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> "Raymond!" Qin Suya an evaluation of their own so Raymond, his face covered with a dark immediately, "Tang" and suddenly stood up, glared at Raymond, Jiao He said: "Who says I have a bad temper ? people are a lady Do you know?! actually say I a bad temper, it is too outrageous! "Qin Suya this move directly confirmed Lin Fenggang only say! See this scene, Raymond suddenly felt very invested in! Himself this time helped Shali Li and Shen Congwen's a busy, but it also means that, since then, his side will keep up with a big trouble! "Plain Jane, you look at yourself, and now into what? Do not hurry to sit down? A dry gin Missy, how can you be so rude?" Sand Wanting to see her daughter a "Sassy" Mo Yang, the reigning dumbfounding , quickly began. Qin Zimo although did not say anything, but the eyes being revealed to have been a faint hint of reproach the color! Qin Suya seeing, but also meant to own just some gaffe, not a "hee hee" I started laughing, and then spoke and said: "Mom, in fact, that, I just was and Raymond just playing! Your daughter, but a nice female, how will make such a rude thing Nick? "Qin Suya spoke, he directed Raymond charming smile, that smile is definitely captured the hearts of all beings! If it were not previously ruled the move, who would not think that this face was filled with such a charming smile, beautiful woman, turned out to be a "Sassy Girl"! Immediately, Qin Suya sat back in his place, for just the thing, as if the general did not happen! Wanting seeing the sand, could not help secretly shook his head, it seems, his baby daughter this, go out this time, really changed a lot ah! Shali Li saw Qin Suya come up with such a one, could not help secretly funny, mouth Raising a beautiful arc, but this occasion to laugh somewhat inappropriate, if by Qinsu Ya see, maybe how to clean up ourselves! So Shali Li quickly bowed his head, desperately push lightly cooked rice into his mouth! "Kobayashi, ah, you do not mind! Elegance of this girl is so fond of a joke! Later you still have a lot magnanimous ah!" Sand Wanting quickly along the Qin Suya, then, to Raymond explained. "Oh, Qin aunt, all right! Elegance of this character, lively and lovely, it is young people should some vigor and personality!" Raymond quickly sometime some. "Really? Do you really think I like this be nice?" Before sand Wanting to speak, Qin Suya on the side to pick up the thread of her conversation over the opening facing Raymond said. "Plain Jane!" Sand Wanting help a white Qin Suya, this girl ... and then, Qin Zimo reach for the glass, and Raymond a few drinks. Watching her daughter so look like sand Wanting quickly change the subject, to Raymond asked: "Kobayashi ah, do not know you have a girlfriend DBiil?!" Sand Wanting words one ask them, Qin Suya left head down , pretending to eat, but the corner of the eye is watching Raymond change, and ears pricked up, listening carefully to every word said Raymond, for fear have missed one word! "Well, does not yet have it." Raymond smile soon, had a spade a spade. All twenty **, so fast thirty people, and up to now no girlfriend, such a situation that out, is indeed a bit embarrassed! Raymond peers and classmates and friends, and even smaller than Raymond on teenage friends are already married, but now even a girlfriend Raymond are not, it is no wonder Raymond said this truth embarrassed. Actually, this touches no wonder people did not get past Raymond Yap Qi Lu heritage when inside of a nurse Shen Mei, can be said for Raymond excellent, but Raymond felt no car no house, now talk about his girlfriend, I am sorry that some people! Was later geniuses Qi Lu Yi after the inheritance, it was just over a month later, this time, there appeared a woman living in Raymond immediately rendered geometrically increasing, good woman is not unusual for Raymond ! But, the one time is too short, two to Raymond mind there are some concerns, so until now, Raymond was a brother, not a girlfriend! "Oh? Yao level you are now in the late Kobayashi strong identity, what kind of girlfriend does not want - is not look too high, ah? And aunt me about, but I know a lot of beauty even see what you conditions, what are the requirements, aunt to help you identify a suitable! "sand Wanting to hear Raymond opening directly admit no girlfriend, heart could not help feel pleased. Raymond is a one day class strong, certainly not in front of their own lie, since Raymond no girlfriend,Nike Jordan Spizike UK Sale, and that his daughter will have the opportunity! As for what conditions, to help identify and so on, just a pretext! The purpose of the sand Wanting naturally want to know, Raymond heart of a woman, in the end what it was like, Qin Suya in the end there is no chance! Wanting to hear the sand raised this issue, Qin Suya help more nervous, not daring to move immediately linked,Oakley Hijinx clearance, just sat in the chair, carefully listening to every word that Raymond will answer! Shali Li seeing this, could not help secretly funny, yourself this cousin,Air Jordan 3 UK Sale, usually always a do not put any man looked down on the way, but now, even for a man would be nervous a few words in this way! It seems, once a woman fall in love, it is difficult to extricate themselves! "Hey, um, in fact, there is no requirement, as long as they really like me, and I really like her on it." Raymond sand Wanting to hear such a question, do not know how to answer some of his words, then scratched his hand , gives such a vague answer. "Oh, Kobayashi ah, you are the answer is good, but, in the end what kind of girl that you would like?" Sand Wanting a Raymond this sentence, mind could not help a sigh, it seems, their women Raymond is nothing standing in the heart of D A, they would not let Raymond say such words! Raymond was really forced some sand Wanting to be no way, so ask other people's private affairs do? This makes people more embarrassed? ! Again, scratched his head, Raymond chuckled and said: "This I do not know, all revel it!" See Raymond regard to this were saying, sand Wanting is not good to ask him, and inquisitive of course, is to get an answer a means, but if anything should be inquisitive, then maybe you will get the opposite effect! (To be continued) <

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