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05.06.2013 10:29
in front of many Guanci antworten

> Of course, the exhibition center xìng Bing ancient guard though, but that is many years old wuning followed, and for human sophistication concerned, monasteries under naturally know. WWw, QUAnbEN, cOM therefore, he is in fact, still there are some things no princes said. Prefer not to say, nor is it can not be said, but, those words, it is best to personally hear the princes, not by themselves convey. This is the road to the next. Wu Ning hands behind, went to the hall door, opened the door, looked at a sunny garden, winter scene. See the past in a lush patch of bamboo leaves at this time is already over. Only a severely tǐng and straight bamboo, and establish in the cold. Wu Ning stroked his beard, his voice gentle hung on the side of the exhibition: "The Qixia Temple daisy thank huā no?" Exhibition male froze for a moment, I do not know what meaning princes remark. He looked suspiciously Wu Ning, but still Baoquan replied: "Not yet, the past few days is the Chrysanthemum blooming season, Qixia temple huā overflowing, full of tourists!" Wu Ning mō beard , nodded and smiled, he raised his hand and gently tugged him gown folds, uh exhibition on the male side of the road: "So, then immediately went to the king tomorrow Qixia Temple a swim, but also to reward some this rare early winter scenery sè! "" But, princes, An adult just last month had sent sent Baitie, indicating that day to take their wares, visit your! "exhibition drawn from the arms hung pitched Baitie printed, smile forward to wuning afar. Wu Ning only faint glanced, and then recovered eyes. "Tell him," The king did not empty, let him come back the day after tomorrow! "Wu Ning lifted his foot and table tennis, cross the threshold, then Dragon Tiger step toward bamboo pavilion that carry around his hands behind, lazy leaving such a sentence. Exhibition guard standing in the doorway, watching every now and then leaves, the princes that tǐng straight figure, there is the indomitable heels forward momentum, after a brief stunned, "but it is in the face emerges out of a very happy smile. Readily will be pitched Baitie throw aside his heels toward the pavilion will be away. Think of princes, just for that gold Baitie dismissive expression. Exhibition guard but remembered the time when, following the Civil war, when princes. Royal Highness seems to army jianjun attitude. Hey, it seems, the year that the arrogance of the world's big week Ares, is back! Jiangning outside "flags fluttering. Jiangning city the size of the officials, dressed in bright robes, standing in this cold, distant toward the Official Road,Madison Coach Sale, eagerly looked cold wind blowing, which has stood in the wind very long time officials can not help but shiver. wind volume with dust and dead leaves, fall upon these officials The sun had not yet risen, these officials had been waiting up here at this time, quick three hour later. these people who, as early as the beginning of the no longer bright. expensive silk robes are also covered with dust, looks like a bunch of fleeing beggar. "loud people" this, this imperial When did you come ah! "Jiangning under the jurisdiction of a magistrate, lift sleeves, wipe clean his nose, snuffling, whispered. "The government knows how?" Hung also freeze whole cruelly "helpless, he is Jiangning prefect, even worse then cold," but also in Xiaguan before us to make a gesture. At this point, I heard this guy asks "has been Bengzhuo fat, not cold winds coming in full flood, can not help but relax. Covered chilly, shivering, back snappily said something to him." I said Li adult, you can not use your nose ah a robe, "see this guy on the cuffs, Baba has been a hard one, and tolerance for a long time Hongquan ultimately did not hold back, snappily rebuked him loudly. "Xiaguan know, Xiaguan know! Hey! "The magistrate called Li adults, wiped his mouth lifted sleeves, Shanxiao Zhao replied." Hey, look, imperial troops come? "At full and Li Hung adults talking, behind an officer suddenly outstretched hand, pointing to the front of the Official Road, exclaimed and all the officials heard, and hurried tiptoe, looked toward the front. Sure enough, the call Call the cold, vast dàngdàng the imperial troops, flags fluttering, and appeared in their eyes. "Mother, to be really happened! "Hung full lift sleeves, frozen out of the clear nose rubbed in the heart secretly slander road. Aside magistrate Li adults, adults actually see the prefect, too, can not help but rolled his eyes." Of you colleagues, take his own sprucing up in preparation for the imperial adults! "Hung whole hand, the body layer of dust sweep, come back, facing death, his face dirty officials, shouted one, so, that many officials opt wielded sleeves flapping pops the dust a time, beating dozens of officials from the number the dust, noise and on, smoke filled the air, like a sandstorm coming general. imperial brigade slowly forward, riding carriage AnMo next three hundred kN Wei hands broadsword grip handle, accompanied by solemn gaze around in the periphery, it is thousands of sergeant, warning of the surrounding. teams in front of one hundred people in the team, carrying the flags representing the black sè. Linglie the wind, the breeze The whirring sound of the wind flags. flags on the square side of the week a positive word, impressively in the head. "Master, Jiangning size greet the officials have in the front! "An old man dressed in luxurious silk gown, saw dust billowing in front of it, it touches stunned for a year, he thought in front of thousands of cavalry drills military array it, but then saw dust inside, that looming Jiangning officials, he was laughing. walked beside AnMo carriage, whispered to Ann Peng said. carriage, it is wide spacious. Framed with gold lacquer the copper stove, the incense smoke Wide spacious interior, Incense filled. AnMo sit by the fireside, hand roasted on fire. hear voices outside steward after he withdrew the hand, raised his head and looked up had been sitting across the board with a dead face Censor Lu knowledge one, pulling on the official inviting folds, smiled Lu Shi said: "Lu adults, Jiangning to! "" Ah, the officer know! "Lu Censor not salty not pale retorted," as if never even looked down on the AnMo same. See Lu Censor Zhefan attitude AnMo surprisingly lifeless. However, the DPRK, as long as a little bit of common sense, are not general knowledge with this Lu censor. This person is a mad dog, see who bites anyone. Even today the emperor, the emperor have been his big week contradict several times. This person in the year when Wei Zheng Tang as an example, determined to become bigger weeks straight hill. However, "compared to Ming Chen Tang Wei Zheng, he Queshi have their table. Then Weizheng although bluntly dare remonstrance, but rather a political mind, he does not favor any party, but is actually a very practical allegiance Emperor Taizong year. therefore, Weizheng although several contradict Emperor Taizong, however, well aware of the character of the Emperor Taizong Wei Zheng "is still reuse with him. And Reuben Censor is different, this person seems to head missing root ribs, a serious lack of political wisdom. What, then dare to utter. Several people patronize night emperor concubine, this person should be in the next day's morning sessions, the silly admonition emperor not to be so. Said to be headed only shortage yín ancient excessive. The emperor, although Lu Censor extremely hatred, anxious to his lynching. But, unfortunately today's clip Zhouzhao Ting, the need for such a mad dog arrives to knock. Therefore, the emperor is still left him. Although this person has little effect, but usually use it to those who do not beat about the rules officials. Still very useful. Neither let the other too sensitive, not make the officials too much slack. And those who are Rouge yells officials repeated rounds, also know this person no brain. Not with his general knowledge of. This time, the emperor deliberately sent Lu Peng Shi and Ann went to south. Is to make this mad dog, specifically regarding supervision AnMo beheaded Fan Zeng, by the way in beating about Jiangning officials, especially repeated mind playing that damn Hung fat. However, "The Emperor's intention, indeed AnMo heart like a mirror in general. Emperor must have known that this was not their opponents Lu censor, but still insisted that this one of the reason, think you can understand it. Surface, it is oversight spur fact, secretly was testing himself. Guaren send an idiot to go with you, see you AnMo is rented Bong yīn Kangzhi violation of it, or to obediently execute the command. However, AnMo speaking, a Fan Zeng, unrelated severity. kill him, now settle down and to ensure the delicate balance between big week, this account how operators are worthwhile, however, although there Lu censor button system, but AnMo but just uses his temper, and do else for example, just yesterday, they changed a pedestrian route, to a few days ago, the occurrence of counterinsurgency warfare where Ann Peng intentionally careless say the military censor for Lu Ning sī from troop movements, and Wu Hongquan Ning embarrassed to jiān thing. Lu Censor about the incident, furious that time, this guy gas and trembling, in front of many Guanci face,oakley sunglasses store, yells Wu Ning corrupt royal fame, the lead law court chaos, while abuse Hong fat, Gluttons, corrupt one, and, on the spot threatened to give the two men looking Jiangning So, from the Yangtze River, all the way to the Jiangning, Lu Shi is the look of a livid, fists tightly such as suppressed anger great Ann Peng raised his head, looked at, are filled with anger endured Lu censor, yīnyīn smile. uh, sometimes,Nike Air Jordan 4 UK, mad or useful way! team stopped creak Ya Ya's carriage stopped. Julian was shì Wei who liáo open. walk in front of the team, so open to the sides. lù out of the front gate, a group of dingy Jiangning officials. "greet the imperial adults! "Hung whole saw carriage is AnMo heels to go down after the hurried behind with many subordinates, Baoquan stooping, sang for two imperial salute Well Road. Raised his head and looked, suddenly found the back also AnMo a This man wearing a shabby Guanpao, sè ashen face, like dead Qindie same. At this point, wearing a tattered Guanpao, is staring at her eyes angry. Huh , is a censor? Hongquan carefully read a person who's robes, barely make out the above pattern. heart suspiciously road. living in the South for decades, although some understanding of the matter in Tokyo, but after all, not very comprehensive. For example, in the years before this came out, took the post of censor Rouge. "Hongquan, you know the crime? "Lu Censor carriage jumped, too, regardless of imperial grace, throw off sleeves, strode to a comprehensive flood before the flood with a finger full nose, beard trembling air, severely reprimanded road. Hongquan was bending head down, waiting for the answer AnMo. they wanted, the young face of the Censor jump front of their own, pointing to his inexplicable noises. looked at the sight of the fingers, Hongquan at a loss. "This Shamao Who? "@. Www. <

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