affairs of accurate pre- sentenced. Zhang Shan for this age less than twenty Lu Heng, my heart is extremely admirable. Although, his mouth does not say. However, in Chengdu encounter puzzling thing, Zhang Shan is still the first time he thought of Lu Heng. Now, although listening to talking Jiangning Lu Heng and powerful figure appears. However, how to see, this kid is not the kind of fighting defeated look. Obviously, the man of God sè is somewhat helpless. So, do the same opinion. This person should not be in the hands of a Yongzheng dish. Or, Yongzheng did not intend to exchange blows with him. "Oh, the old lady was just curious, curious nothing!" Zhang Shan stroked his beard, hehe smile. That God sè, is obviously not the letter. "However, in the end is the story behind this man ah? Let your kid is being beaten?" Zhang Shan coughed, but still conceal his eyes smile. "Oh, the eldest son of Wang Wang meritorious deeds!" Lu Heng shook his head with a wry smile, spread his hands helplessly. Laughing. "Uh ......" After hearing the name, Zhang Shan smile, never lose my cool, suddenly trembling, with a laugh. Wang Jiangong this person, he is naturally know. And, for the king meritorious deeds scholarship. He is also aware of. Although, this person, ah, there are so insane. However, this study Well, Keke, also seemed insane. The reason why, before he can become Jiangning first wit. Entirely palace Fang Zongguan credit. Uh, of course,Jordan Spizike Shoes, it can be said that the result of financial support from the palace. Today, I heard Lu Heng even in defeat at the hands of the king meritorious deeds. It's like a martial arts master, a home was a toddler, gave a mouth. Such a nonsensical thing, how can we not heard Zhang Shan music. "Haha, your kid, there are today, ah!" See this old man was very crazy smile, Lu Heng speechless rolled his eyes, his face muscles twitch while. But it is a rebuttal case, unable to speak. However, I found myself so simmering, always somewhat uncomfortable. Remembered Wangting Zhi boudoir hung askew beauty defloration map, Lu Heng heart when even had an idea. He coughed, turned his head and eyes looked equally ill Zhang Shan, is it so strange looking, motionless. "You boy, what to see it!" By Lu Hang this pair of crystal of eyes stare hairy heart. Zhang Shan down cups, sè Li EBARA within the hum. Lu Heng chuckled, look back. Reach for the wine, on the side of your mouth chún sip, his face a brave face, casual, said: "Oh, in the palace, I saw a picture? Painting is an absolutely sè beauty. ah, as if this painting, it was from a man named Vincent's handwriting? "yīn yang strange gas after he had finished talking, Lu Heng turned his head and glanced at the face sè unnatural Zhang Shan, chuckled, deliberately surprised tone asked: "Zhanglao, though you also called Wenshan Yeah!" affair was exposed when he was young, Zhang Shan suddenly old head red. He looked up, staring snappily Lu Heng, cried: "the world is called Wenshan more people go, the relationship with the old lady there ass!" Said this time, this old man is obviously a lack of confidence. Strong for calm. However, to say, it is quite a shame. That year, he and Jian-Fei Wang with the pursuit of the girl. The difference is that Jian-Fei Wang is dead wrapped lazy. Refuses to give up without a catch on the way. And Zhang Shan, was also the capital were full of wit, since that is the striking literary grace from the people mí, ah, that's it bluntly, is a bit narcissistic. He shook folding daily basis to make the occasional passing look. The woman went downstairs, Yaotouhuangnao some poetry. Then, it is chic to leave. On one occasion, it is spring in March, peach bloom of the weather. Spent most of the time, that that woman go outing after the news. Zhang Shan early in the morning with pen and ink, paper and ink, to their destinations waiting. After waiting for a long time, hungry Zhang Shan, finally saw a dream that led him around hún woman, in that the flying peach, a leisurely walking. The woman brow, with a trace of sadness in sè. What seems to be hidden in the same heart. She then walked quietly, Zhang Shan has come before, and then directly to the Yaotouhuangnao poems and couplets of Zhang Shan ignored. Move on. Zhang Xing sāo is full of mountains, to see the behind the scenes, suddenly stunned. Ages Huiguo Shen, head thought, suddenly a light. The woman pulled in behind him, leaving a silver. Then, he quickly ran over, picked up the silver, it is elegant kindly asked: "young lady, you throw things?" The woman heard this before turned around. Seen before, stood a gentle, refined after the young hero. Qiaolian but it is a bit red. Enliaoyisheng softly, then let the side of her maid, to take over the money. Is preparing to leave, this woman again looked Zhang Shan one, see behind him stocked with ink, paper and ink, and some paintings when. This woman, Zhang Shan took for granted as a painter. After thought, this woman has made a request to draw a picture. Women can enjoy the quiet beauty, Zhang Shan of course wish for. Thus, askew Spring in March,Oakley For Cheap, the Yellow River's beauty defloration map, will therefore result. Now, a few years later. Picture remains the same, however, has been dying roots. Zhang Shan Speaking of this matter, I could not help but burst sigh sigh. "Naturally, I later learned that the reason why the woman frowning face with worry sè. Because the original home of his father being vilified, and she was unable to rescue his father." Zhang Shan sip a little wine, with a wry smile : "Later, Jian-Fei Wang that old bastard, stepped in, by virtue of the house of gold and silver, bribed some officials Let the woman's father to get any redress, while the woman, and to repay, they then married Jian-Fei Wang other end of the pig! "Zhang Shan said this time, his face is called a hate ah. That disgusted look, Lu Heng some really worried that this old man would not huff, Jian-Fei Wang planing other people's graves! @. <

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