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05.06.2013 10:25
even those who are secretly into antworten

The stone country power basic only Ju, Yang two surnames, for decades, Ju's king,oakley sunglasses, Yang Chen, never happened deviation, now, this road is coming to an end. The Y ù, but will be a hitherto unknown of the destruction of the rain, the prime minister Yang Dou was heavy-hearted, he hands the power and family are of vital importance, the next few days business, success, young will still control the stone country, failure, or even stone country itself will become rapidly disappearing memory. Yang, nearly sixty years of age, took the prime minister from the father's hand position, period also had experienced a number of strong wind and big waves, no time like now to be at a loss what to do, he has a sense of. Ten years ago, Wang Ju's brother died, King usurper, Young's standing in the pretender side, the expulsion of the young prince, soon, Yang pocket found King is not ideal in the puppet, after enduring years, tyrant mysterious death, no one knows the details, and he will never again go to heavy over the past. Yang Dou went to the jade jade city to meet the prince returned, his memories of that time. The prince is a disappointing black sheep, and reckless ignorance,Oakley Squared Sale, do not know how governance requires a lot of compromise, no throne, had planned to offer deportation by Chou, the young family with undisguised hatred. Yang Dou decided to nip in the bud, his desire to achieve, the prince was killed in a J ì courtyard, reputation suffer a disastrous decline, while the two Prince is a smart person, quickly reached a private agreement with him, to major concessions in exchange for the throne. After a few years, Yang Dou ascended in her life, but also for decades peak,Jordan Son Of Mars Shoes, Yang's family status centralize power on major issues, straight than regent. This is a long war of attrition, as Royal Ju's to the funny puppet throne and cut one another's throats, population decline, that first appeared in the sad no heir. The prince was two in before the body is very weak, this is also he will be most willing to power over to one of the main reasons for the prime minister, he is wanted for Ju Shi son, but it didn't work, for four years, the queen was pregnant, even those who are secretly into the house of the women, also not a result. This is a great opportunity to Young's not occur even in a hundred years, but Yang, unexpectedly, this opportunity is too attractive, only a few beasts taste comes through, each stone is much stronger than in the young. Today, he will meet the beast of prey. He had to pack up all J ī ng God, if properly handled, maybe there is a chance to keep the stone country D ú L ì and Young's position, and may even be the coveted the throne of stone's suitor a block away, it would be a great victory for the young. Yang, let yourself in a fantasy immersed for a moment, then sighed, he is very clear, Young's only choice is in a few beasts pick a less cruel master, a little of their leftover grilled, the young and the struggle to carry on. The guests have arrived, Yang, throw away the illusion, make the prime minister the attitude, go out to meet. The first guest is Kang prince, a rude young appearance, face s è is not good, Yang, accompany with a smiling face will invite him into the hall, because he understands, Kang's anger is >

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