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before I heard the strong level antworten

> The person speaking, it Qinsu Ya. wWW. QUanbeN. Com to the bathroom before the Qin Suya makeup, this time to come out. "Hee hee, he ran the point thing, so we delay a moment!" Shali Li quickly reached out, took Qin Suya's hand and let her sit in his side, looked a sand Wanting, secretly spit tongue. "Oh? Encounter any thing?" Qin Suya did not hear the conversation just a few people, so I do not know Qin Qingquan things. "Oh, all right! That is experiencing a fly buzzed in the ears barking! Has been to pass the peak brother!" Shali Li said, laughing. "Flies? Qingquan brother -)" Qin Suya hear Shali Li is to say, immediately think of the Qin Qingquan bodies. Because before Qin Qingquan always entangled Sha Lili, Shali Li will call Qin Qingquan is a fly buzzed all the tragedy in the ear, and annoying! "Hee hee, or cousin clever!" Shali Li Wanting to see the sand cheeky poor, do not want to dwell on this topic do, so facing the Qin Suya said: "Cousin, you little red eyes how ah?" Nonsense, Just for Raymond this man, Qin Suya But while crying while laughing, eyes can not red thing? However, the presence of Raymond in front of Qin Suya naturally not acknowledge. "Nothing, just do not care to be sand blowing fans eyes up!" Qin Suya find a very old-fashioned excuse explained. "Outside the wind do? Still inside the house there is wind?" Shali Li secretly giggle, this excuse is too bad too, but Shali Li did not continue to ask to go. "Lin, simple and elegant that you hear now is the day of the strong late stage, I do not know which one you are out of the martial disciples?" Sand Wanting did not want her daughter's mind to find, so quickly opening facing Raymond said. "Lin?" Qin Suya heard not help surprised a moment, how to call Raymond called Lin? With doubts, Qin Suya sitting around Shali Li looked, I saw a look of Shali Li smile, and then lying on the Qin Suya ear, whispered to Qin Suya said just happened. Raymond initiative to recognize and hear he was not the couple's relationship, so that the mother of Raymond had a great impression, Qin Suya heart Antan did not help make this decision when their lack of consideration, but at the same time there are some sour heart. Sand Wanting to hear such a question, Raymond could not help chuckled a few times, but did not say what. How to say? Wanting it to tell sand, their health division doors are doors? He is not an ordinary human arena? But a comprehension? Wanting to see the sand so Raymond expression, heart also understand that this is not to say the other side,Air Jordan 4 UK, so it smiled, filed another topic, no longer continue to indulge in it. Burgundy} on many rivers and lakes martial, are like this, do not want to let the world know of their existence, purpose of doing so, first, in order to maintain a sense of mystery,oakley sunglasses, and secondly also to reduce the trouble. Chatted for a while, suddenly came out of the sound of a motor car, and then I heard a big step came in person! Susanna went to the door, opened the door, facing the people coming in, respectfully said loudly: "Master!" "Ah!" One middle-aged man in his early forties look, nodded slightly against Susanna , will no longer be ignored, straight toward the sand Wanting a pedestrian came! "Dad!" Qin Suya suddenly jumped up from the couch,Jordan 8 Sale, then trot, to the middle-aged man in front, middle-aged man quickly flew arms, like a baby: "My daughter comes back half a day, and you come back ! clearly is not hurt her! "Hear Qin Suya say this, Raymond hearts know that this middle-aged man, is surely one of the Qin Megatron Zimo up! Thin one looked, I saw Qin Zimo long mighty handsome, handsome extraordinary, his face covered with the fortitude of color, it is showing endless brow of coercion, a pair of Humu between pride, some faint little murderous ! One meter nine big man, some black skin slightly, presumably caused by the perennial military career. Wearing an army camouflage among the eternal, but the upper body is a short-sleeved, but this way, better show Qin Zimo burly figure! Only this one, you can feel, Qin sub-ink body, Foulest strong flavor! Although faced with their families in the face of their baby daughter, Qin Zimo no deliberate release of this pressure, but to the perception of Raymond now, is still very easy to get on the induction! Qin Zi before I heard the strong level of ink is one day, and now it seems, the strength is not weak! Qin Zimo cherish touched the daughter's hair, mouth is with a sort of smile, said: "how? Do not know you're out for six months back to see me, I'll come back later, so for a while, you do not happy?! This is too unreasonable, right?! "" Well, it is because people go out for six months, you did not see her father, so I'm back, Dad you just should've come back to see me ah! "Qin Suya spoiled like said. "Ha ha! This girl is really getting outrageous!" Qin Qin Suya Zimo patted the head, and then said: "there are guests in the house, you do not afraid of people joke? Hurry up!" "I do not afraid Nick! "Qin Suya Taekwondo afraid, but still obey the Qin Zimo, then obediently up, but the body still nestled in the Qin Zimo side. Qin Zimo extremely love this baby daughter, he is only such a daughter. If so Qin Zimo subordinates, saw the majesty day plus great general, it has a tender side so I do not know, mind going to think? ! "This, presumably is Raymond Lam, Lam, right?" Qin Zimo took her daughter's hand, strode to the front of Raymond, stretched out his right hand, facing Raymond said: "I am the Qin Zimo!" "Jiuyang Qin Generals name! today saw, Nice to meet you! "Raymond reasonable manner, stretched out his right hand, and Qin Zimo shook hands. Inside the novel idea that is not the kind of plot, two people shaking hands, when the rivalry, this is only the last stream trick, Raymond and Qin Zimo will not be used! "Really is young hero ah! Admire, admire!" Qin Zimo back his right hand, looking at Raymond, suddenly made such a pass with emotion! Raymond smiled, do not say anything, Qin Zimo like how that would follow his ideas to consider is that! "Dad! You a one Qin generals, one a Mr. Lin and quacks do not feel in trouble? Can not find a simple point of call?!" Said Qin Suya dissatisfaction, so called, appears to each other is too zoning , and for a while, a positive thing to talk about, is it inconvenient to do? ! (To be continued) <

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