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05.06.2013 10:31
been a reckless ignorance of the age antworten

Wood old man killed many people, but also to a lot of the knife, the knife is the most surprised that he. He is not a fool, has long been a reckless ignorance of the age, the Dragon King and Shangguan home three children quarrel differences he heard clearly part company each going his own way, this is a surprise. Before, he also carefully observed, walking in the desert is the Dragon King and Dutch woman, and he selected Shangguan hung, appearance, expression is a little difference, the key is, tracking for a while, he was not from the people who feel a strong interest within the kill gas. Dagger is inserted in the lower abdomen,Coach Satchels Online, Le in the stomach arms still such as iron, wood old man want luck break, but the middle Dantian dagger, let him off the hook. "Capsized y ī n ditch." Wood old man almost attached to speak in this man's chest, vague. "You are too"." His voice is no doubt belongs to the Dragon king. At noon yesterday, shangguanfei first complain they have trouble when the Dragon King, Gu Shen came up with the idea for the. Shangguan hung and Gu Shen for age, body approximation, he was posing as the Dragon King kill lotus master, has not been recognized,Oakleys Lifestyle Sunglasses, in turn, Gu Shen natural can also imitate Shangguan hung. Shangguan hung this can be not willing to, "the old man said to kill wood, next is the Iowa women, put me at her side." "no, wood old man will kill you, he wants to play cat and mouse game, not so fast on the Iowa women start, so, l you will be more secure." Gu Shen for tone full of confidence, as if it had been the wood old man mind all through, Shangguan hung was moved, and he had no choice, the Dragon King is not violated. Gu Shen is not sure, wood old man chosen before killing target is from weak to strong, but the little old man obviously belong to the heart of the Y ù people, temporary change of heart may also. Two people would swap identity, the Iowa women and Shangguan such as helping them make up, although the time hasty, not perfect, but in fuzzy night s è, almost do not see the flaw. Looks easy to change, the temperament is very difficult, Gu Shen can pretend to Shangguan hung timid appearance, Shangguan hung do not dragon air. "As long as the enemy see a bit problem,Nike Jordan 1 Sale, what died tonight is your." Gu Shen as only with threats to Shangguan Hongzhuang up courage to. If anything can stimulate the last official manhood, that is death, Shangguan hung immediately go with head high and chest out, though a bit far, but it is more like a little. Then two people apart, this is a must, wood old man looks down upon on government "boy", the Dragon King and Dutch women without the presence of the j ng, he would relax its cautious, not to start using the best. Wood old man martial arts have no bottom, Gu Shen is hoping for a little advantage in the preparation of degree. Five hole punch straight out of the heart, a powerful but also has significant disadvantages, Gu Shen is the dragon sword and knife across five peak strapped to his body, just hold before and after the heart, as long as the blocking the first move, he can take the first chance. The most difficult is the interest and the hidden inside. Gu Shen path "dead" and practice by Dutch female is different, the already weak, only need to control it, as to the inner information, he will be restrained, >

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