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green group after the antworten

> Met with the person really drink high, Lu Heng finally relieved. wwW, QUanbEN, coM raised his hand. After wiped the perspiration from his forehead, pulled from the arms of a great invitation or something similar, and then turned and went to the table before taking over a soiled ink brush, handed in front of the king Jiangong , coughed, smiled Wang Jiangong said: "The next scholarship has long admired Wang Dagong son, the son would like to sign your name below to learn for the next copy!" Wang Xing head being meritorious deeds, without thinking, take over brush, then in this paper,Classic Coach Sale, brush brush, brush to write his own name. "Well, keep it safe!" Meritorious deeds will be in the hands of the king brush toss, hands behind, contented said. Watching the marriage certificate, Wang Jiangong three characters extremely clear, Lu Heng relieved sigh of relief. The marriage certificate revenue arms, secretly a fun! Yeah! You're done! Jiangong upstairs with king drank wine for a while, see this guy lying on the table after whirring asleep. This notice Shouzaimenkou LU Heng Jia Ding those bodyguard, let them come in, pickled king accomplishment arm back. "Lv Gongzi! Curs Zijin not know that you are the boss of the heart, the villain damn ah!" Retainers, a naturally know Lu Heng. With just their menacing Zijin Wang Jiangong immediate concern of the heart, to see two very distinguished son Lu Heng, turned out to be the heart of this Zijin boss, my heart suddenly regret death. At this point, see their own son drunk, and consequently do not know, those who opt toward Lu Jia Ding Heng apology. "Oh, out of the way!" Lu smiled and waved his hand agitated, walked over, patted a small shoulder, see this is still a fear retainers look, Lu Heng shook his head slightly smile, he jokingly said: "Upon my honor Little brother, just next see you so brave, but also shocked. Later he realized it was a large flush of the Dragon King Temple, a man with a beaten up! Ha ha! "retainers who see Lvgong Zi did not pursue the meaning is still the face of the gas. Suddenly relieved. A group of people head down, sāo blush red, accompany laughs: "son generosity, a [human flu jī endless!" Lu Heng smiled, patted a retainers shoulder, kindly said: "Well, Rotary eldest son quickly go back and rest! "he finished, Lu Heng pulled from the arms of some catechesis and silver, on the table, they went downstairs. Behind, a group of retainers doors, helpless smile, the eldest son on his shoulders, hum hum rip rip down the stairs toward the palace away. On the way back, Lu Heng was very relaxed humming a ditty, in which Qinhuai side walk. "Lvgong Zi, Lvgong Zi!" River huā boat, those who were huā recruit girls breeze, standing on the bow, shaking his handkerchief, Yingyingyanyan constant calling for Lu. Lu Heng stopped, turned, smiled and these prostitutes, waved, smiled answer and said: "Hello!" Hear the words of Lu Heng, these daughters of the bow, hehe smile, then row neatly into a team, and then closed at xiōng handkerchief before facing the river mouths of the scholar, knees a ceremony in unison replied: "Lu youngest son is good!" With that, the woman who suddenly laughter become a group. Another slapstick, extremely happy look. "Lvgong Zi, our family Seduction of it, but waiting for you for a long time!" A woman wearing a green dress sè, while jumping, one side of the river look kindly smile scholar, shaking handkerchief road. See riverside scholar shook his head and smiled, this Lvqun woman, then lateral step, so open. Behind a group of women dressed in a pink dress sè, blushing woman pushed out. "Lu, Lu, Lv Gongzi, good, good!" This pink dress woman saw that the river scholar, was smiling at himself, was more shy, hurried Lianqi skirt, facing slightly Lu Heng ceremony, knot Results Baba said. "Hello, Seduction girl!" Lu Heng Bao Quan also a ceremony, laughing girl facing slopes. "Lu, Lv Gongzi, goodbye!" Judge Seduction woman seemed very shy, finish line after a ceremony, he blushed want to go back. "Wait!" Lu Heng suddenly remembered that he other day, bored, written down a song, sing your own positive thinking to find someone to listen. Seduction see this, they claim xìng this song gave her. "Son, there is, what advice!" Seduction raised his head, big eyes, full of shy. Asked softly. "Oh, there is a song children, ah, you learn the future, I want to hear, can not you?" Lu Heng arms pulled out a piece of paper, on paper, is a law written by pentameter lyrics child. It shook the hands of a paper written lyrics, smiled inquired. "Song of children?" Seduction eyes flashed joy, bite the mouthpiece chún, looked up, strongly pressing the hearts of jī move, watching Lu Heng asked softly. Before Lu Heng a "Banjun normally open a huā", so that the whole Jiangning sung so far. Influence, along with the merchants and from Jiangning who pass farther. And sing that song without makeup sister, also flush this Qinhuai River. Now, people go there as long as a song, would think of makeup sister. And to hear the name of her sister makeup will hum the song tunes turn songs. Today, I heard the Jiangning first wit, to give yourself a song. Seduction how do not like. "Oh, is a fine listen to the song. Ah, I think tǐng nice!" Lu Heng smiled slightly and nodded. Then he looked round sweep, then picked up a stone, these lyrics written paper, the pressure on the ground, facing Seduction hug boxing: "The lyrics will be placed here, the next will be waiting to hear the girl's singing the time! "straightened up after Lu Heng facing Seduction Baoquan smiled, then turned and left. Seduction until after the departure of the bow of these women who, immediately urged the boatman will huā boat docked at the shore. Then fall into the rushing down, the pressure in the stump picked up that piece of paper. "Seduction sister, quick look!" Green group first woman picked up the paper, looked at it on paper word, his eyes full of joy. See full of eyes around Seduction sister jī moving expression on her hehe smile, put this paper stuffed into the hands of Seduction. Seduction Unfold the paper looked at the moment was this paper which contains a deep emotional lyrics, as well as that wonderful melody of tunes, fascinated. "Sister, what did write,Nike Jordan After Game UK Sale, sing and sisters listen!" Behind the group of women tiptoed toward the inside around. Seduction sister saw a look of jī move, their hearts even more anxious. Colorful group of people pushed around, Yingyingyanyan urged. Seduction gently Enliaoyisheng xiōng calm down a bit after the ups and downs. Delicately cherry chún, softly sing out. "Put your hands in the hand, pious incense. Cut a candlelight will illuminate dispensation is not seeking dàng gas ileum, just love the game of love in the end hurt, weeping despair, I exhausted whole life, to your support. only hope, said stop, circulation eyes, please grant me the power of infinite love and be loved, so that I can feel at ease under the Bodhi tree, quietly contemplate ...... "the voice of Seduction , like a spring breeze blew willow, also like that Qinhuai River water, pat the shore is made. Linger, back dàng. A singing completed, around many sisters have is mostly a misty eyes. Those living on the dust of the woman, that is not a dàng gas ileum love. Only, or because of family change, or because the trust inhuman. Love their pay without complaint, in the end, the harvest only this empty loneliness. Perhaps there waiting for the foreseeable future. "Good to hear it!" Side, several women secretly mō the mō tears, Spiritual some erratic, softly whisper. In Seduction woman beside green groups, taking advantage of other people do not pay attention, secretly rubbed tears from his eyes, sniffed, put on a smile, asked softly: "This,Nike Jordan 1 Shoes, this song, what name? "Seduction saw a piece of paper that a few small print at the bottom of the child, talking softly:" Love the support! "green group after the woman heard these words, inadvertently, eyes full of tears. She gently turned his head and looked toward the east, quietly staring for a long time afterwards. Some sad recovered eyes, smile and sighed: "He is now in the court of the high official, perhaps, perhaps already the year's butterfly Nigerian forget!" Arms Chuaizhao marriage certificate, Lu Heng mood, just like that day under the sun screen division Qinhuai side, soothing tranquility. Before looking at the sunset night photos under, bō light dripping Qinhuai, Lvheng Ping Jing sè in God, with a faint smile. Qinhuai River in front on the skiff, and in this light dripping Qinhuai bō, slightly swim dàng forward. Boat, a white woman sè dress, like a fairy Ling bō general, quietly standing on the bow. In this fiery sunset, wearing a sunset woman, so quietly blend with this sunset. Really very warm, very quiet ah! Lu Heng looked just like a reed cross the river that woman, gently sigh, hearts so impressed. However, although the picturesque sunset OK. But Lu Heng still is not ready to continue to stay here for. Because the woman he knew. And, still very understanding. Put on women's Bai Gongzi, there really is a reverse beings troubles roots ah! My heart was very sincere praise a lot, they took advantage of IL LU Heng Yan did not find before it is ready to leave. However, just lifted his foot, hears to that river to upload IL Yan familiar voice. "Look nice?" IL Yan Jingjing standing bow, calm face sè looked at him. River wind, woman dress white sè flutter. Her temples breeze messy hair, beautiful chaos unparalleled in cheek gently blowing over. Woman brought a finger, gently touch the hair liáo from mouth. Fog méngméng eyes, just like autumn river generally, calm profound. She quietly watching Lu Heng asked. Was found, Lu Heng had stopped and turned around, facing Bai Gongzi, Baoquan smiled and said: "Oh, Bai Gongzi!" Ship on dry land, IL Yan Jingjing's came forward. She gently glanced Lu Heng, then turned and looked at the sunset, the river was dyed sunset, after a long time, she whispered: "I'm going back Yizhou up!" @. <

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