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leaves swirling in the antworten

> Long silence, the yard, the only wind in the treetops issued whimper. WwW, qUanbEN, cOm duo on stage are all watching each other, silent. Ultimately, the stage white son who, when they saw that the audience Lu Heng frank smile, there are a pair of crystal of the eyes after. Mouth slightly lù a hint of a smile. He readily in the hands of the soft sword, scabbard in revenue waist. Tap the foot, the body generally like a feather floating in the air across a white sè blur, floating in front of Lu Heng fell. White son raised his head, looked up and down the one Lu Heng, the hint of a smile, staring at Lu Heng said: "You, very good!" Lu Heng awkward smile, shook his head and said: "Oh, um, himself not say! "" Jiangning rumors you careful thought Dongche everything today saw, really deserved reputation! "white son faint smile, Shining eyes looked Lu Heng slowly come. "Do you know me?" Lu Heng heart slightly surprised, looked up, looked at the white son, pale and asked. White son shook his head: "it can not know, just heard your name!" Lu Heng indifferent smile, sigh and said: "Vanity nothing!" White waved his hand on his son, walked came close to Lu Heng before watching Lu Heng said: "virtual no title, the white one does not care. white one looking for you today is to ask you one thing!" Lu Heng nodded, looked at him frankly, Bao Quan said: "Bai Gongzi please say!" White son, uh, this title a say. Lu Heng heart unwittingly some sour. Shook his head, the mind goes on beautiful cheeks to shake off. Looked up, quietly waiting for this Bai Gongzai issue. Bai Gongzi eyes flashed a hint of cold sè, tone of some cold, dark watching Lu Heng said: "In the coming surnamed Bai,UK Nike Air Jordan, called INTERACTIVE!" "I know!" Lu Heng some curious glanced at him, a smile nodded, slowly replied. "The next is the white house Yizhou Miao people!" Ah, do not know why Bai Gongzai sè some ugly face. Lu Heng heart of a dynamic, seems to be thought of something, looked up, watching closely staring at his Bai Gongzai, after a little thought, nodded and said: "ah!" "IL Yan is my sister!" Finally, Lu Constant worry about things happened. This turned out to be a martial arts master IL Yan brother. 〗 〖My day! Even if my heart calm water seen the storms of Lu Heng, this time one can not help but burst foul language. "My sister where to go!" INTERACTIVE face sè Chill, grabbed Lu Heng xiōng mouth, his eyes flashed a coldness, Chen Sheng asked. Think of that day, mind to come, and IL Yen farewell scene. Lu Heng faint heart a pain. Shook his head, sighed and said: "I do not know, probably go home now!" "You do not know? You did not know?" INTERACTIVE Dailiaoyixia Nuji anti-laugh, face sèyīn Shen terrible. He stared at Lu Heng face emerges out of a terrible smile. "I" Lu Heng shook his head with a wry smile, slumped sighed: "I really do not know!" "You, this heartless bastard Gordon, I my sister an infatuation for you, you could be so for her?" INTERACTIVE laugh with a kick to the front of Lu Heng, ruthless face, fists tightly creak ringing. Lu Heng suddenly turned his head, his eyes somewhat fascinating. He saw a faint sight INTERACTIVE, after a moment of silence. With a wry smile and said: "the next, oh forget it. If Baixiong, met your sister so, please, take along a word for the next makeup. Said, he said, ........." He looked up, eyes closed, deep breath. After that, he turned his head, his eyes full of calm in the sè, watching INTERACTIVE said: "say, no matter what, Lu underwent her a man lost in the bazaar, is not always a gentleman should do. This point. Lvmou apologize to her! "" You think I'll bring you word not? "INTERACTIVE also some moist eyes, some voices changed the tone. It sounds like some weird. Helpless,Oakley Sunglasses Store, utterly confused at this time Lu Heng, simply do not listen to them. Looked at some importune INTERACTIVE, his heart also some anger. Leng Heng, toss sleeves, glanced at him coldly: "Whatever! Lvmou leave!" Casual arch hand, Lu Heng turned and walked towards the door. "Stop!" Behind him, pulled out a soft cry INTERACTIVE division of the sword, the blade cross in Lu Heng's shoulder. That blade trembled from Lu Heng's throat only Condition Zero centimeters. "What do you want?" At this moment, Lu Heng weird thought my heart was actually seen a movie plot. Oh, really like ah! But, is not the sword in the other Iraqis! He turned his head and saw a hint of the soft throat of this sword, then turned his head, visual ahead, I said nonchalantly. "To say you go say! Our small son never gives the band, then the habit!" INTERACTIVE division bang recover soft sword, facing the back of Lu Heng said. "There!" INTERACTIVE is preparing to turn away, when they think of a thing stopped after mō out of his pocket a small vase, readily threw Lu Heng. Lu Heng took a look at this little vase, suddenly togethers. The heart of the rolling river remorse as general strikes. This, this vase, turned out to be an antidote to food heart cup. I remember once when in Jiangning, IL Yan also take this thing to show off their own yet. At that time, IL Yen look cute smile, holding a small vase in their own eyes shaking a bit, and then hastily put away. Lovely and hateful smile, gas Lu permanent teeth itch. Today, once again see this little vase, Lu Heng heart suddenly felt that I missed out on something. And it missed something, there may be his most precious part of life. Lu Heng eyes of a hot, suddenly looked up, staring at INTERACTIVE, Chen Sheng asked: "makeup there?" "How do I know!" INTERACTIVE rolled his eyes, looked contempt Lu Heng, sneer . "Then this thing where you are from?" Lu Heng shook his hand a small porcelain cup fresh heart Chen Sheng asked. "My own! How the?" INTERACTIVE his arms sneered. "Oh, Oh, Lu underwent was not thinking, Bai Gongzi even have the habit of rubbing rouge powder, really have xìng grid Yeah!" Lu Heng contemptuous glance at him, sneered quips.  ......, INTERACTIVE suddenly dumbfounded! Qiaolian red for a moment, strong self argues: "This son is like painting rouge gouache, how the? Satisfied with ah! Fought against to ah!" Lu Heng chuckled, looking carefully looked a rally in front of which is a bit weird white , Church. From head to toe, front to back. So see a lot, and are not aware of what each other physically abnormal. Heart some disappointed sigh. Hey, the final constitution is not her ah! Originally, LU Heng thought the front of this handsome excessive INTERACTIVE, IL Yan that chick is turning posing. But to see that this INTERACTIVE muster Adam's apple, as well as a flat xiōng mouth can not help after an heavy disappointment. Although the body of the fragrance and IL Yan rouge exactly, but, uh, ......... "But he ultimately was not IL Yan ah!" You, you see what? "Lu Heng was straight up and down so read it again, goes pretty cheek INTERACTIVE emerges even a hint of blush, he quickly stepped back cold face questioned Road. Looked INTERACTIVE look alert, Lu Constant heart is dumbfounding. too,Oakley Oil Rig, himself staring at a man see what! shook his head, and my heart sorry after a cry. LU Heng looked up, looked at his face alert white, church deep breath, his hand said: "We look Baixiong tell your sister, whether she was in there, in the make up will actively look for her! "You, you find my sister doing?" INTERACTIVE hidden in the sleeve of his fist tightly grip since Lu Heng looked a little nervous waiting for his answer. LU Heng smiled, faint, said: "The next will be ......" voice slightly paused, took a deep breath Lu Heng eyes full of steadfast sè, Chen Sheng INTERACTIVE said: "The next will marry her!" finish the sentence Lu Heng glanced stay where the INTERACTIVE smile after a ceremony to hand over to him, and turned toward the door Lou go. Cold wind blowing, leaves swirling in the courtyard. Dressed in a white shirt's INTERACTIVE, quietly standing there, still pretty cold wind blowing on the cheek. Chaos as the wind blows away his ink black hair, a wisp of hair casually dancing before my eyes. He then stood there, trembling slightly effeminate body, quietly looked farther and farther the shadow, we knew it, it is already full of eyes tear up. Out the door, my heart just some lost Lu Heng, at this time, but it is a good mood. Oh, a chick, even Ganshua xìng son! I do not see a good deal with you! INTERACTIVE inadvertently reminded just vent lù out some messages, Lu Heng mood. Seems that this Yizhou trip is a must! Today, the early chaos Yizhou, Zhang Shan who increasingly heavy burden. They might, it will end up in the end Han Zhang Tang general. Moreover, in order for the Zhang Heng Shan Lu understanding. Well aware that this is a never against soft old man. That letter was his first statement lù a powerless meaning. Although never meet with, but Lu Heng was able to imagine it, when Zhang Shan wrote that letter when the heart is so tangled. Moreover, the more intelligent people, the more likely extremes. If this time, Zhang Shan really can not deal with this Yizhou things, I am afraid, he is really interested in those tyrannical aristocratic families who, under pain killers. Until then, family rebellion, coupled with rampant cult that Yizhou, can be really messy! Oh, and, more important things. IL Yan that chick. Remembered weekdays, IL Yan is always in front of their own son askew dreamy dress, there is that fine, clear, just like the horizon Caixia general temperament, Lu Heng stopped, shook his head and smiled, strode heels the gate away. However, having just taken a step, but remembered himself a Man no money ah. No money, let alone go to Yizhou, it is estimated not to the halfway starved to death! Heart pondered ways to make money, but inadvertently heard behind sound rough mad roar. Turned, ready to call it a day just to see that the gatekeepers runners. Lu Heng heart of a dynamic, coughed, then went over heels towards that runners. @. <

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