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> Looking Ouyang Lord sat deep thoughts. LU Heng smiled, put tea cup, drank tea cup after they get up and leave the room. One out, just met with over Yuyan and Liu Qingqing girl. Yu Yan Lu Heng girl met the first thing is to Za Za whirring asked Zijin beauty in the heart of things. Uh, accurate, it is the mind that the price asked Zijin extremely couple kit. Watching, goes Xuepentaikou. Lu Heng help but stunned for a moment. "Hey, Jia kid, I asked How about you!" "Uh, ah?" Lu Heng eyes only shaking Yuyan that two glittering, Huang Cheng Cheng big gold teeth. My heart is praise, at least two hundred thirty-two this two gold, hanging in the mouth, it may require much effort. For a time I was not hear what was being said. "I, I ask you!" Yuyan hands on hips, looking down at Lu Heng, bells big eyes staring Lu Heng, a mouthful of saliva gushing out. "Oh, what advice Yuyan girl!" Lu Heng smiled, raised his sleeve wiped his face spittle, is still a good temper. Aside, Liu Qingqing see uncle so God sè, secretly buried their giggles. "I ask you, your family suite that couples can not, can leave me a set! Every time I go buy!" Yuyan bronze sè girl's face emerges out of a touch shy, raised his hand , clutching his bloody mouth giggle jiāo smile. Lu Heng raised his head, right through Yuyan girl that thick finger joints, saw her constantly jitter tonsils. Face muscles twitched, secretly take a step back, hand and said: "Since it is Yuyan girl want that naturally!" With that, Lu Heng girl touches the feeling that language meaning of words. He smiled tough to swallow a mouthful of saliva, secretly went to Liu Qingqing around, lowered his voice and said: "my dear friend, so brave ah?" Liu Qingqing shallow smile, gently leaned over, blowing, such as blue scent, suddenly Lu Heng some hún not abide Scotia. However, Liu Qingqing heard that name uttered his mouth after. Lu Heng's face suddenly emerge out of a glimmer of praise sè. "Oh, the second son really extraordinary taste ah!" Just how the two of them hooked up, no, fall in love to. Really exceedingly strange ah! He turned his head and looked at his arm was holding Liu Qingqing, Buyiburao shy clamored, Liu Jia sister really unreasonable, even speaking people's thoughts with others Yuyan said the girl, I think Wanger Gong a bored child on weekdays sāo of mō kind. Sè changing the face of God for a while, and finally was convinced nodded and said: really is a wolf jackal Butch, oh no, is the perfect match ah! Zijin heart opening soon, but because of the previous rally and the occasion of opening, Huainan of cheer. Coupled with the unique shape of embroidery in just a few days in the Jiangning fame. Seems to be the high-end consumer groups Jiangning will go places. Facing the bustling store guests, Cang snow sisters busy enjoying themselves. Three days time, which Zijin heart of the net profit, will reach a huge number of a thousand taels of silver. Of course, in this one, there are a lot of people say that this Zijin sinister boss behind the heart. In other places where one usually spend five ounces of silver can buy embroidery, here have to one hundred and twenty. This boss is simply black heart. For such accusations, secret confidential briefings by Lu Hang Cang Snow sisters, it is easy to bring these people to stop back. "You do not go to see the streets of those imitations. Not just swap sè, still spinning, even more important is that you spend five ounces of silver to buy those imitations, it is easy to see through to the time that was lost, but your own face! "That is actually true, the street that imitation goods, either from the appearance point of view, or from the quality, the heart can not be genuine with Zijin par. Liu Qingqing craft not covered, and, in this one, Lu Heng also remember those who own embroidery methods and dyeing methods are peremptorily told Liu Qingqing. After a take-modified Liu Qingqing, Zijin recently launched a new heart embroidery, both from aesthetic or quality, have raised more than one grade. Moreover, for these new products, Lu Heng little thought for a moment after the hand holds a brush in the price bar, direct wrote two hundred taels of silver price. At that time, both Liu Qingqing, or pale snow and sisters, is a look of shock. "Lvgong Zi, which is not too expensive?" Cang Snow asked, surprised. "Oh, for the rich, the one hundred and twenty and two hundred and twenty in fact, is a digital concept. They is not going to care about these. Moreover, these people do not want to see the streets so that everyone has The embroidery. Therefore, from this perspective, the more we raise prices,Jordan 10 Sale, the more they pleased. "Lu Heng sitting at the counter in front, deft abacus, counting the profits today. That fast fingers and efficient method of calculation to the side of Qingshuang, envious eyes splendor again and again. "This is why?" Cang Snow Daohai calmer, but occasionally look Lu Heng fast calculation method that Baidu Post Bar provides you! Frost general Mouzhong, flashed a little surprised the sè. "Status symbol, financial advertised, or is vanity mischief. Anyway, it is probably these!" Lu Heng crackling impact calculations beads, finally,Oakley Polarized Online, will be neatly reversed a bead down. Lift and brush, wrote in a five hundred books on Arabic numerals. In Lu Heng's heart, the heart of Zijin walk the path of the future, that future generations of Apple's sales strategy. Take the high, walk grade! Money Well, naturally rich Qian Haozhuan. "Son, it touches people's hearts toward a thorough look!" Cang Snow glanced books, raised his head and looked at myself this club, gently smiled and said. "Cang Snow girl!" Lu Heng smiled, handed over to the side of the ledger after Qingshuang. Raised his head, looked at the martial Woman Road. See the snow turned pale, quietly looking at myself, Lu Heng smiled, pointing to her cheek and said: "In fact, you laugh, or a good read!" Cang Snow heard after the face sè again turns cold. Picked up the books, toward the rear hall and went inside. Lu Heng sitting there, watching the slight jitter Menlian, smiled, stood up and walked toward the outside. The morning of the second day, when the body recover a lot of Wangting Zhi, he rushed rushed over. She came over, there Wangting Zhi carefully selected finest silk, and a dozen waiters employees. . Zijin heart of the door, a full stop dozens of cars pulling wagon full of goods. Lu Heng looked pale snow and sisters, those who are caring for their palace retainers, down handling cargo. Silk looked a truck after being moved into the hall. Lu Heng turned to Wangting Zhi shrugged his shoulders, almost to tears, said: "This is a gross exaggeration!" Today, Wangting Zhi wearing a pink sè dress, jacket with bright red sè small waistcoat Wangting Zhi, look jiāo brilliant and moving. And Liu Qingqing stand together, as if these two women Jiangning football in a beautiful and delicate. Around that silver sè winter scene sè seemed bleak it. Wangting Zhi jiāo shengxiao the next, holding intimate Liu Qingqing arm, Perfectionist a chuckle: "That, of course, I am also the heart of Zijin's second boss ......" hee hee, could not be weak of heart Zijin face! Right, green sister! "Listen to this girl was about to say two proprietress, Lu Heng heart feel funny, bright cheeks looked Wangting Zhi that strayed a faint blush of sè, Relax beneath his heart, laugh loudly, while the side of Liu Qingqing , Qiao Yan reddish. snappily stare Lu Heng one. next few days, Lu Heng then bent into the heart of the Zijin operating the go. various business activities later in marketing, publicity, promotion Activity ideas fall in a heap in front of Liu Qingqing Rao was born in the family of merchants, after many years of commercial influence of Liu Qingqing, on hearing Lu Heng Speaking of these just like hieroglyphics general idea, it is a smattering look. sè dark night, candle, such as beans. busy day guys, too early to return to the rest of the home. yard corner Cang snow sister's room, in the past for a while, the lights are extinguished down. sub Gum of the heart within the Church,Oakley Sunglasses Cheap, the dim candle gently swaying, and occasionally candle will be heard soon crackling sound, then, that the general candle beans will burst wildly. within the Church on the ground, decorated with a rustic table. table stood an abacus, a cup of tea, Lu Heng would sit at the table, while the abacus to calculate the budget for this business solutions, while patiently explaining how to Liu Qingqing contents of the program. evening, Wang Tingzhi will go back. Though she and Lu Heng, mind knowing each other, but both husband and wife after all, not in this day and age, a cloud-English unmarried woman, live a strange man's house. This is to be The drowning. Wangting Zhi after the departure of the shops in this quiet, they only had Lvheng Shu Sister duo in the air, gently haunted woman of her son at the faint aroma smell yù people can not help drunk. "First of all, regarding the said advertisement. "Lu Heng Duanqichabei sip, hand picked next brush, on paper the wide range of planning, marked propaganda column. Said:" The so-called advertising, is widely advertised meaning. Objective Well, it is to let more people know the heart of Zijin presence and influence through a long period, so that they know, understand, and finally to the heart of the goods purchased Zijin. In this case, through the people's word of mouth, so that the heart out of the Jiangning Zijin to expand further afield. "Lu Heng down brush, is preparing to continue to say it. Fleet Liu Qingqing new brew a cup of tea, gently sent Lu Heng hand. Looked dim candlelight, the woman shallow smile, Lu Heng was shocked. each other just the action, the action may only be used to xìng, however, but to know that such habits, but the other party that embodied the deep concern and friendship. LU Heng pen down , followed by a slight jitter candlelight, in the eyes with a smile, looking at woman. "Uncle, what to see? "Women feel the warm Lu Heng eyes, Qiaolian reddish, bowed his head, softly whisper. @ <

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