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Now I have a very important antworten

> "Thank you, Dr. Fang up!" Wind child row a Fangxue Tang finally spoke promised, quickly thanks, although they do not necessarily accept their thanks, but this sentence is to say. Www, QUAnben, CoM Fangxue Tang waved one last look RESOURCES AND REGIONAL PLANNING monitor patients on a variety of data, and then turn around, it is necessary together with Tong Kai, out of the operating room on the 5th. "Dr. Fang, please wait!" Raymond quickly opening stopped Fangxue Tang. "Ah? What else do?" Fang Xuetang look of confusion, turned to look at Raymond, I thought let me just now is that you have to leave, and now I'm going, but you will not let me go, this is fun what tricks? Really interesting! "The police want to record confessions need RESOURCES AND REGIONAL PLANNING speak, so they need to help Dr. Fang, pull RESOURCES AND REGIONAL PLANNING mouth of the endotracheal tube, the only way the patient can open." Raymond pointed RESOURCES AND REGIONAL PLANNING mouth of the endotracheal tube, and then said. Those who learned a little medicine man, or relatives and friends who had surgery, will know, after some major surgery, it also requires general anesthesia, but general anesthesia is an important feature of the whole person is not conscious, and even breathing disappeared, thanks to the anesthesiologist in the patient's mouth and face insert a tube, this tube is inserted through the mouth and airways inside, followed by a breathing machine for machine control breathing, so as to ensure the patient's effective oxygen. Mouth and face inserted an endotracheal tube, the patient is no way to speak, so I want to let the patient open, you can only pull out the endotracheal tube, which is the only way. Raymond heard the request, Fang Xuetang help tightly wrinkled brow, looking at Raymond said: "Dr. Lin, you're a surgeon, you should know that this time, pull out the patient's endotracheal tube,Coach Bags Sale, it is very dangerous! I think you should not make such no quality problems, I am sorry, I can not! "This has once again touch the Fang Xuetang the bottom line, so if the patient's endotracheal tube pulled out, then the patient is likely to be due to respiratory depression, or aspiration, suffocation and death! "I know that Dr. Fang is a serious and responsible good physician! But if you do not do this, the patient is simply no way to speak, not to mention a statement from the cooperation with the police!" Raymond did not because Fangxue Tang's repeated uncooperative and dissatisfied, but with a smile began. "But do not worry, I will ensure the safety of the patient's life! This,Oakley Hijinx Online, please believe me!" "Why should I believe you?" Fang Xuetang heart secretly Fufei, although did not say it, but the eyes and face are has been sweeping up. Seeing the scene will come to an impasse, Tong Kai quickly smooth things out, said: "Dr. Fang, you believe that Dr. Lin now! If you really do not trust, then I'll give you to make a guarantee!" Tong Kai is the next term business dean candidates, and its voice is the highest one, even he said so, Fang Xuetang not say anything good, so cold face nodded, made some preparation, pull out the patient's endotracheal tube . Want to pull out the endotracheal tube,Kristin Coach, the need to restore the patient's spontaneous breathing, which is for the anesthesiologist, this is indeed a piece of cake, no difficulty. After all this, Fang Xuetang and observe the patient for five minutes, see the patient's spontaneous breathing is good, and oxygen saturation remained at 98 per cent ninety-nine about to leave this assured fifth operating room. "Thank you, Dr. Lin!" Wind child rows grateful said. Raymond waved, and then said: "Now we kind words do not say, I now let the patient awake, so you have to prepare for a while to start giving a statement, the time to be fast! Because you only five minutes When l Division! "" Five minutes is over, RESOURCES AND REGIONAL PLANNING will once again fell into a coma, but this time in a coma, then you want to wake up again, do not know when, I do not grasp! "See Raymond said Solemnly, the wind child rows, Yang Yuan and another one by the police is not heavy nodded, his face showing a dignified color! "Are you ready?" Raymond again asked one! "Ready!" Fuko line looked as Yang Ai and another policeman, I saw that they have already put the recording equipment as well as a pen and paper ready, on the other RESOURCES AND REGIONAL PLANNING awake for confessions recorded! See Raymond police have ready, then immediately took a bit needles, fast tie in the patient's body a few times, until the patient heard a moan after a lengthy awoke! "Ah, good hard ah! Me this is where?" RESOURCES AND REGIONAL PLANNING revived the first sentence says. Wind subrow seeing this, quickly went RESOURCES AND REGIONAL PLANNING front, then spoke and said: "RESOURCES AND REGIONAL PLANNING, I am the wind child row! You are now inside the hospital! Now I have a very important thing to ask you, I hope you can cooperate with the police and truthfully answer! "" Wind captain? Before I remember you and I drink at the bar inside ah?! how a blink of an eye I went into the hospital? "RESOURCES AND REGIONAL PLANNING asked, somewhat puzzled. Fuko line naturally not stupid enough to go and RESOURCES AND REGIONAL PLANNING explain these things, in fact, the wind child rows do not understand what happened in the end, so do not be explained simply and directly spoke and said: "Now time is running out, this thing back to me and you say! hurry now you tell me the place and time of delivery! "before the two met in a bar is for this information, and now hear the wind child rows asked RESOURCES AND REGIONAL PLANNING apart from anything else, directly out of the delivery time and place. Then, the wind child row asked a few questions and cases are related, RESOURCES AND REGIONAL PLANNING are all answered. Yang Yuan, and another one is fast for police transcripts, and use recording devices to record the words of the RESOURCES AND REGIONAL PLANNING down. Seeing a little bit of time in the past, from the five minutes of the time is running out, the wind child rows questioning also finally over! "Whew! Fortunately, finally have asked over!" Wind child rows long out of breath, in just less than five minutes of time, but has been out of the wind child rows of a sweat, showing just a few minutes with this more nervous! Raymond saw things the police have been resolved quickly opening said: "RESOURCES AND REGIONAL PLANNING, I'm your doctor, now can you tell me, what do you feel?!" At this moment, Raymond's mouth that you want from the RESOURCES AND REGIONAL PLANNING, the patient's true feelings, only to get the patient's true feelings, in order for the next step of treatment, for careful and detailed plan! "Ah? I feel anything? I just feel so hot, roasted over the fire seems to be general, upper and lower body was not hot!" (To be continued) <

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