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when he became the Jiangning d antworten

> To the Jiangning boundary, it is not so cold weather. wWw. QUAnBEn. cOM While there are still cold wind blows, but spent 2023 in Tokyo king meritorious deeds, it did not matter. At this time, dressed in robes of the king from the four products meritorious deeds, Guanchuan standing on the deck, with open arms,oakley sunglasses store, the wind sāo extremely, enjoying home oncoming wind. Haha, I'm the king finally hometown celebration of accomplishment! Wang Jiangong mind, think of yourself back Jiangning later, Jiang Ning Baiguan bow to greet their pomp, and suddenly my heart like eating mì, like some sweet Niwai. Reminds me of those students who Eupolyphaga now still shaking folding, ought visiting brothels. Wang industry official in the body, the heart suddenly like eating the same fruit of life, from the beginning to the feet cool. This is the gap! Beside the king meritorious deeds adviser is holding letter, carefully and remembered. When it comes, the second son and the lady mentioned in the letter, Lv Gongzai own time to help, that palpable sense of the word jī after. Wang Jian-gong is wrinkled brow, raised his hand to stop the touts continue down to read. His face with a trace of disdain sè, laugh: "Well, a scholar, to have much skill, this time I can make it through the crisis Royal, did he got a little help scholar's? Majesty is not Mindful of my big week for the contribution of the Royal. This personally ordered to take care of my royal. Otherwise, he alone, a little scholar? Oh, it can be done got something big! "Side touts smiled and nodded, the Letters received after a good, thought open asked: "That second son said, you are personally come to thank these adults Lu Heng, you see how to do this thing?" Wang Jiangong hissing loudly disdain: "The door thanks ? alone he a scholar, but also worth getting the official door thanks? do not forget he was a royal steward, a servant it up. "" Well, this thing! ignored? "touts asked tentatively. Wang Jiangong shook his head, thought after, mō cable with bare chin, his face appeared out of touch malicious smile, said: "Do not, do not understand it not seem the official etiquette? So be it, to the Jiangning after You send a servant, to give it the surname Lu sent twelve silver token of what the mind like! twelve silver, for him a servant who, many of! "" Yes, the villain in this sent someone handed down! "touts smiled, turned around toward the cabin gone. "Wait!" In the grand king is about to enter the cabin when suddenly opening Jiangong stopped him. "There is nothing to adults commanded?" Touts turn came, facing the king meritorious deeds, Baoquan bow road. "I heard it on my sister surnamed Lu ill?" Wang Jiangong sè poor face staring adviser asked. "Uh, according to the news inquire villain there was indeed a child of such a thing, but this seems to be a fancy lady surnamed Lu ......" "How could my sister spotted this servant?" Wang Jiangong face sè a cold, waved scolded. He touts his eyes staring, sneered: "It must be the surname Lu's shameless, pester my sister!" "Oh, adults say reasonable. His surname Lu is certainly entitled to see adults at home and powerful, like Pan Gaozhi children! "touts smiled, submissive Wang Jiangong Road. Wang Jiangong looked sensible child's adviser, satisfied smile Wu mō his chin, thought, Wang Chen Sheng asked the grand accomplishment and said: "Let surnamed Lu told the servant to the sensible, the best palace far away from me point,Oakley Store, otherwise hum! "" Villains understand! adult you look okay! "touts eyes light up, bend the bow hastily replied. "Go up pretty thing to do!" Wang industry waved, so grand anymore. Turned, looked picturesque, bō light dripping canal. Suddenly a great poet Wang industry. Glanced at, just to see the river, there is a group of goose farmers will be rushed into the water. Wang industry slightly pondered a moment, slamming open folding fan uproar in xiōng mouth rocked the two, Yaotouhuangnao: "The river flock of geese, boos rush down the river, catching geese home health hungry ......" melodious verse, Back dàng in quietly flowing canal. With the banks of the canal that light lugging water bō, transmitted to distant from the Baidu Post Bar provides you! River, who are rushing water goose old man, I heard this song verses later stunned look at the bow of the young officer who was wearing robes. Somewhat taken aback, and a look of contempt spit a mouthful of saliva, secretly cursed: animals! Jiangning, Qinhuai side, Jia small courtyard. The east wing of the door slightly open, the sun through the door gap, shines into the room. Sprinkle on the ground a bright spot. Room, filled with a very pungent Smell. The smell, holds many lessons for all of the Smell with a different taste. Extremely strong, but the taste is very strange. However, if there are future generations of people, the smell of which shares the taste words. He would then exclaim, penicillin. A scholar wearing masks, hand dragging a little translucent porcelain, is attentive facing the sun, watching the porcelain in the liquid from the Baidu Post Bar provides you! Gently shaking a little small vase, I saw slightly thick liquid, leaving a layer of porcelain syrup, the student smiled, put down the vase. He then walked away, bent down, eyes wide open, looking at the cage off that mice. After carefully read it again, and open other small cage and saw white mice still alive and kicking. Corner where finally emerged out of the touch of a smile. Ten white mice, because the operation when only one pay attention, did not take into account the factors of allergic and die. The rest are alive and kicking. It seems that penicillin, finally succeeded! Scholar put in the hands of a small vase, raised his sleeve, wiped the sweat on his forehead, was satisfactory says. Earlier, he heard Wangting Zhi said Ouyang two Miss tuberculosis disease. Heart will feel uneasy. Because, tuberculosis, pneumonia, also known in the Hereafter. This disease is contagious xìng half a chance. At the time, see Wang Tingzhi a look of pity, he did not remind each other Ouyang Georland should keep a distance to avoid infection. After all, look like, Wangting Zhi Ouyang Georland excellent relations. Himself rashly to say that, I do not know why they are sure to make a woman feel uncomfortable's. The results, not two days, Wang Tingzhi cough symptoms appeared, and, a few days ago, she had a fever. At that time, invited a doctor looked after on the spot identified, which is tuberculosis symptoms. This doctor, which is the last to see the wounds that Liu Qingqing Jiangning doctors. This people see Wang Ting Chi's condition, and a look of regret on Wang industry shook his head. Tuberculosis, in this era belongs to a serious incurable disease. Even the name of the doctor who filled Jiangning, but face it incurable diseases, is still no idea. Wang industry heart suddenly a cool, quickly grabbed the doctor's hand, and pray each other save sister. Heart,Air Jordan Flight The Power UK, although the doctor feel sorry for Wangting Zhi, however, the disease, he really could not watch. However, care about their patients, the doctor thought, Wang industry refers to a road. That is Qinhuai side, a man at home, there is a scholar, may be able to cure suffering from this disease. But, it seems that a scholar extraordinary background, fear is generally difficult to please move. However, Wang industry saw a look of determination of sè, he finally uttered the scholar's seat, and suggested that Wang industry to beg scholar, as long as that scholars agree, perhaps Wangting Zhi also a lifeline. Wang industry heard the doctor say the mysterious scholar's address, the mind is whack, nor think of anything. Not just busy losing streak took down the address. Later, he hurriedly rushed to the place. Sounded the knocker. Door opened, there was a person in front of him, but suddenly let Wang industry stay in the place. This man, turned out to be his own brother! LU Heng, Lvyong positive! He, when he became the Jiangning doctors have praised the mouth of the endless doctors? But then, Wang industry has also refused to take anything. Look anxiously for Lu Heng said his sister's condition. Then anxious tears, asked Lu Heng how to do. And Lu Heng After hearing the news, the face sè is a change. At the time, Sharp Pigment Green has entered the stage of clinical chuáng is already almost done. The thought of his God sè after dark, looking up, right Wang industry Chen Sheng said: "There are ways!" Wang industry Heard remark, frayed nerves and suddenly a song, when it collapsed. Today, over two days. These two days, penicillin Pro chuáng orderly conduct of the trial. Today, is the last day of the trial. See the cage of white mice after the jump, Lu Heng suddenly relieved. Wiped the perspiration from his forehead, then hidden away penicillin solution on the table that a small porcelain vase, rush out the door. Outside, keep a couple of days here, Lee two, see Lu Hang out, suddenly a joy, is preparing to open inquiry. But to see Lu Heng directly raised his hand interrupted his questions. Lu Heng turned his head, told him an urgent: "Go Xia Dafu, tell him to bring me to let him do those things, immediately went to the palace!" The text by the Baidu Post Bar provides you! "Yes, the villain right away!" Lee two saw Lvgong Zi so God sè, heart of a happy, how can I do not know, things become. Quickly should be a cry, they hurried out the door toward the Xia Dafu Winsor rushed. Lu Hang out the door, at the door of the exhibition hung immediately Took a horse. LU Heng will send the horse back. Two raised whip, whip a little crotch horse. Two horses neighing loudly, raised hoof, lightning away toward the palace. Along the way, the exhibition hung open in front, horses Benz, pedestrians fleeing. Such a scene, Lu Heng only in the Hereafter, and seen wearing military license of special vehicles, have had this treatment. However, this time my heart miss a palace two wives, and he had no desire to consider these. Just hope crotch horses run faster again. Rushed to the palace as soon as possible! @. <

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