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05.06.2013 10:44
Then you recite a paragraph." antworten

W has defined carry wood old man out of the ordinary and graph of Z ì y ó U. He did not seek try by hook to look for sth.) be equal to anything live forever and never die immortal scenery, the thought of Taoist monks have penance, firmly believe that the fairy also Z ì y ó u no where to go. His idea is very simple, as long as the more formidable than the other, than the other Z ì y ó u, since it seems the only two people -- I and people of the world in him, so more than the world people badly is his Z ì y ó u way. Although the diamond cut diamond., but there is always a most excellent person, wood old man from the first day of Wushu, in pursuit of the goal. He was hunted down countless martial arts master, was used by Xiao Yuetang and almost soft Jin, was Shangguan like beasts holding moving, but he did not think it was bound, he felt bound only two: Jinpeng fort and four temple. When the old man had killed her, wood and asked the old man,Coach Bags Store, "Yu Qing sent a bunch of stunt, why is no internal organs heart decent? Am I this life without his R ì.?" the master's throat is a blood, can't answer the question of the game system. Seven turn also work had given him hope, the evil power while greatly destroyed his body, but also makes his skills make a spurt of progress,Kristin Coach Outlet, the aspect in north of Tianshan Mountains to exceed a chunk. Because of this, the old man was made with wood, jade jade horse to go to the city. He met with the only king, immediately understand their late, Shangguan cutting through beyond the scattered power stage, and thus on the internal floor, he is still not a rival. Wood old man feel not Z ì y ó u, reacts to as the only king. The King became the only a small portion of the world is untouchable. Now when the magic stood on the side, the twins rob treasure, although still only less than the king, but wood old man believe aptitude can compensate for the lack of this chapter. There are great sword classics, long-lost supreme swordsmanship, the Dragon King and Dutch women is to rely on it, young became the first flow master, the most beautiful is not the only, the hand of the king of Kung fu. Wood old man greedily looking at Shangguan like,Totes Coach Cheap, hate not knocking on her head, is it right? Have a look inside really hidden in two sets of qigong. Shangguan as seen wood old man heartbeat, "you taught me under the shade and centering finger, I have no magic and great sword classics." "Fair, the fair." Wood old man said with a smile, but it has not been the delivered good become dizzy with success, "but you have to prove you really great sword classics." "I won't sleep sword classics." Shangguan such as voice just fell, wood old man face s è sink, "I remember the scriptures." "Now that we know the Scriptures, Gan. Don't practice?" "swordsmanship too much residual Ren, I don't want to practice." If this is what others say, wood old man will never seriously, said from the good girl's mouth, but it is worth seven or eight points. "Then you recite a paragraph." Shangguan such as the back, and not just a, at least three hundred or four hundred words, but wood old man didn't understand a word, not to mention the memory, "what is this thing?" "sword through the heart law." Wood old man puzzled, looked up at the same volume with suspected shangguanfei, "have you heard >

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