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05.06.2013 10:09
Qin Suya from the inside antworten

> "I'm afraid, what are you afraid?" Qin Suya other end of the phone, the sound muffled said. "Ah? What did you say?" Raymond surprised a moment, are not asked. "No, no!" Qin Suya quickly denied, and then said: "You in the end too, but to help me see if the computer is how is it?" "Where your room?" Raymond thought, then asked. Qin family room villa so much, and if so himself so a room to find the past, that to find when they could find? If once someone else's room door sounded, especially Qin Zi ink and sand Wanting room, people I asked you so late, you have something ah? Raymond how to say? Implying said: "ah, I'm sorry! I wanted to find your daughter's room, did not expect to find you a room! Nothing, you continue to sleep, I continue to look for"? "Out of your room, along the corridor straight ahead to the end, turn left at the third room is." Qin Suya one, the location of his room immediately said it. "I know, soon got to." Raymond retorted after they hang up the phone. "This girl, so late, but also play computer? It can be frustrating!" Raymond with a wry smile and shook his head, then took off his own clothes, fast go the bathroom, wash it,Coach Online Bags, and then hang up. Summer clothes better wash, plus Raymond this bachelor, has been washing all the clothes on the basin, and then sprinkle some detergent, soak, rub a few times, then rinse water, they regarded 're done! This method, Raymond began to use from high school, looking up, has now been ten years time! So Raymond took less than five minutes, then get this job, then, Raymond out of the room: gently with a good door, before pointing in the direction along the Qin Suya, walked past. Is now more than eleven at night, immediately twelve, Qin servant have already entered their sleep, plus large room on the second floor, but most of the rooms are not inhabited, so this it seemed quiet. Raymond A person walking alone in the empty corridor inside the dim light falls eloquent Raymond's body. Raymond afraid to disturb other people, attracted some unnecessary misunderstanding, do not force the foot, toes on the ground gently point too, did not leave _ point voice. Shortly after, Raymond appeared in the Qin Suya said that room. I saw that the room door slightly ajar, revealing a trace of light inside. Qin Suya's room, and around the room is very different, pink door, the door can be slow on the installation of some fairy tale among the characters, very cute. Even if it is not know if this is the Qin Suya room, as long as a decoration on the door to see, you know, there must be a girl's home. Gently knocked on the door, the room they came Qin Suya faint voice: "Come in, the door did not lock." Raymond opened the unlatched the door, came in, this is the first time in so Raymond late hour into a girl's bedroom, watching Qin Suya inside the room full of women of color arrangement, the smell into the room full of fragrance released into the atmosphere, where there is the smell of perfume, but also use a variety of cosmetic girl comes out of the aroma flavor, but also mixed with some of the girls body fragrance peculiar taste. In short, this smell inside the house, is a hook engaging aroma, makes a smell, it is easy to produce a fantasies. Raymond is also a person, or a man, but a man is in normal young adults! Living in such an environment, Raymond will naturally react, heart not a swing, heartbeat quickened a little! Looked and looked, you want to find about Qin Suya. But, inside the house empty, how Qin Suya's shadow? "Ah?" Raymond surprised a moment, then found, Qin Suya great room, saying that room, but there are a living room, a bathroom, built their own living rooms than I do not know how big, do not know How many downtown! Consider also, Qin Qin Suya after all, is the eldest, since even the living room guests are so good, Qin family own living room,Air Jordan 1 UK Sale, how could the poor to go there? ! Shook his head, Raymond aside this problem do not want to, but it is in a bedroom eyes before stopping stayed. Bedroom door, being self-ajar, the lights inside through the bedroom, Raymond can see a silhouette, was thinking around the bedroom door. Raymond know that this figure is Qin Suya up! In fact, if Raymond willing, this villa inside everyone's whereabouts, Raymond can instantly grasp! But, Raymond does not have this glimpse of the private addiction only, so not a last resort, Raymond will not do! Sure enough, at this moment, the bedroom door was slowly opened, Qin Suya from the inside out. Qin Suya just one appearance, Raymond's eyes could not help but light up! I saw, Qin Suya wearing a pale pink lace pajamas skirt, skirt cover the thigh, white legs exposed on the outside, walking between the skirt seems endless scenery will be revealed out of the endless hidden a sense of endless temptation! Pink lace pajamas skirt, is a form of short-sleeved piece pajamas skirt, upper body is bare two white arms, smooth and delicate. White Fenjing quietly standing, protrusion of the clavicle, reveals this is a standard "skinny girls." More importantly, this pale pink nightgown lace jumpsuit is translucent material through lace material, you can see a faint, hidden beneath the graceful lace jumpsuit Lingerie ★ torso body! Black hair, loose on his back shoulder, though distant, but still be able to smell the hint of the flavor of shampoo and hair tip can be seen hanging drops,Jordan 6 Sale, it is clear that long ago, Qin Suya just finished bathing. People say, the water is Mo Rong most charm, which is really an exaggeration, this time standing in front of Qin Suya Raymond indeed can be "amazing" to describe the word! In particular, the Qin Suya who was wearing such a sexy seductive lace jumpsuit nightgowns, skirt scenery looming, plus the house soft lighting, adding to the Qin Suya bit sexy seductive feel. See such a seductive beauty to his station in front of Raymond could not help hand touched his nose, heart secretly smile: "This Qinsu Ya, dressed like this, or in the middle of the night, the house lights and so dubious, this girl, this is not to seduce me?! "" Since she seduced me, that I was doing an animal or animals as? "Ps: we say, Raymond should do a brute beast than let him? Hey, welcome to express their views ah! Guess the prize! Starting today, enter the double pass time, we have a monthly pass hands are hit over it! This shadowless, is an encouragement and support, it is an affirmation! Bese you all! (To be continued) <

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