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placed all kinds of jewelry antworten

> Out of the highway, then to the city of Gimhae. wwW! qUANbeN! coM this is the first time to Gimhae to Raymond, so Gimhae city architecture and scenery, not by a little more curious. But, if just from the appearance it seems, then, that is a Gimhae modern city of skyscrapers nothing, nothing special. Some Gimhae, Stephen cities also have high-rise buildings, vehicles such as the water dragon, many shops, pedestrians hurry. Want to fully understand Gimhae, bound to live here for some time, fully integrated into the city of Gimhae inside to be able to do so. Gimhae, unlike spring city, as a freshman in the city. You know, spring city in reform and opening up of the Department, it is just a small town, far from Gimhae is so famous! Gimhae, back in the late Qing period, then as the neighboring waters, made for national powers jealous of the fat, the Qing **, resulting in Gimhae became an open port, each country can freely access powers! Even at that time there were several very well-known events, one of which is a national hero Hercules, Fearless and Russia in this contest, shattering "sick man of Asia," the shame of the brand! Since then, the reputation they Gimhae and Fearless Together, all spread out among the powers! And during the war, Gimhae then in a very important strategic position, has been coveted for the preparation side forces, and both want their own forces under the arrangement here! Qin, is a relatively old family, during the war and the liberation war, have played a positive role, this role is indelible and even alternative! Today, Qin home in Gimhae, is equivalent to the existence of local despot general, both military and commercial law sectors, the Ministry Qin nobody dared to disrespect! However, Qin Qin family was the main sub-ink is a very skilful propriety who gave Qin state supreme honor and special treatment, Qin Zimo has not been dazzled by these things, to make any outrageous things! Instead, Qin Qin Jiazai Zimo strict constraints brother out ranging publicity, not all kinds of evil, not bullying! Lest the population down so real, what caused unnecessary trouble! Since ancient times, Gonggaozhenzhu things have occurred,Classic Coach UK, although now the Chinese State, is no longer a feudal monarchy, but the people are the same, once a certain force becomes too strong, strong enough to threaten those in power safety and the bottom line, then the family or forces, also not far from the decline. "Cousin, let's go to Raymond buy clothes?" The car pulled into the city after starting Shali Li Qin Suya it asks me to. Originally this thing should ask Raymond fishes, but Raymond had just arrived for Gimhae fundamentally ignorant as he might as well not ask, it will ask Shali Li Qin Suya. "Ah, we will find the nearest one now! Elegant, Mart, how do you think about?" Shali Li thought for a moment after they began. "Well! Then go Mart now!" Qin Suya a, n, and his mind, and he began to agree. "Zhou Shushu, trouble you, let's go look Mart!" Qin Suya facing the driver said. "Yes, Missy!" The driver heard nodded, and then in front of the crossroads, the time until the green light, hit a turn and drove toward another main road. After about fifteen six minutes or so, the history of Lamborghini line horse to a bustling business district, under the guidance of the security personnel, drivers will Lamborghini parked in the parking spaces, the Raymond, Shali Li and Qin Suya they opened the door, walked out. Looked at four weeks, I saw where skyscrapers, magnificent, new buildings are extremely bright, surrounded by parked cars are good cars, and out of each building are also well-dressed man. Seeing this, Raymond and spring the city's commercial centers in a moment, I feel far more spring city's bustling commercial center. This is not surprising, after all, here is the Gimhae, far from the city can be compared spring! Mart is the most popular shopping areas Gimhae one out here, mostly money and power generation, ordinary wage earners, you want to buy things here, nor is it can not afford, just after buying, you need to scrimp and save over the previous two months. Real live people rarely visit such a place. Some friends say that I just do not buy still does not work? Oh, of course you can! Here not only can see, you can also try a variety of clothes, even if the last did not buy, service personnel will not embarrass you. But, the staff who work here, and all of a sinister vision is,Air Jordan 14 UK Sale, there is money to be able to see that one! An ordinary person here to go shopping, it is estimated that no one will take care of, not to mention the warm and thoughtful service, and even to introduce some kind of style clothes, his face is cold, like who owe her one hundred thousand eighty thousand dollars wildly, with no smile. Qin Suya and Sha Lili walking in front of hundreds of times the general move into the first layer Mart, Raymond only followed. The first floor of the hall, placed all kinds of jewelry, jewelry, jade and the like, each one stood in front of the customer counter. A layer of large, Raymond did not have time to look, anyway they are not going to buy these things, and Kan Bukan does not matter. Raymond is worried that two aunt will not stop here watching when Shali Li and Qin Suya is reached the escalator in front, stood up, straight into the second floor away. Raymond was also quick to keep up! In this way, three two one after the other, constantly switching the escalator, a moment later, went to the fifth floor. The fifth layer is the monopoly casual menswear, as Shali Li and Qin Suya Department know, Raymond does not like to wear those suits, it took Raymond to the fifth floor to buy casual wear it. Just one upstairs, one wearing Giordano jeans, put one pair of long legs completely exposed, quite Alice buttocks, upper body,Totes Coach Online, wearing a mall allotted overalls woman smile on his face meet up! "Welcome! Does three need to buy something? We have everything here, Now I'll tell you about ......" female staff speaking fluent Mandarin, more sweet smile, facing Raymond the men began. Qin Suya seeing, the reigning eyebrows Weicu, his face showing a trace do not like the color! Shali Li seeing this, quickly reached out, interrupting the female staff, then, and then said: "Well! Let's take a look at yourself, you go to busy with other things right!" "Yes! Three guests help yourself ! If you have what it takes, then, despite the surrounding staff raised! "beauty staff face showed no displeasure, constant smile, sweet said, then looked deep a Raymond, this turned to leave! ps: today than I despise ...... a late shelves, the results did not I a good person, with two recruited fans list above, so that it came to despise me Ah ...... although some of my writing in general, but it is the hearts of gas, but ...... that what, we can give you what the elders? We also despise back look. (To be continued) <

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