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wood properties medical antworten

> Buy several defensive instruments, as well as conveniently weapon, which is Raymond Fair this time one of the main purpose of the trip! When hot, Raymond did not forget to help fox charm Wenwen looking for hidden breath thing, but this thing is too difficult, according to Qi Lu Yi's argument that only magic level stuff before they can, not to mention their current can not be bought This level of treasures from the magic, even if it is able to afford, in this small fair, no one will sell! In addition, Qi Lu Yi also asked Raymond This time buy several comprehension using Fuzhi and specially painted red and black symbols used. Of course, Qi Lu Yi requirements Raymond buy these things, not to make Raymond draw characters ghosts, in fact, want to ghosts, then simply do not draw characters! Qi Lu Yi's aim is to start early Raymond doctors practicing drawing characters for subsequent comprehension among those who can open a world! Unlike ordinary comprehension for those who would not have some, such as a fever, a disease such as appendicitis! However, comprehension from a strict sense, is still a man, but is its own powerful just people! Therefore, comprehension will get sick, sick afterwards although you can quickly restore themselves, but after all comprehension for those who may fall ill! Of course, Qi Lu Yi not want Raymond comprehension for those in it for the cure, but rather to help comprehension Raymond wounded! Comprehension of the world, the world is a jungle, you have the ability, strength, comprehension can be robbing other sites, exercises, silver bullets, weapons! If your strength than other poor comprehension, then sorry, you have to be careful, low-key, otherwise you never know when it will be a sudden comprehension for those who came out to kill or Mentawai injured! Kill it when, once and for all, but also do not know what, it does not so much bothering up! However, if injured, it would need to heal, there is a good natural healing immortality, however, can enhance the healing of immortality than practice speed, improve cultivation of immortality to be more precious! After all, immortality is a healing thing that could save lives, comparison, practicing slower,Oakley Store, it would not matter what is unacceptable! So, in the comprehension, immortality is extremely precious thing, and healing among immortality immortality, is a top priority! But, healing immortality is too little! Even some major sects comprehension, you want to come up with a lot of healing medicine, is impossible! Therefore, a number of healing with medical symbol, it should be shipped out of the! Speaking, the medical symbol is also the last few hundred years before the emergence of things past, simply do not! The so-called medical symbol, is to some special characters portrayed in the above charms through different attributes for different injuries for treatment! Playing a simple example, two comprehension for those who fight, one of the properties affected by the fire injuries, this time, you can use water properties medical treatment breaks! In other words,Jordan 10 Sale, the medical symbol has been able to treat some simple injury, is because doctors are identified by the five elements of yin and yang, allelopathy of the road, for healing! Said that it is extremely simple, but actually doing it, have more difficult! After all, doctors can successfully portray character itself is a very difficult thing, without a solid foundation on the yin and yang, is simply impossible! The doctors door in the comprehension heritage for thousands of years, the medical door repair soil, doctors stress is to humanity, for the understanding of yin and yang, I can say very deep, far from the general comprehension can match! To say that, medical doctors symbol means refining door is unique! Guanjue comprehension community! But, because the comprehension of a disturbance, the medical door has vanished, refining Medical symbol of the most powerful forces will disappear! However, the method of refining Medical symbol is handed down, so now there are several martial comprehension possession! However, these doctors symbol refining mastered the martial art means, said control method, are not doctors door orthodox tradition of the law, are some of the after deletion or shoddy version, so refining it, is very difficult, the success rate low, can be described as less effective! Therefore, refining Medical symbol of comprehension, in the comprehension is still very rare, after all, a higher level of comprehension for those who want to enter the realm, we must continue to carry out penance, willing to spend time refining Medical symbol on comprehension, too little too little! It is also for this reason, medical symbol in the comprehension of the value, although not practicing healing and immortality immortality, but also higher than the general offensive weapons, defensive weapons to be high on the value of a lot! In general, the medical symbol is also divided into different levels, corresponding to different injuries, and Qi Lu Raymond Yap want to learn, is among the most simple health breaks are two, one is water attribute medical symbol, a kind of wood properties medical symbol! Five injured, in addition to fire attribute attribute Medical injuries require water treatment operator, the rest can be used by several medical symbol therapeutic properties of wood! The water properties Hospital character, character is the Almighty doctors can treat any injuries! Simply because the water treatment operators act overly broad attributes, so relatively speaking role, there is no wood properties medical symbol powerful! There Qi Lu Yi such an extremely expert doctors in this door, Raymond character to learn from the doctors, than those outside it easy comprehension several times! These are precisely the reasons together, so Qi Lu Yi only ask Raymond buy several characters portrayed doctors materials, came back to start practicing doctors portrayed characters! Raymond put a fair of this purchase things in mind slowly over again, and found no flaws, they no longer think about. At this time, King City to please Raymond, said the evening arrange a number of activities, to Raymond to relax! Raymond off with the Lord,Nike Jordan Flight 9, do not put off, anyway, nothing at night, then together with the king of the city, came out! The king, accompanied by his family, Raymond was very cool to play once! First, hot springs, bath, massage, and even jump Yan ★ dance scene has! In contrast, these things really have not how Raymond previously enjoyed, so this time to be playing very happy! Finally, do not know who's attention turned to Raymond arranged for a young, beautiful, wearing a sexy, lots of flesh, beautiful as a young girl, you want to accompany Raymond! The girl looked a little tweaking, but some fear, according to King City secretly for Raymond said, this woman is still a virginity! And this girl had just come in to the rest of the package between Raymond, when King City initiative to back out, and the door ajar on! Raymond Young girl looked nervous, uneasy mind not help! Because, this girl is very clear mind, then what will happen! (To be continued) <

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